Why Are Aries So Selfish?

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Why Are Aries So Selfish?

Aries zodiac signs are the first sign in the zodiac and people born between March 21 - April 19 are proud to be Rams.

Aries is about springtime and fresh starts. They love to move and get things done.

Why are Aries so selfish?

People think that Aries are selfish because they aren't afraid to say how they feel or go for what they want in life.

On the positive side, lively Aries can be super fun to be around, but this independent fire sign can rub you the wrong way when their competitive side comes out.

Aries are ruled by Mars, the planet of war whose astrological symbol is a set of horns.

And, as a Mars-ruled fire sign, they will hit you with their horns just to move you out of their way, especially if you present yourself as an obstacle to their path.

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Yes, even their sweet side comes across as selfish to zodiac signs who misunderstand them.

Although they are charming, that is due to their natural strength and charisma, working with others can be very difficult for them.

Aries are very loyal to those that they love, but they express that loyalty in their own way without compromising their independence.

Their selfishness is mostly unintentional, which makes it even harder for them to correct.

Aries respect direct communicators and sometimes just need to be called out to bring awareness to their actions.

But beware if you do so, Aries fights back when they feel attacked.

Here is why Aries are so selfish according to astrology:

1. Aries are independent.

Aries are the first sign of the zodiac calendar.

They are also ruled by the planet mars making them great leaders.

However, sometimes Aries neglects to rally the troops and act on their own.

As leaders, they feel that their opinion is the sole authority.

Instead of listening to others and collaborating, Aries will take matters into their own hands regardless of others’ thoughts.

A more fitting title would probably be a renegade leader.

Aries play by the book only if they write the book.

While this free-thinking can often be a strength, it can also come off as selfish.

Aries forget that they are not alone in the world because they are the only ones in their own world.

2. Aries are go-getters.

Aries prefer to move on than standstill.

Free fire sign Aries are always on the move, and a lot of people cannot keep up with them.

Aries are fine with being independent and on their own in order to keep going wherever their flames take them.

They can’t have others holding them back, so rather than wait for someone to catch up, Aries will continue on alone.

Aries are a Cardinal sign and often known as the “initiators” so they enjoy starting new things often before their last project is completely finished.

While a fixed sign would stick with something until they see it through to the end, Aries will move on even if they are the only ones doing so.

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3. Aries are impulsive.

Aries act before they think and they aren't going to say sorry either.

They think instinctively, so they don’t usually give their train of thought thorough rumination or planning before taking action.

Aries follows their gut. Because their decision-making is so quick and unexplained, people are unaware of Aries’ next move leaving these others in the dust.

Someone more cautious or pragmatic may prefer to have the time to think things through and explore all options, but Aries sees their initial thought as the only option.

These impulses can also mean Aries speak without thinking which can come off harshly and alienates other people.

Thinking only about what is immediately in front of them can land Aries in solitude even when technically surrounded by people.

4. Aries don’t like to compromise.

As I mentioned before, leader Aries doesn't often listen to the input of others, and only listen to their gut.

This makes Aries think that they are always right, and they are unyielding of that position.

Aries refuses to compromise because they don’t feel like they should have to when their way is the best way.

Their fiery intensity makes them feel strongly about everything they think and experience, and they take criticism very personally.

When an Aries is offended by someone offering constructive criticism, they will cut their losses with this person and continue on their own.

Aries will do things their way and are fine with others doing it some other way, but these two paths are usually separate.

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