How The August 2020 Love Horoscope Will Affect Your Relationships All Month

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August 2020 Monthly Love Horoscope For All Zodiac Sign Relationships

The month of August will usher in a different energy for us all that will have us feeling more action-orientated.

While we're still in our second Cancer Moon cycle of 2020, not set to come to fruition until the Cancer Full Moon of December, we will start to feel that energy of Leo trickle in, which is exactly what we need to get out of our heads and start making those changes.

What does your monthly love horoscope for August 2020 mean for your relationships?

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This is our first month without an eclipse since April, so now is the time to take what we’ve learned and move forward with it.

With a Full Moon, Mercury and Venus transiting into new signs, the Lion's Gate Portal, Uranus turning retrograde, a New Moon, and the start of Virgo season, the August horoscope is setting us up for big changes.

And those changes will last way past August and into the fall.

Full Moon in Aquarius: August 2nd-3rd

Full Moons are a time for completion and review. This moon will have us reflecting on what we planted around the January 23rd New Moon in Aquarius.

A lot has changed since then, including ourselves, so now is the time to see if something is reaching a closing point, or if we’re able to let go of something (or someone) more easily because we can see the purpose in the lesson.

Aquarius is an air sign that can be very independent and not give much care to the thoughts or opinions of others.

Together with the Leo Season energy, this means we’re more likely to do what we want around this moon, rather than simply playing nice to appease others.

2020 is still a slow-moving year, but even in that we’re still being asked to take steps towards what we want to grow or build. So far, we’ve been consumed with so much Cancer energy that it’s been hard to separate our desires from our responsibilities.

But this moon will usher in the drive to create the life we really want, even if others don’t agree or like our choices.

Mercury Enters Leo: August 4th

We will be feel this burst of energy and excitement until August 19th, when Mercury moves into Virgo. This is part of that new energy wave.

While Mercury in Cancer served a purpose for us so we could talk about those things that were really important to us, we’re also ready to invoke a bit more passion and let go of some tears.

Mercury in Leo will have us talking about those things that light us up, that fuel our passion for ourselves, for life and even love. Mercury is a fast-moving planet and has been in emotional and responsibility-driven Cancer for some time, so moving into Leo is going to feel like we’ve been let out of whatever proverbial cage we’ve had to live in.

During this time fun is highlighted, as is our own personal desires, so this isn’t the time to talk ourselves out of where we feel directed; instead, it means to follow the call of the wild right into the arms of fate.

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Venus Enters Cancer: August 7th

While we were moving away from the Cancer energy, it seems like Venus, the planet of love, entering this sign won’t help matters, but it actually will!

Venus has been in Gemini since the Spring and, in some ways, it feels like forever because of her retrograde in this sign. This means we have been traveling this path of making choices and decisions, or even deciding which fork to take in the road.

But all that is over once Venus enters Cancer. Not only will we be ready to make some decisions, we will likely be ready to take things to the next level.

Venus will be in Cancer until September 6th, which means that during this month of passionate energy from Leo, we will be drawn to pursue not just the relationships that are a passing fancy, but those that feel like home.

And this is only because we’ve spent so much time in all this Cancer energy this year that we’re able to say it.

Sometimes with pacing it feels like nothing happens or everything is happening, and that may be the case as we head towards the last few months of the year.

If at any time it feels overwhelming, just remember that you’ve been headed to this space for years. So now that it’s arriving, your job is to simply enjoy it and not let it pass you by.

Lion’s Gate Portal Peaks: August 8th

In an alignment with the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Earth and the star Sirius opens up a new energetic gateway for us.

This gateway began at the end of July and will linger until August 12th, but will peak on August 8th (8/8), an important numerology symbol of infinite abundance.

This is what this gateway is all about: the gentle yet challenging realignment of asking us to level up to the new selves we have grown into, and bring with us its important knowledge or lessons for the coming year.

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Vesta Enters Leo: August 11th

Like a month to a flame, Vesta the asteroid — which governs home and family — will move into Leo. With that transit, it will have us all radiating in our authentic energy, ready to attract (not chase) what is meant for us.

This supports the Venus transit in Cancer even more so, because this isn’t just about new relationships coming together, but in realizing that we don’t need to chase the path we're meant to follow.

Uranus Retrograde: August 15th

Well, the moment we’ve either been waiting for or dreading comes on August 15th.

This is the time when many of those changes we’ve been building to will happen, and while we may be asked to consciously choose something, we can’t actually escape them from occurring.

Uranus is the planet of sudden and unexpected changes, so when he moves retrograde it means he’s providing us with a course correction — to not only become a better person, but to also live that life we’re all striving to find.

From August 15th until January 10th, expect many shifts in our lives to occur — from breakups, to marriages, to sudden moves. Think of this as the plot twist in that blockbuster, because this retrograde will surely be one for the books!

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New Moon in Leo: August 18th

While many of us thought we weren’t going to have a Leo New Moon this year, it looks like we’ll get one in after all, but with some delay. That's the theme of this year, right?

New Moons are a time for new beginnings and chapters so, in this case, it’s about starting a new journey where you get to follow your heart and create the life you want, not live the one that you're expected to.

Passion, originality, expression and living life big will be themes around this New Moon. There's no more hiding in the dark or living small; this is the time to make that statement to the world about who you are and what type of life you're planning on living, unapologetically.

Virgo Season Begins: August 22nd

We end the big astrological events for August with the beginning of Virgo Season, meaning the Sun will shift into this earth sign for the next month.

Every sign has qualities that we need, and this is no exception. For many of us, we’re going to start making plans so we can edge our way into the process of change that we began earlier this year.

This is the time for us look over details, to have important conversations, and to slow down and plan. Leave no stone unturned in the creation of this next chapter of our lives.

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