If You Have These 11 Characteristics, You Belong To The Most Intuitive, Free-Spirited Personality Type

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11 Best Characteristics Of The ENFP Myers Briggs Personality Type

Depending on your personality type, you are going to experience the world a little differently than others. The ENFP personality type is no different. Making up only 7% of the population, they are a beautiful rarity that everyone benefits from knowing.

In the Myers-Briggs personality set the ENFP personality, or “The Campaigner,” is known for being intuitive, always striving to grow, their need to experience life to the fullest, and being very social and energetic creatures. Above all else, however, the ENFP personality type is probably the most charismatic above all the other 16 personality types (according to the Myers-Briggs personality test).

ENFP stands for: E= extroverted, N= intuitive, F= feelings, P= Perceiving.

This personality type sure knows how to stand out in a crowd and make everyone enjoy themselves at social events. Famous people of this personality type include Robin Williams (no surprise), Robert Downey Jr., Will Smith, and Drew Barrymore.

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Do you share any of these characteristics of the ENFP personality type? Maybe you are one yourself.

1. They are always looking for a deeper meaning.

ENFPs are not the type to just accept what life is all about from a young age and sticking to that viewpoint. They are the ones who are always looking for more answers and growing their opinions. Settling for one opinion isn’t enough. They know that life is subjective and all in your perspective – and they want to hear all the different perspectives.

2. Their emotions are connected to the people around them.

People in the ENFP personality type are very social and emotional, which tends to mean that their emotions are closely knit with the emotions of the people around them. If you’re not having fun at a party, they’re not having fun either.

3. They don’t have any TOO strong opinions.

While others walk through life strongly pushing their opinions forward, ENFPs are the open-minded ones. They’re not interested in arguing. They can see the merits to all viewpoints and are only interested in discovering how it all fits into their place in the universe. Instead of developing strong opinions of their own, they take all of their friends' viewpoints into consideration when developing ideas about the world.

4. They are “pro-communicators”.

They have a way of always making the conversation evolve to a subject they wish to talk about in such a way that it feels natural. They enjoy all types of conversations (deep and small talk alike).

5. They can get along with almost anyone and have lots of friends.

Being so open-minded, energetic, and sociable means that the ENFP personality type finds it easy to get along with nearly anyone and often has a huge circle of friends.

6. They can find it hard to focus on repetitive tasks.

Tasks that are repetitive or routine can be difficult for the ENFP personalities as they tend to be distracted by philosophical ideas or plans to move forward in some way.

7. They can get easily overwhelmed and stressed.

Tending to overthink things and being highly emotional tend to mean that they are easily overwhelmed by not being able to say “yes” to everyone since they care so deeply about other people’s feelings.

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8. They often put others first.

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They find themselves getting so caught up in helping others that they eventually realize they’ve been avoiding their own needs. For example, they might bring soup over to a sick friend but forget to eat lunch themselves. Or they may help a friend move even though they had work to do themselves, so they end up behind and/or losing sleep finishing their own tasks.

9. They need to push boundaries and explore ideas.

Standing still is not an option for ENFPs. They always need to be learning new things, pushing their boundaries (and others' boundaries), and discussing new ideas with others.

10. They always must be doing something.

While others enjoy a quiet evening at home, this is seldom the case for ENFP personalities. They feel the need to spend most of their free time out, experiencing life and all it has to offer (especially if it involves meeting new and interesting people).

11. They’re the most likely to be able to make long-distance relationships work.

ENFP personality types tend to view distance as just an idea that doesn’t even compare to the idea of love. For them, this just gives them the chance to surprise their lovers with romantic gestures.

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