What It Means When He Says 'I Love You,' Based On His Myers Briggs Personality Type

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What It Means When He Says 'I Love You,' Based On His Myers Briggs Personality Type

The words 'I love you' means something a little different to everyone.

What it means to me is most likely different than what it means when you say it to someone. 

It’s actually quite beautiful that there are so many different meanings for love. 

Considering there are unique personality types, there are going to be unique ‘I love yous.’

When looking at the 16 Myers Briggs personality types, you can better understand what it means when your boyfriend expresses his love. 

Everything depends on his character and it’s helpful to know what this entails. 

Myers Briggs provides four tendencies that everyone possesses. 

Are you more extroverted or introverted? Do you prefer to go along with your senses (the basic information you’re given) or your intuition (interpret and add your own meaning)?

While making decisions do you choose based on thinking/logic or feelings? And do you prefer to judge (have things decided for you) or perceive (stay open-minded)?

The Myers Briggs personality test will give you the letters of your inclinations

Now, it’s time to use them to get more insight into the various meanings of ‘I love you.’ 

Here’s what it means when he says ‘I love you,’ based on his Myers Briggs personality type. 

To ISTJ, I love you means: “I will always be here for you.” 

The Myers & Briggs Foundation credits the ISTJ personality type with being overly dependable and serious about their commitments. Although they’re quiet, they are very realistic and loyal. He will work for your relationship to thrive and keep everything in his life organized. 

Since loyalty is everything to the ISTJ personality type, 'I love you' means that he's serious about his commitment to you and wants you to know that he would never purposely abandon you.

To ISFJ, I love you means: “I know how important you are to me.” 

One of the kindest and most committed personality types, he will always be loyal to you. He’s very good at remembering things about the ones he loves and wants you to know how much he values you and your relationship. 

The ISFJ personality type always recognizes the importance his loved ones hold in his life. That said, his 'I love you' means that he appreciates you. 

To INFJ, I love you means: "I want to know more about you."

People with this personality type are concerned with forming connections to the people close to them. He wants to know who you are on a personal level and take into consideration your own values and ideas. 

The rarest personality type, INFJ is always looking for deep bonding in relationships. His 'I love you' is a sincere way to deepen the connection you have together. 

To INTJ, I love you means: "I think you're perfect."

Due to their high standards for themselves and others, these people have a great drive to accomplish their goals. If he says ‘I love you,’ he’s showing that you meet his standards and he’s committed to seeing the relationship through. 

Because of their expectations that need to be met, when the INTJ personality says 'I love you' he's saying how perfect you are to him. 

To ISTP, I love you means: "I'm willing to work through the tough times with you." 

Highly practical and observant, he is always willing to find a solution to problems that may arise. You can trust that he will work through problems in your relationship even when you’re not being receptive. 

The ISTP personality type is a great problem-solver and will stop at nothing to find a solution. That said, his 'I love you' means that he will put in the effort to work through the tough times together.  

To ISFP, I love you means: "I enjoy your company." 

If your boyfriend has this personality type, he is friendly and kind. Good at enjoying the present moment, he is always looking for a fun time. It’s clear that his commitment to you shows that you are worth his time. 

Because of his fun-loving and charismatic personality, an ISFP saying 'I love you' means that you bring out the best in him and he enjoys being around you. 

To INFP, I love you means: "I see a future with you." 

Highly idealistic and looking towards the future, he won’t spend time with anyone that doesn’t have values that align with his own. He is loyal to the people important to him and wants to support you in every aspect of your life. 

When the INFP personality type says 'I love you,' he is showing that you are worth his time and he can see you in his future. 

To INTP, I love you means: "I trust you."

Chances are your boyfriend is very skeptical and critical of situations and people that arise in his life. That said, an ‘I love you’ from him shows that you help him be less cynical. Despite his logical side, you have shown him something new. 

Since this personality type isn't so easily trusting, an INTP 'I love you' represents his more positive side and shows that he has begun to let you in. 

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To ESTP, I love you means: "I love doing life with you."

People with this personality type gain energy from spontaneity and the people in their life. When he expresses his love for you, he’s telling you how much fun he has with you. He’s typically very flexible and tolerant of your qualities. 

The ESTP personality type would never be with someone that drains their energy. That said, his 'I love you' means that he enjoys being around you and recognizes how great you make his life. 

To ESFP, I love you means: "I accept you for who you are."

These people are very friendly and outgoing, appreciating all the great things and people life has to offer. He is realistic, fun, and always up for a challenge. He loves you for who you are and will never try to change you. 

There's never any reason to worry about not being enough when you're dating an ESFP personality type. When he says 'I love you,' he's giving you the reassurance that you're perfect the way you are. 

To ENFP, I love you means: "I will always support you." 

If your boyfriend has this personality type, he probably looks for frequent affirmation from you. The great thing about that is he will always give it to you. His enthusiastic and positive attitude is supportive and reliable. 

Because of his desire for support in his life, an ENFP 'I love you' proves that he will do the same for you. 

To ENTP, I love you means: "I'm comfortable settling down with you." 

Although he is easily bored by routine and the same interests, it’s clear that you are enough to break his cycle of moving from one thing to the next. He is always looking to be stimulated and feels that you do that well for him. 

Despite the ENTP personality type's desire to constantly be surrounded by change, you are the one thing that he'll let stick. That said, an 'I love you' from him means that he's comfortable staying with you. 

To ESTJ, I love you means: "I will always take care of you."

People with this kind of personality are very good at keeping things organized and prioritizing what needs to be tended to. Have confidence that he will take care of your needs and be able to make quick decisions when needed. 

Since the ESTJ personality type is focused on keeping his priorities in check, his 'I love you' means that you are a priority and he will take care of you the best he can. 

To ESFJ, I love you means: "I will follow through with my commitments." 

It’s almost impossible to be disappointed by someone with this personality type. Due to his cooperative nature, you will never have to worry about where his loyalties lie. He will focus on your needs but also wants to be appreciated for what he does. 

Because of his high regard for loyalty, an ESFJ 'I love you' means that you won't ever be disappointed by him because he will always follow through with what he promises. 

To ENFJ, I love you means: "I am confident in your abilities." 

While this personality type finds the potential in everyone, they are heavily in-tune with their emotions. You can trust that what he says is the truth. He will always be supportive, empathetic, and loyal to you. 

As a very supportive personality type, ENFJ says 'I love you' when he wants to reassure you of his confidence in you and the relationship. 

To ENTJ, I love you means: "I continually choose you."

One of the most decisive personality types, your boyfriend is able to see what does and doesn’t serve him. When he says ‘I love you,’ he’s reaffirming that he sees this relationship lasting long-term and enjoys being with you. 

The ENTJ personality type is confident in your relationship and says 'I love you' when he wants you to know that he is happy choosing you every day. 

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