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Who Are Michael Jordan's Kids — And Where Are They Now?

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Who Are Michael Jordan's Kids — And Where Are They Now?

Recently, ESPN announced that they would bump The Last Dance — their 10-part documentary on basketball great Michael Jordan — up to April 19th. The Last Dance will not only explore Jordan's basketball legacy — and will, specifically, focus on his last season with the Chicago Bulls when the pulls managed to 'repeat the threepeat' — but will also focus on his human legacy as well. His children will be heavily featured in the documentary and one of his sons has been active and vocal, on social media about his father's legacy and his father's relationship to other players. 

So, in the wake of the upcoming The Last Dance documentary announcement,  here's a deep dive into the basketball great's children. 

Who are Michael Jordan's children — and where are they now? 

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Let's look at what we know about the offspring of this remarkable man. 


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Jeffrey Michael Jordan, Age: 31

Born in 1988, Jeffrey Michael Jordan is Michael Jordan's eldest child, and the first child that Jordan had with his first wife, Juanita Vanoy. Though he played college basketball for the University of Central Florida Knights and the University of Illinois Fighting Illini, he remained undrafted in the 2012 NBA Draft. In 2013, he entered Nike's management training program in Portland, Oregon. In 2019, he married his longtime girlfriend, Radina Aneva. 

Recently, Jeffrey Michael Jordan revealed that he will be working with a new technology called WaitTime, a sports technology app that's partnered with his company, The Jordan Avakian Group. "From the very beginning when I got to see a product demo, I was immediately able to envision this technology being in every arena not only in the NBA, but in leagues throughout the United States and globally,” he said. “After I was able to meet with Zack (Klima, the CEO of WaitTime) and have a number of conversations about his company we were able to align and see great opportunities for growth. We continue to look for opportunities and are excited about the trajectory for the company.”  


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Marcus Jordan, Age: 29

The second child of Michael Jordan and Juanita Vanoy, Marcus Jordan — like his father and older brother — was a basketball player. And, like his older brother, his basketball career didn't go past the college level (where he played as a shooting guard for the University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL). In 2012, he was arrested for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and obstructing justice. In 2016, he opened a shoe store called The Trophy Room (which paid homage to his father's legacy), which remained open until May of 2019. Though Marcus Jordan said he would eventually reopen The Trophy Room, no re-opening has been announced as of yet. 

Back in late 2019, Marcus Jordan announced that there would be a new Air Jordan product on the way in 2020, as well. "There is something in the works. I can't talk about it. But, every time I get a chance to collaborate with Jordan Brands, it's an honor," he said.


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Jasmine Jordan, Age: 27

Jasmine Jordan is Michael Jordan's oldest daughter, and his last child with Juanita Vanoy. Little is known about Michael Jordan's eldest daughter, except that she graduated from Syracuse University, works as a field representative for the Nike shoe brand, and has a great relationship with her father.

"When my dad played in the NBA, he trusted his gut. That translated to business as well, and he definitely instilled that in me. Because if it doesn’t feel right, then it’s not right. So, when it came to business, he’s always made sure to remind me to always trust my instincts, trust my gut and trust my feelings because those are the most natural reactions you can have," she said.


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Ysabel Jordan, Age: 6

Ysabel Jordan is one of Michael Jordan's two children with his second wife, Cuban model Yvette Prieto. Ysabel Jordan is a twin, and she's almost 6 years old. Unlike her older siblings, Ysabel Jordan is still a minor, and as such, is kept out of the limelight by both of her parents.

Victoria Jordan, Age: 6

Victoria Jordan is the other one of Michael Jordan's two children with his second wife, Cuban model Yvette Prieto. Her identical twin sister is Ysabel Jordan. Like her twin sister, Victoria Jordan stays out of the limelight thanks to both of her parents.

And Michael Jordan even has a grandchild!

Thanks to Jasmine Jordan, Michael Jordan is now a grandfather. The 27-year-old announced that she recently had a son with Syracuse University basketball star Rakeem Christmas, and though she didn't give the baby's full name, she said that the baby's initials were RMC. Because she made this announcement in a photo that featured both Christmas and her father, Michael Jordan, many fans have speculated that the baby's name is Rakeem Michael Christmas. However, that has not yet been confirmed. 


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