Pisces Man And Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility

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Pisces Man Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility

When you think of a Pisces man and Scorpio woman, you might automatically think: nope. She will eat him alive and spit out the (fish) bones.

Well, think again! Nature has a way of bringing together opposing elements and making them work, and, in this case, this coupling works a whole lot better than you'd ever imagine.

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What's going on with this match is that both parties believe in opposing ends of the same spectrum, meaning they both love the same things, they just both go after what they love and want in diametrically opposed ways. Interestingly enough, it allows them to meet in the middle — in peace and in understanding.

When we compare Pisces and Scorpio, we come up with two completely different readings; however, when we seek for signs of compatibility, we find that these two signs are basically made for each other.

Let's explore the zodiac compatibility of the Pisces man and Scorpio woman.

Their elements: Both Pisces and Scorpio are water signs

Their shared element means they have no problem flowing with their romantic environment. They have much in common due to this elemental sameness.

Water runs deep, making the two signs deep thinkers. Water can be still, and water signs of the zodiac can present as incredible peace-filled. Water is also powerful, and so are the two personalities.

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Are these two zodiac signs compatible in love and intimacy?

Not too shabby here. This is a duo that can teach other new tricks and new understandings.

While the Pisces man is looking for a strong bond of love, the Scorpio woman is less about the emotional tie than the physical. When these two get together, they find ways to compromise, without compromising who they are.

Pisces wants it to work, and Scorpio knows it can, and even if their approaches are different, they both easily "flow" with each other in this department, mainly because both parties want it to work and are willing to put in the time and effort.

Sexually, they are both dynamic lovers, and once they find their mutual niche, they are golden.

Do they share similar personal values?

The Scorpio woman is hard to please. She looks for character in others and is ready to walk if she doesn't find any. The Pisces man is both profound and emotionally available, which is very appealing to the Scorpio woman.

They both can't be bothered with "fake" people, and between the two of them, they can work together on many things. They both value honesty and focus, and they can find those traits in each other.

Value compatibility? Very good.

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How do Pisces and Scorpio express their emotions?

These two are both very emotional people, though they express that kind of emotional output in different ways.

For the Pisces man, he's all about owning up to his feelings; he doesn't believe in repression, so he will talk it out if he needs to. She, the Scorpio woman, has the same intensity to her, though she's more apt to keep her feelings to herself.

Still, they are both in touch with who they are and what they feel, emotionally. In this way, they come to respect each other, and each other's feelings. That respect never ends — it's real. They are completely compatible, emotionally.

Is trust considered a priority in their relationship?

Because Scorpio is somewhat of a control freak, the Scorpio woman will demand loyalty and devotion; if she doesn't get what she wants, she'll become suspicious and accusatory. Pisces, on the other hand, is all about true love, so he will feel put off by her accusations and demands.

It may end up being a trust-test, and it may also test the relationship. Scorpio expects honesty, but doesn't trust that it's real, so there's the quandary, because the Pisces man is honest, devoted and faithful.

So, when it comes to trust, it's the Scorpio woman who distrusts the Pisces man, thus making life difficult at times.

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How do these two signs communicate?

Great compatibility in this matter. Both speakers come from an emotional background, as we've learned. This makes both of them ready to access their own personal truth for the sake of expression.

Neither party has a problem talking. While we know Scorpio may hold back more than Pisces, they don't hold back when it comes to open and honest conversation with each other. If there's an issue, they will work it out.

This couple is imaginative; they are fantasists, both equipped with great imaginations. When they open up and start gushing, they travel far and wide, on communication alone.

The Pisces man can learn a lot from the the Scorpio woman, and vice versa.

What we find here is that this is an inspired coupling. If they allow themselves that "water sign" ability to flow with the changes they both require, they will be able to maintain an exciting and positive relationship.

What might start out as an emotional overload of controlling personalities can easily morph into a beautiful understanding. While both parties may have started out wanting a fairytale romance, they actually do have a chance at living the dream of love, if they allow themselves to flow... as water does.

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