Zodiac Love Compatibility For Leo Man & Virgo Woman

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Leo Man Virgo Woman Love Compatibility

When a Leo man and Virgo woman are placed together, they might seem to clash, but, in a way, they complement each other because they really are very different.

Are Leos and Virgos a good match?

In truth, not exactly. This match just might end up more toil and effort than love and romance. It's not hopeless, but it is one where both parties would have to work very hard to make it work and last.

Can a Virgo woman and Leo man work?

If both parties set aside their natural tendency to want to be right all the time, yes. Both signs are good communicators, but, when together, they might just be too good at it, which can rapidly deteriorate into constant arguments.

What does a Leo man like about a Virgo woman?

A Leo man is more than likely going to be very attracted to the Virgo woman for her control and her attention to detail. Her world is different than his, and she can definitely show him how to reign in his ego.

She's a natural boss, and if he's the kind of Leo that can deal with a bossy woman, he will love being in a relationship with a Virgo woman.

Can Leo and Virgo get married?

Leo and Virgo can absolutely get married, but the warning is this: Make it your second marriage! Maturity works well for both signs, and they are much more able and willing to "get along" with each other when they are older and more experienced.

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Leo Man and Virgo Woman Love Compatibility

Their elements: Leo is a Fire sign, and Virgo is an Earth sign.

The Leo man is gregarious and outspoken; he knows what he wants and doesn't think twice about going for it. And if the Virgo woman is what he wants, he will do his very best to charm the pants off of her.

She, on the other hand, being a Virgo woman, thinks twice, thrice, a hundred times over before she makes a move. The Virgo woman is an over-thinker; the Leo man is spontaneous and passionate.

Can these two meet on any level? Is there any hope for compatibility here?

Leo is a Fire sign, set right in the middle of the year, when the weather is hottest. Of all the Fire signs (Aries and Sagittarius being the other two), Leo is the purest. Aries starts the fire, and Sagittarius burns cooler like the winter months it falls under.

Virgo is an Earth element, making those born under this sign realistic, "down to earth" and practical.

By nature, the two are radically different, though they are more than able to work together to create something good.

Leo Man and Virgo Woman: Love and Sexual Chemistry

She comes from a place where she needs people to prove themselves to her before she gets involved, and when she does finally make the plunge and allow a romantic interest into her life, she walks in with ideals that must be lived up to.

Can the Leo man live up to her ideals? He sure will try, but being someone's toy isn't what he's into. He wants to take control; however, Virgo is shy, or perhaps it's that she's doubtful first and that makes her quiet and unreadable.

Once they are in the bedroom, it will be a battle for who is the better lover and who is the dominant party. He will never live up to her fantastical standards, and she will always come across to him as whiney.

Compatible in love and sex? Not so much.

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Leo Man and Virgo Woman: Shared Values

What these two do well together is argue, and that's not always a bad thing, especially if you love arguing, which both signs are very good at.

They value honesty and are open to each other's opinions. Their differences shine here.

The Virgo woman admires his ability to stay in a good mood, while Leo admires her ability to think things through. There is a balance at play here, and it can work for both of them.

Where it starts to sour is in the fact that they tire of each other's antics after while. What was once valued can easily become what is now dull, to both parties.

Leo Man and Virgo Woman: Emotional Connection

If there is any area where the Leo man and the Virgo woman simply cannot meet, it's in emotions. They are not cut out for that kind of closeness.

The Virgo woman has her needs, but their not emotional needs are rational needs. She needs everything to make sense, and Leo can't find a comfortable place in that line-up of demands.

He's super-passionate and lives in the moment; the only kind of challenge he wants is the one he doesn't know is coming. She, on the other hand thinks everything out to the point of ruining all spontaneity.

Emotionally, they are on different planets. He feels and acts; she thinks and resents.

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Leo Man and Virgo Woman: Trust

Here's an area where they can agree on most things.

Neither wants to be hurt, nor do they wish to hurt any one else. When these two get together, the game is automatically on.

The Virgo woman lays out the rules, and he abides by them because he trusts in the same contract of love that she does. They have gobs of potential, as long as Leo doesn't become the show-off, which she resents.

If he does his Leo thing, she will assume he's flirting, which he is, though he has no intention of going through with anything. If Leo can tone down his wild and wicked flirty ways with other women, she will be able to settle into a trusting situation with him.

Leo Man and Virgo Woman: Communication

In the communication department, they are very compatible.

Remember, they both love to argue and make their point, which coincides rather well with the fact that they also like to listen. They are very interested in knowing what makes the other one tick, and whatever they say, bad or good, will be worked out.

Leo is not about to step down, however, and will always be Leo, the King... at least in his mind. The Virgo woman will always let him know that while he may be King, he ain't Queen. She is the Queen, and we all know the Queen has the last say.

Leo Man and Virgo Woman: Overall Love Compatibility

While not the most compatible coupling in the zodiac, these two can definitely work at making a relationship run successfully.

If they can live together without sex being the focus or the bond that holds them together, they could last quite a while.

A coupling like this is best for mature partners, as experience will soften them and make them both a little easier to get along with. A young Leo is a lion that cannot be tamed, and a young Virgo is like a lion tamer who hates lions.

These two are best partnered later in life.

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