If You Have These 10 Special Characteristics, You're Definitely A 'Mastermind' Personality Type

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If You Have These 10 Special Characteristics, You're Definitely A 'Mastermind' Personality Type

As most people know, Myers-Briggs personality profiles are fairly accurate depictions of what make our personalities, ours. They've been used to help teach people communication lessons, point out their strengths, and even help people find love. There are 16 different personality types in the Myers-Briggs spectrum, and few are as interesting as the INTJ group. 

INTJs are the rarest of all personality types in the Myers-Briggs groupings, and they’re mostly known for being “Masterminds.” (So, if you have a legion of minions, you're probably an INTJ, maybe?)

The “INTJ” abbreviation stands for Introversion, Intuition, Thinking, and Judgement — and those are really the traits that define this rare personality type. Famous INTJ people include Sir Isaac Newton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jane Austen.

Think you have an INTJ personality? Well, these are the rare individuals who tend to find themselves thinking about complex math problems, deep puzzles, and other intellect-using topics. They also have very unique needs when it comes to dating.

Here are the signs you might be an INTJ and what you should know about your dating life.

1. People might have called you a nerd in high school and, to a point, you’re still a nerd today.

This is NOT a bad thing. In fact, when you have an INTJ personality, it often means that you’re pretty smart in really tough fields, such as math, science, engineering, or law.

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2. Solving puzzles is your idea of a fun time.

You love puzzles. When you’re not doing puzzles, you’re reading something, or just doing something that makes you think. If this sounds like you, you’re almost definitely an INTJ.

3. You’ve been told that you’re nearly impossible to bring to a party.

Do people have to beg, plead, and basically bribe you to socialize? INTJs are often incredibly introverted and may even dislike human interaction. As a result, most people struggle when it comes to finding a way to get you to party.

4. You have a tendency to be a doormat.

INTJs are not the most assertive — at least, not usually. They are quiet by nature, and will do what they can not to cause a scene or ruffle feathers. As a result, they might end up being too nice for their own good. If you regularly find yourself being called “too nice,” this may be a sign you’re an INTJ.

5. If you get sick of seeing people act stupid, you’ll often unilaterally make the decision to change things up.

This is not to say you’re impulsive. Rather, you have a certain limit to how much idiocy you can take. People often mistake you for impulsive, though, because they don’t see the gears working in your head.

6. You question all the rules.

In school, you were the kid who was always asking why. In adult life, you also still can’t stand rules... unless they make sense to you. In this sense, you’re both fair and a rebel at the same time. If this sounds like you, you’re probably an INTJ.

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7. People often say you’re bigheaded, arrogant, or snooty.

You’re not really any of those three, though. You just like to keep your thoughts to yourself and can’t respect people who you feel are not very bright.

8. You’re very open to new ideas and lifestyles.

Bigotry is not something many INTJs do, even if it’s involving personal beliefs they don’t really believe make sense. They’re welcoming of other cultures and ways of thinking, simply because they may want to learn something from them.

If they learn about them and still don’t find them to be appealing, though, they often will just avoid people who have those beliefs.

9. You have a “judgy” reputation.

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Sadly, this is often the “dark” side of this personality type. INTJs can be very judgmental towards people, and if they are left unchecked, may even end up causing strife because of it.

10. Socially, though, you can be awkward.

INTJs have the hardest time with social skills and picking up cues. At times, they may even struggle to find friends because of it. You may have been told you “just don’t get people” if you’re an INTJ.

INTJs have the roughest time out of all Myers-Briggs personality types — at least, when it comes to dating.

I say this as an INTJ, myself. It’s not fun at all. Due to their propensity for being “lost in their heads” and for just being socially awkward in general, they might not even recognize when someone is attracted to them. To make matters worse, it’s extremely difficult for an INTJ to even find someone who’s on the same intellectual level as they are.

INTJs who have the misfortune of being bullied or having low self-esteem often end up with really unhealthy dating habits and models. At times, they may not even know how to “cry out for help” the way they may need to.

They often may feel there’s a transactional aspect to dating they need to exploit, such as Nice Guy Syndrome. Or, in certain cases, they may give up on dating altogether. It’s worth noting that INTJs are often most attractive when they’re not trying to be.

That being said, INTJs are very good listeners, and when treated well, are often the perfect partner. They place a lot of emphasis on trust, morality, and satisfying their partners, at least on a logical level. When upset, they’re likely to either be blunt or turn inward.

The biggest thing you can do for yourself as an INTJ is to acquire social skills and train yourself. If you do that, then you will likely find your dating life to blossom. 

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