How To Get A Leo Man Back In 5 Simple Steps

Playing hard to get might actually work!

How To Get A Leo Man Back In 5 Simple Steps Syda Productions/

It's normal to want a Leo man back after a breakup that never should have happened.

When loving a Leo man, you need to realize that he is most of the time, if not all, the center of attention, especially when it comes to your loyalty to him.

That being said, a Leo man is like your favorite candy. He is irresistible!

So when he's decided to go off and do his own thing, it can be heartbreaking.

How do you get a Leo man back?

Following these simple steps to getting a Leo man back works because it's based on astrology.


When you want him so bad you will do anything, just check his zodiac sign for what works.

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A Leo man can sometimes drive you crazy because of how outgoing, ambitious, and social he is, especially if you’re a sign that isn’t as outgoing as him.


You know that he has a love for life and is a big flirt, however, when in a relationship if Leo isn’t loyal to you and only you, it means he’s not fully committed.

Here's how to get a Leo man back in five simple steps using astrology:

1. Play hard to get

You have to show your Leo man you can keep up with life and be successful without him because it’ll make him want you back and miss you.

If you broke things off with your Leo because you felt that he wasn’t treating you right or giving you what you wanted then breaking up with him could be a test to your relationship if he’s willing to fight for it.

If you want him back then play hard to get because this will make it backfire on him and he will then be the one trying to get back with you so it’s not like you have to do that much work, just be better than him!


2. Show him how you can be on his level

If you broke things off and he still has feelings for you, these simple steps might work ever-better because you know deep down he wants you back as well, which is the ultimate goal.

If he ever made you feel like you weren’t doing enough, then inspire him and show him that you can do better and have learned from his confidence and success.

A Leo actually loves a successful and confident woman and if you are ambitious in your career and workstyle since breaking up with him, this will make him appreciate you even more and be more attracted to you.

3. Be Honest with him

This might be obvious, but if you really want your Leo man back, then be honest with him and let him know you are still there for him but don’t overdo it.


Send a simple text letting him know you can talk whenever he wants, and let him come back to you.

You’ll be mad at yourself and it won't work out if you try to come crawling back to him because a Leo man likes confidence and not to be influenced by anyone.

If you might have pushed him away but both of you didn’t break up yet, then invite him to do something social that he loves but also that you can spend quality time with him.

While going out with him, show him that you care by asking him what he wants to do and where he wants to go and let him know how much you like him by giving him lots of affection by flirting.

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4. Avoid lying and insulting

Before wanting to get a Leo man back, you should first ask yourself if that’s what you really want and if that’s what he wants.

If the two of you broke things off because there was a loss of attraction for each other, then most likely he doesn’t want to get back together with you.

Surprisingly, because this method most often doesn’t work, playing hard to get can do wonders in getting your Leo man back.

5. Don't try to make him jealous

It’s very easy to make them jealous and make them miss you by doing things that would make him jealous or think that you’re over him.

Never lie to your Leo man or to others about him because lies come back around and to a Leo, it won’t be good for a future relationship if a dirty little secret gets back around.


He also hates if you talk bad about him in front of his friends and family, even if you’re joking, he won’t take it lightly.

A Leo man respects and values honesty and if you’re not going to give that to him then he won’t want to take you back.

Even after you break up, make sure there are no hard feelings.

If you want the chances of the two of you getting back together to be high, then don’t start bad mouthing him to others because talking bad about someone comes back around to bite you.

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