If You Have These 10 Characteristics, You Belong To The Most Ambitious, Go-Getter Personality Type

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ESTJ personality

In life, we all know a bunch of people who are go-getters. They are the ones who quickly rise to the top of corporate ladders and make excellent decisions in all aspects of life. Many different personality types can fall under this category, but in terms of Myers-Briggs types and the personality spectrum, only one really fits that bill perfectly: the ESTJ personality.

The Myers-Briggs personality grouping is one of the most popular ways to help people learn about themselves. Learning about your personality allows you to better work with others, figure out what you need to do to flourish, and learn about how others see you.

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ESTJs are a very unique, awesome, and often powerful group of people. Wondering if you’re an ESTJ yourself? These are 10 classic signs that you might be one of the most leadership-ready personality types out there.

1. When people want practical advice, they go to you.

ESTJ personality types are extremely practical, organized individuals in their day-to-day lives. This makes them very stable, functional people who are often the ones others will go to when they want advice on how to fix up their own lives as well.

2. You often find yourself being promoted into managerial roles or being treated as the de facto “mom” of your group.

To a point, success just comes naturally to ESTJs. If you’re an ESTJ, you’re a results-oriented person. Businesses often will notice this and promote an ESTJ fairly quickly because they know you’ll get stuff done.

3. The idea of a “spur of the moment” date or trip makes you really freak out.

If there’s one thing ESTJs adore, it’s planning. Unplanned anythings will typically drive them nuts, even if it is supposed to be romantic and fun.

4. You’ve been told that you’re the type of person people want to date when they’re looking to marry.

A lot of ESTJs might get a bit annoyed when they’re in the dating scene because people will only want to date them for a serious relationship. Finding a fling is hard, even when you want one, because you tend to get typecast as “wifey” before you even introduce yourself.

5. You’re the one that people rely on.

If there is one thing that ESTJs pride themselves on, it’s being reliable. They are always there, always able to handle the job, and never flake out. If you’re an ESTJ, it’s very likely that you’ve had people call you their “rock” because of how reliable you are.

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6. Though you love going to parties and hanging out with people, you still have a bit of a bookworm side to you.

ESTJs are what people would call “extroverted thinkers.” They have good people skills, like to party, and tend to learn best with interaction involved. Being an ESTJ means you will be the person who enjoys a good book, an interactive learning experience, or talking about intellectual topics.

7. People tend to underestimate your intelligence because you’re such a social butterfly.

Do people tend to be surprised by how smart you are? Do they tell you that you “threw them off” with your extroversion and bubbly appearance? If so, you’re probably an ESTJ and the person you’re talking to definitely was a jerk.

8. Your home is spotless, and you love organizing your things.

ESTJs thrive on order, structure, and organization. In fact, as an ESTJ, it’s very likely that you consider organizing and cleaning hobbies. Some even soothe themselves by cleaning up. If it sounds familiar, you’re probably an ESTJ.

9. Nothing angers you more than seeing someone who’s incompetent.

Competence is one of the things that is not negotiable when dealing with ESTJs. Incompetence is the biggest pet peeve out there for this personality type. Seeing incompetence — or worse: willful laziness — in people makes typical ESTJs go nuts.

10. Once you make a decision, you don’t get swayed from it.

If there’s one thing that ESTJs are known for, it’s being decisive. They are not wishy-washy people, and to a point, it can actually be a little bit detrimental at times.

Either way, once ESTJs make a decision to do something, they do it and nothing will stop them. That tenacity pays off with both relationships and business prospects, which is why they’re typically pretty successful.

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