4 Best Jobs For Gemini

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Best Jobs For Gemini

What are the best jobs for Gemini? 

Gemini is the sign of the twins ruled by Mercury, a communication planet, and overseer of the third house in astrology, which rules writing, the community, data, and media.

But what is the best career for Gemini?

A Gemini career horoscope is bound to include jobs related to journalism, media, or transportation.

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As a fellow Gem, I can wholeheartedly say that our ruling planet has everything to do with how well we can communicate no matter what situation we are placed in.

Being in the third house — the house of communication, not only will Gemini express themselves to their close friends and family.

Gemini is inclined to chat with their neighbors, but their intimate conversations are what they cherish more than anything.

Gemini is one of the most multi-layered signs of the zodiac wheel. We are chameleons who know how to camouflage ourselves into a crowd.

Some of the greatest Gemini's we know are the most eccentric, communicative people.

Famous Gemini zodiac signs and their career horoscopes include:

  • Kanye West, musician
  • Lauryn Hill, musician
  • Kendrick Lamar, musician
  • Marilyn Monroe, actress

Gemini's stand out in a crowd because of their bubbly personality, constantly entertaining their audience and knowing the right words to say.

With that being said, Gemini knows how to keep a conversation flowing effortlessly, and our eagerness to share and receive knowledge is something I commend us for.

My brain works 24/7, 365 days, with constant thoughts and ideas circulating my mind.

What better way to express our endless mind than to go into a career that offers an unlimited amount of opportunities?

There is no way a Gemini can settle for a regular 9-5 office job.

A traditional job may suit someone else's preference, but not Gemini.

As someone who is a Gemini, I confess that I desperately need a career that stimulates my mind.

Most Geminis, like me, need a career that entertains us and also feeds us knowledge on a daily basis.

Have you ever wondered what your dream job would be if you have a Gemini zodiac sign?

Maybe you wanted to be a marine biologist (aka me), or a superstar on world tours (also me), but your brain didn't allow you to make a concise decision.

I am going to give my Gemini readers a career horoscope and a list of jobs to get into!

1. Gemini career horoscope: Journalist

Gemini's like getting to the root of every issue and the system of how things work.

The way they tell stories so eloquently makes them great for storytelling; their attention to minor and major details are the essential tips in order to prosper in this field.

The best path to go for in this area is becoming an investigative journalist or a reporter.

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2. Gemini career horoscope: Salesperson

Their way with words and paying attention to the wants and needs of people around them are the prime reasons why Gemini's would make great salespersons.

Their friendly presence and sneaky tactics in pleasing their crowd make them the sales sharks any company would want on their team.

As natural-born negotiators, Gemini's know how to get the wheels spinning without causing unnecessary chaos in this kind of work environment.

Their communication skills are the key to achieving great things in this field!

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3. Gemini career horoscope: Media Analyst

This area of expertise requires a keen sense of paying attention to every single amount of research that presents itself to you.

Gemini's are perfect for this career because they know how to analyze each area of data with sharp vision and adaptability.

This career evaluates quantitative and qualitative methods to determine the best marketing and advertising tools that are necessary for a company and its product(s).

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4. Gemini career horoscope: Talk Show Host

Gemini's are always chatting it up because of how much information they have stored in their brain.

What better way to utilize this trait than become a talk show host?

Their energetic personality and over the top performances will surely bring in an audience who is eager to know what is going on in the world.

With the amount of praise Gemini's receive for how well they can tell a story, their viewers will always be both entertained and well-equipped with information that is fit for a simple coffee date with the girls or political debates with coworkers.

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