3 Zodiac Signs Who Get Back With An Ex During The New Moon In Libra Starting October 6, 2021

3 Zodiac Signs Who Get Back With An Ex During The New Moon In Libra Starting October 6, 2021

New Moons bring about beginnings to your next journey, and for some zodiac signs who get back with an ex during the New Moon in Libra starting October 6, 2021, the stars point back to the past.

Typically, we see the ending wrapped up before the New Moon and we anticipate fresh energy entering our lives as we start on the next phase. It’s out with the old and in with the new.

However, some under the zodiac didn’t get the memo.

There are two aspects during this New Moon in Libra that can bring certain zodiac signs in touch with unfinished business involving the past and an ex relationship.

The Moon in Libra will square Pluto, the planet of transformation and change.

Pluto is also the planet that rules reincarnation, past lives, and taboos. It can also bring up secrets that provide new layers of information that were hidden before that change someone's mind.

The Moon will also speak to the Ascendant, which is related to a person's past life and identity.

The Moon is a symbol of the past as well, so emotions about ex loves can come back again hard core.

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This New Moon in Libra is making some a little indecisive about the choices when it conjuncts with the communication planet Mercury. 

They are making and maybe carrying energy from the past into this new cycle with them. This can mean getting back together with someone who is comfortable— but is still an ex.

This may feel to some as though getting back with an ex is the smartest decision they could be making, and with Mercury being in Retrograde, it doesn’t help that choice.

The collective may be desiring a balance in their life; does this mean bringing back old news?

Are they your star-crossed lover or the perfect example of the right person, wrong time?

Or are you fated to repeated old habits and stay within a toxic connection. These three signs need to be aware of their (re)connection with their ex under this New Moon in Libra.

Zodiac Signs Who Get Back With An Ex During The New Moon In Libra Starting October 6, 2021:

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Aries, there is a likelihood of you getting back together with your ex under the New Moon in Libra. You may be experiencing a strong desire to fix things under this Moon phase and feel it is your sworn responsibility to reconcile any old feelings.

How can you ever be satisfied if you don’t know if you gave it all you got?

This is much more a reflection on the way you view yourself than the worthiness of the ex. You may be feeling shame or guilt about your decision to end the connection, as though you didn’t exhaust all your options.

However, it’s important to note that you don’t need to drain yourself entirely to prove to yourself that you are valid in leaving. This is not a kind way to treat yourself. You cannot expect to be able to feel full when you are constantly pouring into others.

Before sending the “You up?” text, consider if this is someone who makes your life feel complete or if you’re searching for a resolve that permits you to walk away. These are two completely different things.

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer, you may fall prey to reconnecting with your ex during this New Moon in Libra. Your emotions are overflowing under this Moon, having you swear up and down that this time it will be different.

You say you’re a dreamer but you’re not.

Yes, your head is in the clouds and the fantasy inside your mind, this plays out exactly like your favorite rom-com. However, life isn’t a movie and your ex is not a part of the star-studded cast you’re idealizing.

Not to pop your dream bubble, but you’re making them out to be so much more than they are. Challenge yourself during this moon to truly evaluate the realities of the relationship, not just the highlight reel you are clinging onto.

If you revisit this and find that they are truly your McDreamy, then by all means show up to their house to profess, “It’s you, it’s always been you!” However, more than likely you will see you don’t need to kiss a frog twice to get your happy ending.

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Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Capricorn, you’re also likely to be getting back together with an ex during the New Moon in Libra. This may be a shock to some as they view you more as a rational person, but it takes someone special to truly understand how sentimental you are.

You may find that your emotional wealth comes from service to others. If you aren’t performing an act of service to someone you can’t justify how you’re feeling. You may feel that your emotions, especially in regards to romance, are entirely tied up with your ex.

Do you want to be with them again or do you feel you owe them something?

Your value is not based on what you do for others. It’s time to examine if you feel you owe them for prioritizing yourself or if you truly miss them. It’s hard opening up to people and your ex may be a comfort. It doesn’t mean you won’t love again.

You want something real, and for even a moment, you felt that with your ex. This New Moon begs the question of if you are going for a close comfort or if you are feeling like a piece of you has been missing since they left.

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