The Personality Traits Of The Virgo Zodiac Sign — And What Every Aspect Of Their Life Is Like

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The Comprehensive Personality Traits Of The Virgo Zodiac Sign — And What Every Asp

We've all heard the stories of Virgo's perfectionism; not only is this one of their most well-known traits, but it's what helps them to weigh what's right and what's wrong in their lives.

The Virgo zodiac sign is brutally honest, and often times they express their opinion in ways that are less than kind. This is because they are analytical and in need of facts; when they discover what it right, they honor it, dismissing all other conclusions.

Virgo is extremely intelligent, and therefore can be considered cold and harsh at times. These people want truths and facts, and very little else will satisfy them.

While every zodiac sign has both negative and positive personality traits, the Virgo traits are unique to the other signs. Born between August 23 and September 22, these traits include:

  • Deep thinkers, analytical, decisive
  • Hardworking, dedicated, detail oriented 
  • Artistic, musical, creative
  • Patient, thoughtful, responsible
  • Faithful, true, kind
  • Critical, judgmental, perfectionist
  • Reliable, obsessive, organized
  • Serious, bland, unresponsive
  • Snobbish, superiority complex, picky
  • Fussy, neat, anal
  • Careful, hesitant, protective
  • Cruel, mean spirited, untrustworthy
  • Self-centered, annoying, overthinker

But the Virgo personality is much more than just their characteristics on the surface. To get to know this sign more in-depth, it's important to cover every aspect of their lives, including zodiac compatibility, career, health, money, and spirituality.

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What is Virgo like when falling in love?

Virgo is loyal and dedicated. They go into relationships for life and are horrified when things don't work out. They expect greatness from their partners and they are willing to provide the very best in return.

They make for strict parents, and they push their children to be the best they can possibly be.

What business/career/work is best for Virgo?

Virgo is a creative sign, though they often times sacrifice creativity for logic-based careers.

While Virgo might adore the idea of singing on a stage for hundreds of people, they will walk away from that dream because they know the creative world won't provide what they need in terms of finance. They are hard workers who become career workers.

How does the Virgo zodiac sign raise a family?

Virgo is a bit old fashioned when it comes to family and family life. Every member of the family is expected to carry out certain chores... or else.

Virgo is quick to give out punishment, and it's often times hard to have a Virgo parent, as they can be insanely strict. They are faithful spouses who demand the same from their partner... or else.

What ailments or health issues plague Virgo?

Virgo rules the stomach and digestive system, so many of the ailments they deal with in a lifetime are gastro-related. Stomach aches occur from being nervous, and in the same way one gets a "gut" feeling, so does Virgo — except it's a gut feeling of pain and anxiety.

How creative is the Virgo zodiac sign?

You'll find them singing, crafting and acting. This sign loves the spotlight, but not the crowd.

They are somewhat antisocial, and prefer their creative moments away from people. Virgo never stops humming a tune, and if you happen to be near one when they're in the shower, you'll overhear a concert of uninhibited joyful singing.

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What kind of lover is Virgo?

It's not easy to be with a Virgo lover as they fluctuate between loving sex and despising it.

You're already being judged before you get into bed with Virgo, so understand that a roll in the hay with them is going to be a test. Will you pass? You'd better.

The only reason you're there, in their mind, is to show if you can rank up there with the big boys.

How does Virgo handle their finances and money?

This sign excels at money management, and that is due to their analytical, obsessive nature. They dot their i's and cross their t's — that means no stone goes unturned, and when it comes to finance, it's the same.

They make notes, take notes, and figure things out in a realistic way. Reality is key with Virgo, and that means they don't fantasize about their bank account; they know exactly what's going on and how to make their money grow.

How spiritual is the Virgo sign?

Esoteric and spiritual, Virgos can be found practicing all manner of spiritual exercise. In religion, they are devout, and in self-help, they are willing.

Spirituality is very important to Virgo as it's what gives them hope. Their world is so very black and white; the addition of an amorphous, invisible world fascinates them and gives them hope.

How does Virgo act in everyday life?

They are not always the sweetest people you'll ever meet, but they are real and down to earth. If you are liked by a Virgo, you'll be happy in that friendship as they are very kind and generous.

However, daily life also comes with daily hassle and daily judgements, most of which are harsh and over the top. Don't expect Virgo to be fair — they won't be. But they will be honest, or at least true to themselves in their day to day life.

What conflicts does Virgo involve themselves in?

If you cross a Virgo, just assume you'll never hear from them again. Virgo is terribly fickle; they turn on and off in seconds,, and they truly don't care if they hurt you.

If you are emotionally gutted by a Virgo, don't expect anything but excuses from them, and never, ever, ever expect an apology. Yes, they know what they've done wrong and no, they will never admit it.

Virgo gave you the opportunity to get on board their train. If you blew it, you blew it forever. Virgo doesn't look back, they just plow you down and move along.

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