What Happens When You Start Taking Care Of Yourself First

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How To Love Yourself And Learn The Importance Of Taking Care Of Yourself First

By Mitzi J Hernandez

My parents always told me that once you have children, your life is over. They taught me to love selflessly and always care for others before myself. After all, you must make sacrifices for your loved ones. 

When I first became a mother, I thought that taking care of myself first would make me selfish. If I placed my needs before my child’s, I’d be a bad mother.

But, how can I take care of my daughter if I can’t meet my own needs? How can I teach her about love if I can’t even love myself the way I deserve?

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I do want to be a role model for my daughter, but I must demonstrate positive self-care by taking care of myself. I can only do this by my own actions, self-talk, and models of behavior.

One of the most important lessons that I’ve learned is that you should always take care of yourself before anyone else. 

After a long and stressful day of work, I once came home to clean, cook, and care for everyone else. I spent so much time caring for everyone and everything that I neglected my mental and physical health.

Going non-stop will eventually take a toll on your body. I learned this the hard way. In fact, I would sometimes wake up sick and end up stuck in bed for days. I quickly learned that if you don’t put yourself first, your body will certainly force you to. 

Eventually, I realized that I could only help others if I first prioritized my own physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. It took time, but I learned to guiltlessly put myself first, because I understood that self-care is necessary. 

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Nothing is more important than my relationship with myself. Other people may come and go, but I will always have myself. Therefore, I should always prioritize my needs before I help anyone else.

I learned how to put effort into meeting my own needs and how to take care of myself. This meant that I started eating well, exercising, sleeping, and scheduling regular medical checkups. It also meant that I started making time to do my favorite things and spending time with friends and family. 

Now, I make it a habit to take some time for myself. I have a spa day once a month and spend all day doing self-care activities.

I have learned to say “no” to friends, family, and coworkers whenever I don’t have the energy to help them with something. When I started to prioritize myself, I realized that I have a lot more energy. Also, I am happier, healthier, less stressed, and more clear-headed. 

I know that prioritizing yourself sounds like it’s easier said than done, but when you take care of your own needs first, you will reap the benefits almost immediately. So, put effort into meeting your own needs.

Give yourself your own attention and do what makes you happy. You can only save the world when you pay attention to your own health and happiness. 

Whether you’re single, married, or parenting a young child, you should always take care of yourself before anyone else. Your relationship with yourself is the most important connection in your life and is also the foundation for all of your other connections, so prioritize yourself.

Despite what your parents taught you, you should always be your number one priority. Love yourself first and helping others will come naturally.

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Mitzi J Hernandez is a writer who focuses on self-care, self-love, and health and wellness. For more of her self-care content, visit her Twitter.

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