Your Zodiac Sign's Monthly Love Horoscope For May 1-31, 2021

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Monthly Love Horoscope For May 2021

May's love horoscope changes the narrative for all zodiac signs, and the next 31 days could be groundbreaking.

With the balance of Taurus energy slowly creeping into active and communicative Gemini, we’re able to make decisions, agreements, and plans that are based on growth but also our authentic truth. 

May's monthly love horoscope requires that each zodiac sign takes action when it comes to love.

While we have a couple of retrogrades to contend with, they don’t occur until the end of the month which means that for most of May it’s a great time for forward action and movement.  

May is the start of the 2021 eclipse season which means this is where the year gets interesting.

Eclipses are the universe's way of jumpstarting great change either by creating more sudden endings and beginnings than we normally see.  

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In this case, we have the total lunar eclipse which also happens to be a super full moon in Sagittarius at the end of the month.

Full moon energies, especially those attributed to eclipses can last for up to two weeks prior to two weeks after the lunar event so keep in mind that while the beginning of the month might begin more slowly there will be a fast progression of future plans and relationships as we close out May.  

Venus will be in Gemini for the majority of the month which isn’t always considered a great placement for her, after all, it’s a sign of duality.

But Gemini is also communicative, likes conversation, deep talks at midnight, and to make plans and with the influence of Saturn this month that duality we’ll likely be experiencing isn’t in terms of multiple relationships but in terms of our past versus future and our old self versus the self we’re growing into.  

For many, as we lean more into the energies of May, we will come to realize that March and April were transition months.

So much seemed to happen and occur at the beginning of the year that we needed time to process, to assimilate into these new chapters our hearts had already begun to write. So, we’ve been moving towards this point of the year when we will be spurred into action.  

It doesn’t mean that there won’t be challenging moments ahead as that’s inevitable when we’re closing out one chapter and beginning another, but there’s a difference when we have inner clarity, and we’re at peace with our decisions.

Despite how hard we try we can’t control everything. We can’t make a particular path be the one that leads to abundance. We can’t force people to change nor can we make them love us in the ways that we need. 

So usually, we end up in the space of learning acceptance. Understanding that while things don’t happen as we want them to, they do always occur exactly as their meant to. 

And this month will be the confirmation of just that.  

Astrological changes that impact your love horoscope during the month of May:

Monday, May 3rd 

Mercury enters Gemini

Our thoughts and communication styles turn more assertive, direct, and curious. We’re able to entertain multiple ideas at the same time while being more interested in having deep and meaningful conversations. Don’t be afraid to speak up and say what’s on your mind during this transit. 

Saturday, May 8th  

Venus enters Gemini

Watch for feeling more distracted in love and relationships, that desire for something new may potentially bring turmoil to existing relationships, poor decision making will be on the rise in terms of short-term love affairs.

The benefit is for those relationships where we’ve been needing a new solution to an old problem, it’s in store with this transit.  

Tuesday, May 11th 

New Moon in Taurus

The beginning of many domestic partnerships and relationships, feeling more empowered and ready to take on big changes to create newness in our lives.

Because the earth's energy will be strong there will also be a sense of feeling grounded and confident as we approach this lunation.  

Thursday, May 13th 

Jupiter enters Pisces

Love really will be all we need during this transit. Expect to feel more empowered, divinely connected to the universe, and more inclined to have a mystical mindset. Realizing that our hearts are the way forward into the abundant life we dream of.  

Wednesday, May 19th 

Venus in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius

Relationships take a turn for the more serious under this transit, we want to be in a more committed meaningful relationship under this transit but not just any will do. A sense of knowingness and patience to wait for what it is that feels like it most aligns to our soul, desiring a once-in-a-lifetime kind of love.  

Thursday, May 20th 

Sun enters Gemini

The beginning of Gemini Season is here and along with it arrives learning and the ability to see both the questions and the answers we seek.

While there can be a challenge in decision-making as we are able to entertain a greater sense of duality, it means that those we do make will embody more of our authentic nature.

Watch for the truth coming out about certain people and relationships as it’s unavoidable during this time. 

