If You Have These 13 Characteristics, You Belong To The Most Giving Personality Type

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ENFJ personality

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality inventory is a specialized spectrum that shows you what personality you have. Every single person falls into a personality type category on this list. The 16 Myers Briggs types are based on how you think, react, communicate, and enjoy living life.

Though there are (statistically) rarer personality types out there, if you ask many people, the real rare gem of the MBTI spectrum is the ENFJ personality. ENFJ stands for Extravert, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging — and they’re rightfully known as the “givers” of any social setting.

Literally, these are the kind people who will give you the shirt off their backs if it means that you will smile. They’re the most generous group in the Myers Briggs personality spectrum, and if you’re one of them, you’re one of the best people out there.

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Wondering if you are considered to be an ENFJ? These signs definitely suggest you rank among the most generous of the MBTI.

1. You care about other people in ways others don’t.

It’s not just caring that they’re happy, either. ENFJs care about what people think of them, that the people around them are safe, and that everything is good. This is both a strength and a weakness.

ENFJs are very sensitive to the opinions of others, and this can get them into bad situations. However, their caring natures also make them one of the best spouses you can get.

2. In social settings, you blossom.

ENFJs are charismatic, talkative, and engaging people to be around. This is why they are often natural kings and queens of social scenes, and why they always seem to be surrounded by friends, family, and admirers.

3. How someone meshes with your personal values and how you feel about them matters way more than the facts.

Unlike other personality types that may have a more business-like way of choosing their friends, ENFJs tend to be more “feelings-based” when they choose their friends. It’s their intuitive social style that makes this the case.

4. You’ve often been called the most selfless person you know.

ENFJs are the people who will make things happen for others and do it because they just love to help out. This is a great trait to have, but can easily put naive ENFJs at risk of being taken advantage of by the wrong people.

5. Though you’re definitely an extrovert, you tend to be a little more shy of showing who you really are.

By the time an ENFJ reaches their teenage years, the amount of times they get hurt by others is staggering. Realizing that people take advantage of them so often, most ENFJs tend to be a lot more reserved when it comes to showing their true nature right off the bat.

6. You’re generally pretty well-organized.

Though many people would never guess it, ENFJs are pretty organized, practical people. This tends to show most at work and at home, but even in smaller things, like the way ENFJs plan outings, it’s obvious. Structure is a good thing for ENFJs.

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7. You really, truly suffer when you’re not around people.

ENFJs are individuals who need people around them almost all the time, and even then, they may feel lonely in large groups. Though they might logically know that they need at least a little alone time, they generally hate being alone. If they’re not careful, ENFJs might get into the wrong crowd because of this trait.

8. People skills are something you have in spades.

This is a great thing for anyone who befriends them as well as the ENFJ who wants a good paycheck. A lot of people with the ENFJ personality find themselves in careers where they are counselors, mediators, nurses, or teachers.

They are they ultimate kind of “people person,” which makes them great public servants, superb caregivers, and overall incredibly perceptive negotiators.

9. If you’re feeling insecure, you might end up acting like a doormat.

ENFJs absolutely do have their own opinions. However, if they’re feeling insecure, they tend to act as doormats to those around them. Even so, they typically won’t let themselves be bullied into doing things that go against their morals.

10. Community is a huge deal to you, and you might even be a local leader.

More than any other Myers Briggs type, ENFJs need a community. They take a huge sense of pride in helping their local community out and getting others to contribute in a meaningful way. When given the chance, ENFJs make excellent leaders, especially when it comes to non-profit types of organizations.

11. You make sure that your loved ones want for nothing, even if it means you have to struggle more.

ENFJs are exceptionally talented at being loving spouses, parents, and grandparents. They will go to the ends of the Earth to make sure that the people that they love are happy, healthy, safe, and provided for. Lucky is the person who loves an ENFJ!

12. People regularly tell you to stop beating yourself up.

If you’re an ENFJ, you’re probably you’re own worst critic. You hold yourself to a higher standard than anyone else around you, and that can be brutal.

13. Strangers love to tell you their life story.

ENFJs, for one reason or another, can get people to open up in a way that others simply can’t. And that’s why they’re the people that others turn to when they want to talk about anything — or get the love they need to keep on going.

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