If You Have These 13 Traits, You Belong To The World's Loneliest Personality Type

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The Myers Briggs personality test is one of the most fascinating ways to look at a person. This test has 16 different outcomes, all of which are based on how a person thinks, works, communicates, and lives life. Every single person out there falls into one of the Myers Briggs types.

Though each personality type has its own perks and pitfalls, one of the more intriguing personality types you might find is the ISTP. ISTP stands for Introverted, Sensing, Thinking and Perceiving. They’re called “the mechanics” of the Myers Briggs world, and truthfully, most people have a hard time reading them.

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People with the ISTP personality are known for being brilliant but distant people who often shock others with their actions. Wondering if you’re an ISTP, or if you’re dating one? These signs suggest you are.

1. If you were honest with yourself, you don’t do well in committed relationships.

While a lot of other personality types need commitment, you don’t. In fact, you have a hard time actually staying in a relationship at all. ISTPs are known for being one of the personality types that is most likely to cheat on spouses or get divorced. Relationships really aren’t your “thing.”

2. When it comes to work, you prefer to stick with facts.

“Grey area” things do not make ISTPs happy. They love concrete, data-oriented facts when it comes to decision-making and working. This is why they tend to be very good with science-based jobs like programming or actually physically being a mechanic.

3. You need to know why things are before you’ll do them.

ISTPs are very logical and analytical. They need to understand the rationale behind something before they get excited to do it, and as a result, will often ask people why things are the way they are. Soon after, they’ll typically ask how things are done.

4. People come to you when they need someone with an eye for details.

Being observant is one of the best traits ISTPs have. They are the people who are able to deal with tedious tasks easily, and spot an out of place comma in a heartbeat. They make amazing coworkers for this reason.

5. People often accuse you of being a jerk.

Social settings are not places where ISTPs will work well. Because they avoid conflict, they often will allow social problems to grow until they blow up. They also tend to put themselves first, which can make others feel like ISTPs are mean people.

In many cases, ISTPs tend to end up hurting people unintentionally, simply because they don’t have the social skills to handle situations well.

6. You tend to procrastinate or just forget obligations.

ISTPs are known for procrastination and getting easily distracted during work. They forget appointments, leave dirty dishes in the sink, and even forget about paying their bills on time.

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7. Structure really doesn’t bode well with you.

People with the ISTP personality type tend to be very unstructured. If ISTPs are given a lot of rules, they’ll check out and leave the moment that they can. You’re not a “by the books” person.

8. You’re an extreme loner.

ISTPs are not the people who you will find at a party. They are very much locked in their own little worlds and will guard themselves from letting others in pretty heavily. They might only have one or two real friends, and even then, their idea of hanging out will be very quiet.

A deep fear of rejection is often what causes a lot of their issues. At times, ISTPs may even sabotage their relationships out of fear of getting too close.

9. People often are freaked out by your intense moods.

Moodiness and broodiness tend to make ISTPs somewhat difficult to connect with. This personality type is prone to impulsive behavior, depression, and mood swings if they don’t work on controlling themselves.

10. You absolutely, positively, cannot stand change.

If there’s one thing ISTPs hate more than possibly getting close to people, it’s change. They have set routines and rules they prefer to follow, many of which may seem strange to outsiders. God help the person who tries to change an ISTP; they won’t succeed. ISTPs are very stubborn!

11. In emergencies, you’re the person people will go to.

One of the best traits ISTPs have is their ability to work well in emergencies. Their level headed approaches usually help reduce problems immensely, which makes them perfect friends to have when sh*t hits the fan. They may even end up making a career out of it in certain situations.

12. You adore making things or starting new projects.

The reason why ISTPs are called the “mechanics” of the Myers Briggs types is because they really do thrive on making things, getting into projects, and putting together things. If you’re an ISTP, you’re not afraid of getting your hands dirty while you work.

13. Despite all the chaos in your life, you’re pretty relaxed.

You would think that ISTPs would be neurotic people, but they’re really not. They’re pretty relaxed in their day-to-day life, and to a point, have a tendency to help other people calm down with their infectiously chill demeanor, too.

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