Why Are Libras So Forgiving?

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Why Are Libras So Forgiving?

Libras are so forgiving, and astrology can explain the real reason why. Libra is ruled by the planet of love and beauty, and nothing is harder on the soul than holding a grudge inside for a long time.

Why are Libras so forgiving?

Most zodiac signs refuse to forgive and forget, but not Libra. The Scales of astrology understand the true meaning of forgiveness.

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Libra knows that to forgive someone even when they don't deserve it is one of the most important acts of love, perhaps because of their Venus rulership.

Forgiveness returns life back to balance, and Libra has a deep need for balance and to support equality.

Famous celebrities with a Libra Sun who have been in the media for acts of extreme forgiveness include Will Smith when his marriage with Jada Pinkett Smith became privy to public opinion.

One of Will Smith's famous quotes on forgiveness is that "Throughout life, people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let God deal with the things they do, cause hate in your heart will consume you, too."

A Libra is so forgiving because they understand that saying you forgive someone isn't acceptance of the wrongdoing.

Forgiving someone isn't easy, according to Will Smith focusing on the fault or concerning yourself with blame is irrelevant. What matters is fixing the problem so it's resolved.

Will says in his speech that when something is broken, a person needs to take responsibility to fix it.

If your heart is broken, a Libra may tell you that it's your job to take care of it, even if it was caused by the person who did you wrong.

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Libra is so forgiving because this zodiac sign wants nothing more than to be on good terms with everyone and everything present in their life. To forgive is to move on.

Another famous Libra who is so forgiving is Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian West is a well-balanced and protective Libra who is charming, and she knows how to cater to the needs of those closest to her.

She wants to make sure that everyone in her life is protected and happy, that way, everything is in balance— something they value most.

West broke her silence last week about her husband, Kanye West's sudden rant on Twitter (which has now been deleted), and his ongoing struggles with bipolar disorder.

"We as a society talk about giving grace to the issue of mental health as a whole, however, we should also give it to the individuals who are living with it in times when they need it the most," she stated on her Instagram story.

She chose to stand by her husband and protect him through these tough battles. Her compassion for her family really shows just how well Libra's value their loved ones and want everyone to be treated equally.

If you wonder why Libras are so forgiving look at the seventh astrology house.

Both Kim Kardashian West and Will Smith have Venus in Libra.

It is no coincidence that Libra’s ruling house is in seventh. The seventh house is all about partnerships and commitment. Like Libra, this points to one-on-one relationships, more specifically our romantic relationships.

Being in the seventh house means that a Libra is looking for balance in every part of your life. You are more level-headed and form better relationships through empathizing with others and understanding their world.

Because of their gentle and harmonious spirit, Libras will analyze the pros and cons of any situation before they make a decision, but at the end of it all, a Libra will forgive you.

Knowing what situations require in-depth analysis will certainly sway the Libra in the right direction. If they always find themselves in negative situations, their mind and spirit will not sit well.

This is why you will never see a Libra involved with any drama or heated argument.

Love is what makes a Libra so forgiving. Venus is the planet of love.

Going back to how peaceful a Libra chooses to be, it is no surprise that the Libra is easily the most forgiving. But why?

When there is a disruption that rattles you up, you are going to feel very unstable. These feelings don’t mix well with a Libra. So, what will they do about it?

The Libra will be quick to forgive someone if that means their life can go back to normal.

They also do not want that relationship to crumble because Libras hate being alone. Especially if this relationship is romantic and has been involved with the Libra for quite some time.

If this person has wronged you, whether it was minor or major, you will feel bad for them if they are showing you signs of distress and guilt.

This leads to a forgiving nature and assurance that the snow globe you two were being shaken in has halted, and everything goes back to normal.

No one wants to feel upset or uneasy for more than a day, let alone an hour! I know for me, a Gemini who is dating a Libra, we both do not like staying upset about anything for too long.

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Libra is so forgiving because that's just their personality.

Libras are naturally laid back people. You will never find them in the midst of chaos. Instead, they'll be in their own world wondering why chaos has even started.

They do not like it when people take advantage of someone else, or themselves. Libra's forgiveness makes them the perfect friend.

A Libra knows that everyone deserves a fair chance and opportunity, so the Libra will not like it if someone is disregarding the feelings and opinions of another person.

Like Kim Kardashian, any other Libra would've been quick to rush to the side of their loved one. Seeing that her husband was being heavily criticized by people who only know him online, she knew that he needed help.

In his most vulnerable moments, he needed someone to help him through the chaos, and thank God he has a Libra wife to do just that! She did not have to respond to her husband's (awful) tweets.

She chose to forgive his actions because the nature of the subject is very sensitive. She knew that by doing this, things would slowly but surely be restored.

One of their other traits that tie into their forgiving nature is that a Libra would rather lose an argument than lose a friendship or relationship. This is especially when the person has been in the Libras life for so long.

Because of their fair personality, they know that it is better to forgive a petty argument — it is not worth the risk of losing someone they care about. They will let you have your "win" and go on with their day.

Yes, Libras will forgive you in order to sweep away the unnecessary drama, but that does not mean you can take advantage of them. Their brains are wired to literally feeling when someone is trying to step all over them.

However, they'll play your game long enough until you are kicked to the curb. And sure, they'll forgive your actions (because that's just how nice they are) but they will never seek your time in their life again.

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A Libra may not forget your mistakes, but they will forgive them.

Make no mistake, the Libra is indeed quick to forgive you, but that does not mean they will forget your errors.

Libras know that some people will take advantage of their kindness and acceptance as being weak.

This mindset leads to a Libra into, of course, forgiving your acts of wrongfulness. However, you shouldn’t think they will not bring up your past mistakes when a new problem arises.

The Libra will make sure you know that you have messed up before and you will not walk over them and their forgiving nature.

Do not take advantage of these kind souls!

Libras are great friends and even greater lovers if you treat them with the respect and love they shower you with. All they want is for their closest friends and family to be peaceful and polite with one another.

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