Pick A Tarot Card Reading & Find Out What's In Store For Your December 2020 Horoscope

All that negative energy shall pass.

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If there was ever a month where we're all holding our breath, waiting to exhale, it's December. What a year it's been, so congratulations on surviving the most brutal year in our earthly history.

What do we have now? We have hope. Perhaps 2021 will grant us freedom, and the December 2020 horoscope and Tarot card reading will show us what that means.

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Each one of us has lived through our own personal story. The end of the year can bring depression, and many will feel the darkness suck you in. But fear not, as this too shall pass.

We are all on the real precipice of change and betterment, and we need to be vigilant with our health, our love for one another, and our mental balance.

December 2020 Horoscope and Tarot Card Reading

Let's see what this month's Tarot readings have to offer.

Just pick a card, emptying your mind when deciding, and choose the number that pulls you. The number you pick will determine the reading you'll get. 

December 2020 Tarot Card Reading Deck


Have you chosen your deck? Here is your fate for the month. 

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Tarot Card Reading #1

December 2020 Tarot Card Reading 1

This reading includes: 

Ten of Swords

Ace of Rods, reversed

The Devil, reversed

Ace of Pentacles

Two of Cups

By now, you probably feel like you have taken enough of this year to last you a lifetime, and you haven't walked away from it yet. The year has beaten you up, and you feel it. Even if you've managed to remain healthy, you still feel like you've lived through the worst.


The end of the year is going to present you with a surprise: a rest from the endless trauma, and a promise of new hope.

The Ace of Rods, also known as Wands, reversed, is you just about giving up. You have really taken as much as you can, and the Devil card, in reverse, is there to say that even giving up didn't have the impact you wanted.

What's left? Hope. How ironic — it's probably the last thing you had in mind.

What is coming? Good fortune (as in money) and the idea of a strong, long lasting love, which could also be a deep friendship. Whatever this relationship turns out to be, it's going to save your life and make you want to start again.


This reading is obvious when you look at the cards: a lot of suffering, bemoaning one's fate, giving up, doing all the wrong things, and then finally giving up. That is where the divine light comes into play: the moment you give it all up.

Detach from the pain and allow the radiant light of hope to come back in to your life.

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Tarot Card Reading #2

December 2020 Tarot Card Reading 2


This reading includes:

Five of Cups

Five of Swords

Judgement, reversed

Nine of Swords, reversed

Seven of Rods, reversed

You've gone from hard-working family member to stoic keeper of the faith, meaning you're the rock in your circles, and you've done as much as you can being the one who give loves unconditionally.

Now, it's time to receive some of that love in return. That Five of Swords is what you became this year: hardened, stoic, strong. You have done all you can to help the people you love, and now it's up to them.

Apparently, you did a lot of work with family this year, and while it seemed to be going well for a while, in the long run, nobody really learned the valuable lessons at hand. You find yourself angry at those who didn't listen, but unable to change things.


Right now, you're frustrated, but not without a plan. You aren't the person to wallow in self-pity, and you detest overthinking someone else's problems.

December 2020 is about letting go while doing the valuable work you always do. That means keep on keeping on with what you believe in, but try to bring in a sense of detachment just to keep yourself sane.

You can't heal everyone, but you can start by mending your own situation, which you will do, most assuredly.

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Tarot Card Reading #3

December 2020 Tarot Card Reading 3


This reading includes:

The Star

The Wheel of Fortune

The World

Three of Swords, reversed


Eight of Swords

Wow, this is some layout right here, and it would appear that you've had an incredibly interesting year so far. You've taken chances and risks, and you've done some things that you maybe shouldn't have done.

Alas, it's all water under the bridge. You took those chances and you're still here to tell the story, so good on you.

What we're looking at now is a wake-up call of sorts, and you may not like this, but you're definitely going to have to be more cautious in the future.

You've played with people's hearts and that's not panning out as you expected it to; in fact, it's ending up being a royal pain in the tush because, at present, you feel lonely and alone. Perhaps this is a good time to go over what you did that might have gotten you to this place, so that you can work on fixing it.


That Eight of Swords as your last card is telling you to stop, or wake up! You can't be frivolous forever, and these are not ordinary times. We all have a lot to deal with, and that means you, too, so start opening your eyes and dealing with the reality of life as it is, right now.

This reading says, "You've had your fun and taken some extraordinary chances that just happened to have worked out for you. Now, retreat for a bit and have a serious think about your life."

This month is for you to make plans, to bring hope into your future scenarios, and to stop being so foolish with your life. You are valuable, and it's time to start acting that way.

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Ruby Miranda is a New Yorker who learned astrology, I Ching and all types of cartomancy and numerology from her crazy, gypsy mother. She currently writes for a wide range of esoteric publications.