55 Best Virgo Memes That Describe This Zodiac Sign

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Everyone loves a Virgo, which means everyone loves Virgo memes.

This quiet, practical Earth sign thrives on acts of service, so it's easy to recognize the Virgos in your life based on all the things they do for you. They're the types to do the entire group project alone but still let you take credit for the grade.

If you're a Virgo, you probably spend your time carefully arranging your calendar so you have time to buy your parents groceries, go to your best friend's birthday party, and complete a work assignment all in one day.  

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That said, all the work you do for others can drive you crazy at times and leave you analyzing every last move. This means you occasionally exude neurotic energy.

55 Best Virgo Memes

But you're quietly sarcastic and definitely know how to laugh at yourself. In fact, if we didn't have all these memes laid out for you, you'd probably be the one meticulously editing them and sending to your friends to make them chuckle!

But since we've done the work for you, all you have to do is keep scrolling for some self-deprecating but oh so hilarious Virgo memes.

1. Fill up my cup.

2. Virgos can do it all, they just won't tell you.

Being modest about my skills vs. nailing the job once I try

3. Honesty isn't always a virtue.

I had a dream last night, the plane went down. You were in it.

4. Virgos need their space.

When you're just a naturally distant person who requires a lot of alone time in order to function properly, but your loved ones keep taking it personally.

5. It's a fine line.

Not sure if fishing for compliments or being too modest...

6. All you need is love.

Me: No more thinking of romance and love. It's a waste of time and energy.

Also me 2 seconds later: Where is the love of my life? Where are they?

7. A Virgo's schedule: Work, work, work, repeat.

You have a 40-hour work week? I remember my first part-time job.

8. No days off.

Types of vacations I need: a week to deep clean everything I own, twice; a week to just sleep, then sleep some more; a week where I don't speak to anyone. 

9. Virgos on their way to take first place in everything...

10. They tell it how it is.

I don't have the energy to pretend I like you today.

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11. Virgos plan every aspect of life in advance.

Me planning what to say in every possible conversation before making a phone call. 

12. Turn your phone to silent mode.

I saw your text, I'm just waiting until I have enough serotonin to reply.

13. Virgo is the clean freak of the Zodiac.

14. Sometimes, they just need to be alone. 

I'm sick of people, they're everywhere.

15. Get in line.

16. It's not their fault they're perfect.

I could stop being a control freak if other people could stop screwing stuff up.

17. Back off already.

Virgos: *needs comfort in traumatic situations*

Also Virgos: Pls go away b**** so I can feel like s*** in peace.

18. Time is of the essence. 

19. Don't come crawling to Virgo looking for sympathy. 

Me comforting my friend knowing that 3 days later she will return to her ex.

20. Honesty, but make it brutal.

Sometimes I speak aggressively on accident, like damn, I didn't even mean to come at you like that.

21. Perfectionists be like... 

Me trying not to control my friends' life: Your decision, your decision... okay, no. That's not the right decision.

22. Virgos are observant to a fault.

I notice everything. I just act like I don't.

23. Headphones in, world out.

Me listening to my sad music and overthinking.

24. Virgos in therapy...

"What could be giving you anxiety?"

"Um, let's see... Every aspect of my life."

25. Silently judging like...

That one person who doesn't talk in the group chat but you can tell their reading everything.

26. Truth hurts.

If you think I'm judgmental, that just proves everything that I've been saying about you. 

27. Virg-opinionated, don't you think?

28. Told you so.

Virgo finding out they were right about something two months later: Interesting.

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29. Tough choice.

30. Turns out money can buy happiness if you're a Virgo.

Everyone thinks I need a relationship. No, b****, I need money.

31. Sound familiar?

32. Cold-hearted and needy all at once.

Virgo: I'm alone and I love it.

Also Virgo: (sobs)

33. Virgos are great at giving advice. Taking it? Not so much. 

34. Emotions? Gross.

Virgo having a crush/catching feelings: Eww, feelings.

35. They have their hands full.

My favorite way to multitask is to listen to your stories while judging them.

36. Only Virgo would find relaxing stressful.

I'm so stressed that relaxing makes me more stressed because I'm not working on what's making me stressed

37. Virgos after letting their guard down...

When I start developing feelings and get hurt: Serves you right for having feelings.

38. So, they go back to being heartless.

Virgo mood: Alexa, turn my feelings off!

39. A match made in the Abyss.

40. How dare you?

When you set your drink down on a Virgo's table without a coaster: So you have chosen... death.

41. They can never stop thinking.

42. And Virgo is always judging.

The V in Virgo stands for very high standards.

43. The two moods of a Virgo.

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44. Sleep is for the weak.

45. Virgos are never second choice.

If I have to fight for your attention, then f*** your attention.

46. How rude!

When your crush doesn't magically know that you like them and starts dating someone else: Maybe I'm just meant to be lonely.

47. The main ingredient for a Virgo personality...

48. Virgos fighting the urge to completely isolate themselves...

No one:

Me: What if I stop talking to everyone and deactivate my social media accounts.

49. Retreat!

50. All rise for Judge Virgo.

Sorry for judging you, your friends, your family, and all your major life decisions. 

51. What the other signs really think of Virgos...

This man just asked me my zodiac sign and I told him Virgo, and he deadass just said, "So you're basically a walking red flag." Why did y'all teach men about astrology? Why is this man roasting me? SMH, I blame y'all for this. Virgo women are angels

52. Virgos are Kings and Queen of grammatical correctness.

When he knows how to correctly use "there," "their" and "they're."

53. If you want something done, let Virgo take the wheel.

Control freak? That's mean! I prefer to call myself a control enthusiast. 

54. Employee of the Month goes to Virgo.

Not sure if I am a hard worker or if my coworkers are just really lazy. 

55. Beware of Virgo.

Yes, she said she was a virgin, or did she say Virgo? Either way, there was blood. 

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