Friday, May 21st 

Sun in Gemini square Jupiter in Pisces

A reality check of sorts for any big life path or romantic decisions you’re still contemplating.

A time when we realize there’s a difference between our truth and what we wish was true, understanding that maybe we can’t achieve what we pictured but it doesn’t mean it won’t be better than we had imagined.  

Sunday, May 23rd 

Saturn turns retrograde in Aquarius

A time to review our life, specifically the foundations and choices that we have made. Think in terms of what have you agreed to, what have you previously thought you could do but now are having second thoughts.

In Aquarius it’s highly likely we will let go, shed or just plain rid ourselves of anything that we don’t feel connected to. This is a rebellion against not just the status quo but against our own internal dialogue that has kept us small for too long.  

Tuesday, May 25th 

Grand Water Trine

An omen of good fortune, the tides are turning, and we can expect that life will change directions in a positive way, but this is not done passively.

Anything that you want, you’re going to have to work for. This one in particular is also helping us connect more deeply to our emotional world seeing that only what we feel is truth.  

Wednesday, May 26th 

Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

There will be nowhere to hide with this moon. Highlighting the themes of newness, adventure, spirituality, and connectedness we will be wanting our romantic relationships to help inspire us to that next level.

Expect outgrown or even those more platonic relationships to reach an expiration around this time, and the learning of some major karmic lessons will set all of us free for that next chapter in love.  

Saturday, May 29th 

Mercury turns retrograde in Gemini

During this transit communication will be key, as will our ability to review our promises, contracts, or agreements specifically from May 4th-June 27th, 2015.

While it was a long time ago, six years to be exact because this is the last time that we experienced a Mercury retrograde it’s likely that there will be themes that will arise that need revision.

While this isn’t always a time to begin new things, it is an excellent time for previous situations to restart after revising what needed changing.  

Monthly love horoscope for May 1-31, 2021, by zodiac sign:

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

This month will have you remembering something that you previously have forgotten. Whether it’s an important step in creating this new you and life, or if it’s an actual person from your past, you’re going to have to go back a bit before you really move forward once and for all.

It’s almost as if in your excitement for newness you glossed over some important steps that now need to be reviewed.

Part of this might be making sure that you’ve said your peace to those most involved by the changes you’re currently making. Remember that when we’re sure of our decisions, we don’t need anyone else to be.  

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

It feels like a coming-out party this month for you were suddenly all the work that you’ve been doing behind the scenes now is ready to be released to the world.

For you, the focus lays this month in not assuming that those closest to you are in on your magick. Just because it seems like you often don’t really need to speak up and explain things to your partner doesn’t mean that we can assume that’s always true.

Make sure to keep the line of communication open and honest otherwise you’ll receive a reality check at the month’s end.  

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

In the weeks before you welcome in your season take the time to go within. There’s been a lot happening in your outer and inner life recently and you need to give yourself time to acclimate to all the recent developments.

What you need to be is honest with yourself is if there are any previous patterns or cycles coming back up or if you feel yourself slipping back into any old routines or ways of thinking.

Sometimes when you don’t find the success you need you'll resort to the hell that you already know. You want this next Gemini Season to be the restart you’ve been dreaming of, so just make sure you’re not going backwards.  

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

There’s a difference in the love we receive once we love ourselves and while this is often a slowly learned lesson for you, once you have mastered it, it changes everything. This is the month that falls into place.

Your alliances will be shifting as you see more clearly who is for you versus those who only say they are. While your loyalty is a great gift, it can also keep you shackled in place far longer than necessary.

Use that deep well of self-love this month to exonerate you from what has held you back from moving into that next chapter in your life.  

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

To share your deepest truth and vulnerabilities is one of your biggest challenges. Usually, this happens because early on you gave your heart to someone who couldn’t hold it so when they dropped it or returned it, you took that on as rejection.

To not have your feelings returned or to be left alone by someone you love is one of your greatest fears but if you continue to live protecting yourself then you’ll never be able to make the space for another to step in.

There’s a moment arising in which you are speaking your heart will be the turning point in your life that you’ve been working towards. Don’t back away now.  

