Why Are Aries So Strong?

Even their self-respect has a six-pack.

Why Are Aries So Strong? Wayhome studio/Shutterstock.com

Aries are so resilient. There’s a difference between letting someone walk all over you and asking them to. An Aries refuses to do either.

They’re not the kind of people to sit around the house and mope about not being in control.

Why are Aries so strong?

Rather than running from their fears, they run towards them.

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If you are an Aries reading this, your self-respect is likely expanding at an alarming rate. Your strength enables you to be your best self, even on your worst day. If you're an Aries, keep up the good work! There's always room to grow, but you've done a solid job so far!


Here's why Aries is so strong, according to astrology:

Aries was born strong.

Ruled by the planet Mars, these fiery freaks are famous for their fierceness.

Their lack of fatigue enables them to accomplish any task from start to finish, which is why Aries is so strong.

Aries actively work against the what-if.

Why not risk the possibility of making a glaring mistake? Nothing constructive arises from twiddling your thumbs, wondering “should I do this thing I really want to do even if it seems stupid?" Your average Aries doesn't just agree with this philosophy but lives by it.

Why are Aries so strong? Brawn.

Their greatest strengths are their bravery, loyalty, concentration, honesty, and willpower.


Less thinking, more doing, says the typical Aries. They embrace being the captain of your own ship and don't get caught up in the icebergs of other people's melodrama.

Even the dark side is strong when it comes to an Aries.

There's no such thing as a perfect Aries, however. On an off day, they tend to come off as impulsive, aggressive, and obsessed with taking control.

It's best to leave them alone when angry and give them some time to cool down. The more you poke at a beast, the higher the chance it will breathe fire in your face.

Aries are so strong because they are determined.

They're strong because they believe their intelligence isn’t defined by their failures.


True stupidity, to an Aries, is ignoring an impulse out of the fear of being rejected. Rejection serves as a catalyst for them to shoot for the stars.

Being your own worst critic just wastes time. It's good to be realistic with yourself, but part of being realistic with yourself means not wallowing in your self-pity.

Aries lives life on its terms.

An Aries lives every day like it is their last, but also like it is their first. They demand respect and compassion for others and are fueled by their desire for exploring the world around them.

Needless to say, they’d rather plunge themselves into the world than spin themselves into a web of their own pessimistic torture. Resistant to the mental gymnastics of indecisiveness, they feel most at ease once they’ve eradicated the hypothetical out of their minds.


Regret is a bad word to an Aries, so rather than sink, they swim.

The "what-if" is like a poisonous spider stuck in the shower of their hearts. A rolled-up newspaper is one dream. Dreams are meant for smashing or itsy bitsy insecurities to bits. Goodbye spider of doom, hello confidence!

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Aries refuses to admit failure.

They understand that a necessary part of growth is falling flat on your face.

Aries are successful in their personal endeavors because they know falling apart is what life is all about. To them, fear is a bowl of frosted flakes. Self-doubt is a bowl of Trix. One’s greeeeaaatttt, the other’s for kids. They eat both for breakfast. Perhaps lunch and dinner, too.


Aries are so strong, and it's because they are also so smart.

Aries are famous for using their emotions to enhance their reasoning. And are as forgiving of others as they are of themselves. Good friendship is not the absence of conflict to them, but the presence of accountability during it. It's important for every Aries to be their own best friend.

They hold their friends to the same standards that they hold themselves to. What good is insight if it's not being put into practice?

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Famous people who are strong and an Aries.

Mariah Carey is an Aries.

If that doesn't explain it, nothing will. To quote the Grand Ultimate Supreme Queen of Heartbreakers herself, “Anyways, so I’m in control, but I’m out of control and I’m also controlled.


So, in a way, I’m everything.” Have you ever heard anything that radiated more confidence than that? That's the kind of motto that every Aries lives by. Perhaps “Obsessed” is the Aries anthem? More like definitely.

Other famous Aries who are strong include:

Reese Witherspoon, Chaka Khan, Fergie, Dianna Ross, Eddie Murphy, Elton John, Big Sean, America Ferrera, Kourtney Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Steven Tyler, David Oyelowo, Chance the Rapper, and Paul Rudd.

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Champions of examining their past to the point of exhaustion, they benefit from letting things go.

Aries are not born into their strength; their determination is curated over time. Their life's great challenge is to combat their own negative self-talk and avoid the people that rain on their parade.


Aries tend to be perfectionists, but they don't like being examined under the microscope of other people's criticisms. Tell an Aries how to live their life, and they might act out in spite of you.

Aries have probably been rejected more than any other sign. Rejection builds strength.

The more you put yourself out there, the more resilient you become.

The more you act on your impulses, the more you fail. And the more you fail, the higher the chance that you will succeed.

Nobody gets everything they want. Anybody who claims to be happy every second of every day isn't revealing their cards. An Aries rarely shies away from telling it like it is.


While Aries are typically up for any challenge, they aren't one to hide their truths. They're not going to pretend that life's journey is all roses and butterflies and honey-dipped chocolate bars. It's almost as if they are allergic to lying to themselves— and to everyone else.

This is what makes them such a reliable source. Reliable sources, although not always the most considerate, are often the most inspiring to be around.

An Aries is more interested in the pursuit than the reward.

But they're not going to sit back and act like life isn't an emotional rollercoaster, either. Just because it's a total emotional rollercoaster doesn't mean you can't be along for the ride. Or at least for your average Aries.

Be wary to not get into the habit of letting an Aries offer you how to live your own life.

Aries are so skilled at making decisions that they often fall into the therapist role amongst their friends. When they start to spread themselves too thin, they find it difficult to prioritize themselves.


They forget that making other people’s decisions isn’t their job. Although their advice is often unsolicited, they usually hit the nail on the head, however.

But that doesn't mean it's their responsibility to tell you what to do every time you need to make a decision. Develop and live by your own belief system, instead of consulting an Aries. Unless they're a medical professional and you're compensating them, of course!

If you run to an Aries for help they will tell you to say what you think and feel, go with your gut, or stick it to the man. So save them the emotional labor and just start listening to yourself.

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