If You Have These 10 Characteristics, You Belong To The World's Most Charismatic And Popular Personality Type

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Once in a blue moon, you’ll end up finding a friend who really, truly believes in you. They’re the ones who are always rooting in your corner and acting as an absorbent shoulder when you need one. When in a group, that friend often will end up being the leader of the pack, and somehow, it’s never really something people contest.

Those people, in the Myers-Briggs personality world, have an ESFJ personality. They are popular and make up around 12 percent of the global population. They’re leaders, charismatic buddies, and the people most of us want to be. The funny thing about ESFJs is that most people who are from this personality type don’t know it.

Ever wondered if you’re an ESFJ by nature? Well, these traits will tell you if you are, and what you should know about your love life if you are one.

1. In high school, you were part of the popular crowd, or were later informed that you were popular.

Most people who are popular don’t realize they’re popular until others point it out, which is why a lot of ESFJs don’t realize they are as influential as they really are. If you had a lot of people hating you for being popular, you were probably an ESFJ.

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2. You’ve been told you’re a “natural leader” and are often put into management positions.

Though they are very outgoing, ESFJs have a lot of structure to their thought, which means they are great at communication and great planners. This, in turn, means that they tend to be the best people to put in charge of major projects.

3. When you’re at a party, you’re the person who makes sure everyone feels included.

You are a social butterfly, through and through. The one thing that could possibly upset you when you’re socializing is seeing someone feeling left out — and that means you’ll engage with just about everyone at the party. That’s why people always invite you and is one of the major reasons why you’re so popular.

4. You’re the person people go to when they need someone to give them social advice.

It’s hard to really explain how good you are with people; your social skills are totally natural to you. Because you have that natural knack, people often will go to you when they need advice on how to handle a delicate situation. This is totally okay with you, because you love to help people out.

5. At the end of the day, you’re happy making others happy.

Here’s the thing that makes the ESFJ personality type the best possible friend out there: you’re a genuinely kind and caring person. You listen to people because you legitimately care about what they have to say and how they’re feeling. Why? Because you’re a great person.

6. Though some may scoff at it, you do have a somewhat traditional streak.

When faced with options, a lot of ESFJs tend to learn slightly towards the more conservative. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though. It just means you’re happy living a normal life.

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7. You tend to take it personally if someone disagrees with you.

Here’s the bad side of ESFJs: when someone doesn’t agree with them, they tend to take that as an affront. This can lead to arguments, stubborn behavior, and just alienating people you shouldn’t alienate.

The fact is that you will have to learn not to take things so personally and to allow yourself to compromise. Otherwise, you may find yourself missing out on good company.

8. Loyalty is what most people notice about you.

ESFJs are fiercely loyal to those they care about, and to a point, that inspires many to be loyal to them, too. However, they can be too selfless and too loyal to the wrong person. And this can set them up for being used.

9. At times, you can be overly concerned with what others think.

For a lot of ESFJs, the name of the game is “status.” You need to be the person who has all the right friends, goes to all the right parties, and does all the right things. This can turn into a major stressor for ESFJ personality types and, at times, it may even turn you into a doormat.

You may need to step back and remind yourself not to care what everyone else thinks. Losing sight of that can easily mean losing your mind with your personality type.

10. Compromise isn’t really your thing.

A common issue ESFJs face is that they don’t compromise. It’s an all or nothing bid with them. Sound familiar? You might be an ESFJ.

So, what does having an ESFJ personality type mean for your love life? There’s some good news and some bad news.

The good news is that, as an ESFJ, you have plenty of opportunities to meet new people and most of those people will easily fall for your charismatic and happy personality. The bad news is that you can be rather picky and, at times, will only pick someone who’s way out of your league.

When you court someone, you can come on too strong, especially if you’re not feeling secure of yourself. This can turn you into a doormat. Thankfully, most ESFJs quickly realize when they’re acting out of bounds, and will assert themselves in a relationship. You also are very likely to dump someone you don’t feel suits you, and that’s a serious strength.

Overall, it’s safe to say you’ll have an easier time dating than most. However, you might still struggle from time to time. But after all is said and done, you’ll undoubtedly find the one for you. 

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