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

As the month begins, you’re going to be challenged to show up in a familiar situation as your new and hopefully much wiser self.

While this could be an ex returning to the picture it also more likely is you realizing you’re in a situation that you’ve been in before.

Because you are a healing lover, you tend to attract those partner that needs this. While we’re all a work in progress there’s a difference between healing and growing together versus being codependent and trying to fix someone else’s problems.

Sometimes we can change everything simply by changing ourselves and how we react-this is your chance to find out just how much you’ve grown.  

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

While you’re skilled at so many aspects concerning relationships, letting go of control isn't one of them. But that’s just what is going to have to happen this month.

This isn’t just a blanketed situation in which you’re going to have to relinquish control but a choice to trust your partner.

We can’t make everything happen in a relationship. We can’t force our partner to get to that next level and we can’t drive the relationship ourselves. It must be a shared endeavor and depending on what’s going on for each person, sometimes we need to take turns.

At this moment you’re going to be tested to trust your partner to do what they say they’re going to and do not constantly question them in the process.

Take a leap of faith and see how great love can be when you believe that it already is.  

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

When you know your worth, you move differently in this world. But knowing our worth is just part of it.

The other is in speaking on it, creating boundaries and reminding those around you exactly what you deserve and what you’re no longer willing to tolerate.

But we also don’t do this every day or even every week. It’s often better to speak our truth once, then step back and see who listens.

When it’s a relationship that’s meant to be we’re not going to constantly must ask our partner to treat us how we deserve to be.

While not every day will be the same, there is still consistency in respect and presence.

Know when to speak, but also when to remain quiet and just observe, sometimes you learn more that way.  

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

There seems to be a ripple of electricity emanating off you as the month begins. Sure, it probably has a little to do with the most awe-inspiring moon we’ve seen this year happening in your sign at the end of the month but it’s also because there’s something you know you’re not sharing with everyone just yet.

It’s not about secret-keeping or a lack of transparency but only that you’ve been moving, living, and making plans quietly for a while and now you’re nearing that space when you’ll be coming out into the open.

As the month moves on and you get closer to feeling like it’s time to divulge what’s been going on internally for you remind yourself this isn’t about anyone else other than you living your truth.

Those that have always been a part of your tribe will support you no matter what, and those that don’t are just weeds being pruned from your garden.  

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

As we move through the month the concept of holding space becomes incredibly important, both for yourself, your partner and for a situation to continue to play out.

Normally you communicate more than necessary on matters that aren’t important but stay tight-lipped on the topics that do.

This month as you hold space also reflect on what truly needs to be said versus what doesn’t. When we speak it should be of importance, it should carry meaning and even significance.

While part of your journey this month is to hold space for another to have that (perhaps dreaded) conversation with you, the other is recognizing the power your words have so that you never misuse it.  

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

There’s a space here of authentic honesty that needs to be spoken, not for the benefit of anyone else but so that you can free yourself from carrying the weight these words possess.

So much of this month is about communication and while we’re seeing a retrograde occur at the end of the month, we’re reevaluating how we communicate and of course what we say.

There has been something on your heart that you’ve needed to speak on and whether it’s current or past lover related there’s a space here that you’re going to be asked to no longer carry it.

Make sure to listen to that inner self on when to express these words because while it may be scary, not only does the other person need to hear them, but you saying what you need to and exposing a different level of vulnerability will unlock an entirely new level of freedom for yourself.  

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Something big is coming and while it may take most of the month to come to fruition, never doubt that it’s on its way. With a Grand Water Trine occurring in your element alongside the incredibly powerful moon, there’s only one question; are you ready for your life to change?

Are you ready to learn what it feels like to receive everything you’ve ever dreamed of and have it been only the beginning of what’s to come? For you in the coming weeks, it feels like the aspect of communication you must work on is simply receiving the words of others.

There is a greater quiet to you this month but it’s stemming from confidence rather than anxiety, so let it work for you.

Until then focus on what brings you joy this month and lean into the areas where it feels like there’s more clearing that can be done so that when an offer does come your way, you’ll truly be in the space to receive it.  

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