What Your Favorite Color Says About Who You Really Are

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What Your Favorite Colors Say About Your Dominant Personality Traits

You'd be surprised just how much you can learn about yourself and your dominant personality traits based on what your favorite color says about you.

Color psychology, the study of how certain colors represent various aspects of our personality types, is a newer phenomenon that hasn't been extensively researched as of yet. But it's still quite interesting to learn what your favorite color says about you based on color psychology, and how it can reveal what your most dominant personality traits are.

The ten colors most often used in color psychology for personality traits testing include: red, orange, pink, purple, yellow, black, brown, blue, green, and white.

Some people have gone further by defining the different shades of each color, but for the sake of this current article, we'll stick with the ten basic ones.

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This tool for men and women is intended as a general guide, so you might not identify with all of the personality traits listed for your favorite color. If you have two favorite colors, personality traits from both colors may be integrated to create a more accurate representation of your personality and character.

You can also find your own meaning behind your favorite color, too.

Here's what your favorite color says about you and your most dominant personality traits, according to color psychology:

1. Green

Green represents balance, hope, and peace. If your favorite color is green, you're usually gentle and sincere, as well as down to earth.


You tend to be modest and warm. You also have a strong need to belong and to love and be loved.

2. Blue

Blue generally relates to being soothing and soft, which is why if your favorite color is blue, you're likely to have a strong need for inner peace. You also tend to be creative and imaginative.

You also tend to have a compassionate, patient and faithful personality. While you care about what others think of you, you have very fluid beliefs that are difficult, if not impossible, to change.

3. Yellow

Just like your favorite color, you are cheerful and optimistic. You're also caring, warm and considerate, plus you have a strong sense of humor and vivid imagination.


You are also considered wise and enjoy learning and acquiring knowledge to share with others.

4. Orange

If orange is your favorite color, you're likely free-spirited and carefree and people find you to be both good-natured and tolerant.

You tend to be a social butterfly. But sometimes, you can be seen as a show-off. And because of your strong social presence, you tend to experience loneliness easier than others.

5. Red

You honor strength, health, and passion. You possess a strong energy that radiates and can be felt by others.


You tend to be action-oriented and energetic — though you can come across as aggressive at times. It stems from your strong desire to get the most out of life.

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6. Black

If black is your favorite color, you are mysterious and collected. You are also intelligent and value power and control in life, which makes you independent and possess leader-like qualities.

You are considered to be dependable and responsible, but tend to be reserved when it comes to sharing your personal life with others.

7. Brown

You are considered safe and comfortable, as well as kind and steady, if brow is your favorite color. You prefer to live a simplistic lifestyle with a strong need for safety and security.


You are considered a good and loyal friend others, since you're generally honest and patient.

8. Pink

If your favorite color is pink, people find you warm and approachable. You tend to put others' needs before their own and are often romantic and affectionate.

You are also charming, kind, and gentle, but this means you're also delicate and can be hurt easily.

9. Purple

You value harmony and peace and are generally helpful and sympathetic, if purple is your favorite color. You're also creative and have a strong attention to detail.


You are usually unique and witty, although can be authoritative at times. You're also ambitious and tend to set high goals for yourself.

10. White

If white is your favorite color, you are likely to have a positive, optimistic personality and prefer a simple life. You’re considered pure and innocent, just like a fresh coat of snow in nature.

You are usually organized and logical and tend make decisions based on facts, rather than emotion. However, this means you also tend to be a perfectionist at times and can be very critical of yourself.

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