3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Drive Them Crazy During The Moon Conjunct Uranus Starting October 21, 2021

Because it's real, baby.

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Drive Them Crazy During The Moon Conjunct Uranus Starting October 21, 2021 AleksandrMorrisovich/Shutterstock.com

Some days are better than others when it comes to how we get along with other people, and for three zodiac signs whose relationships drive them crazy starting October 21, 2021, the Moon conjunct Uranus does not help the matter at all.

If you have amazing eyesight, as in interplanetary vision, you'd be able to see The Moon and Uranus in the sky, from West Palm Beach, Florida.

They form a conjunction, which simply means that these two will appear extremely close to each other, and let's just put it this way - if we can SEE them, then we can be affected by them. Know what I mean?


Every now and again it's pretty cool to think about the astronomy that goes with the astrology - because it's real, baby.

The two go hand in hand, especially when it comes to us Earthlings. And when we feel the effect of the Moon Conjunct Uranus, we will be feeling the madness.

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Call it Moon madness or whatever you want - when Uranus Conjuncts the Moon - it means business, and that business is of course - lunacy.

So, expect to drive someone crazy during this transit. Expect to talk your friend's ears off about your love life.

Expect to share too much information...expect to reveal way too much about your private life. In short - some signs are about to overdo it on the talk, when it comes to their love lives. Know anybody who already does that? I bet you do!

Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Drive Them Crazy During The Moon Conjunct Uranus Starting October 21, 2021:

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Because of your intense level of intelligence, you are going to be astounded by the major and positive changes in your life. It's breakthrough time for you, Aries, and that means it's also 'share the wealth' time.


You've always been generous with your ideas, and now, due to the Moon Conjunct Uranus, you'll bet tumbling over revelation and revelation - suddenly, you can see what's GOOD in your relationship, and while this may make you want to show off a bit, it really pushes you to share your joy with the world.

We all know you dread becoming boring to your friends, but you may push the line this time. Your info is far from boring, but you may inspire some jealousy in your friends if you push your 'world of joy' too hard. Still in all, if they can't grok with your happiness, then walk on by, my friend. Walk on by.

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Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Never one to shy away from boisterous, gigantic acts of kindness and love - you will be reeling with happiness during this Conjunction, as it spurs you on to tell everyone you know - and beyond - how great things are for you.


What you have over everyone is the ability to tell a fascinating story that holds people's attention.

As the Moon begins its waning cycle, you're still pumped up from yesterday's INSANELY POTENT Full Moon, and that has affected your relationship, and your desire to tell everyone about it.

So, you can probably anticipate some rolling of eyes, and even a few yawns from your friends...they do appreciate your joie-de-vivre,  but they may come to the point where they internally start screaming, "SHUT UP, LEO - I GOT THE POINT." It's all good, Leo - You do you and never mind the naysayers.

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Pisces (February 19 - March 10)

You like doing things your way. You always have, and you always will. Some approve of your doings and some think you're simply a lunatic unleashed. Do you care? Not a wink. You are an individual who chooses their own destiny and that is what makes you happy.


You've done this in love, as well, and wowie wow wow how that has upset people...as if it's any of their business.

Well, starting October 21, you'll see how completely maddened you've made people with your choice in love, as Moon Conjunct Uranus comes in to pluck these 'friends' out of their hiding places just for the purpose of telling you to stop inundating them with your opinions and choices.

Once again - do you care? Not a wink. You're about to drive all of your friends cray-cray simply be being you. Sounds like a celebration of independence and life, if you ask me.


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