Why You Should Never Tell A Gemini To, "Get Over It", Per Astrology

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Why Gemini Zodiac Signs Simply Can't "Let Things Go"

There are certain things you should never say to a person, and one of them is to 'get over it' when talking with an angry Gemini.

Gemini's are known to be flirty, friendly, too many emotions, too little emotions, everything and nothing all at once. Known as the twin signs they're mistaken to be double faced.

It means they are perceived to say one thing and will go behind your back to say another. However, we’ve discussed why this isn't true.

To debunk yet another Gemini myth we're here to discuss why Gemini's simply can't let things go. If only it were so easy right?  

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Someone makes you upset, someone says something or has you feeling a type of way and you would just let it go. No big deal. While a part of the Gemini would love nothing more than to let things slide, go with the flow there's a warring side to them that rages.

The astrological duality of a Gemini comes in the light and the dark. The Light Side speaks about forgiveness and moving forward with whatever issues the Gemini could be facing. But the dark side focuses on the littlest of things because it bothers them that much.

Gemini's constantly play this game of tug-of-war to see who's going to win the most current Battle of attention. Don't get me wrong, there's some things that Gemini's should probably get angry over and they just don't they let it go over their heads and that is the moment when you question their sanity.

You ask the Gemini “Okay, but shouldn't you have been mad at that?”

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It confuses you when they aren't. Truth be told the Light Side probably reasoned with their dark side and have them understand why it's important to move forward. However, when the dark side wins they will constantly be wondering, questioning and focused on something so small but can mean BIG things for people born with the Gemini horoscope.

The air sign of a Gemini causes them a great curiosity. This can pull them towards the dark side. For example interpreting a simple text. Night vs goodnight can speak volumes for the Gemini.

While the sender simply thinks they are bidding a farewell for the evening to a Gemini, the Gemini is wondering why are they being so short?  Are you mad at them? If you're not mad why didn't you say goodnight?

They love questions sometimes even more so than answers.

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Gemini zodiac signs are also known to be very direct people. “Don't worry about it”  and “ let it go” don't settle well with a Gemini because it means the conversation has ended. They’re conversationalist which means they want to talk about an issue or not issue that you may be having.

So instead of just dismissing their worries and telling them to “get over it”,  try to have an actual conversation with your Gemini in order to calm their nerves. They don’t like being told to get over it because it makes them feel like their feelings don’t matter.

Listen and communicate with your Gemini, it’ll help your relationship thrive, and even if they can't let go or get over something, it helps knowing that you care.

Isabella Ong is a writer who covers astrology, pop culture and relationship topics.