If You Have These 10 Characteristics, You're Definitely An ENTJ Personality Type

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And how being an ENTJ affects your love life.

Are you a fan of Myers-Briggs personalities? Well, if you aren’t, you should be. This set of personality classifications is one of the most accurate out there and knowing your personality type can seriously help you when you’re trying to find true love, the right job, or even figure out how to better communicate with other personalities. It's a famous concept around the world, and has even been used in corporate groups to help solidify leadership methods.

In the Myers-Briggs personality group, there are 16 different "personality types" that a person could have. Each personality type is identified by key traits that they possess, including things like how they react to a lot of people, or how they tend to figure things out. It's a pretty cool concept, right?

One of the most outgoing personality types in the Myers-Briggs array is the ENTJ personality. They are known for being natural-born leaders and exceptionally people-smart individuals. ENTJ stands for Extroversion, Intuition, Thinking, and Judgment and those are the traits ENTJs are known for having in spades.

Want to know if you have a ENTJ personality and how having this personality type can influence your dating life? Here’s the signs you’re an ENTJ and how that will affect your search for true love.

1. Slow lines and inefficient things piss you off.

ENTJs are, if nothing else, massive fans of convenience and efficiency. Doing things slowly — or worse, inefficiently — will make most ENTJs flip out. ENTJs will often make a point to smooth out everything into a well-oiled machine, just because they can and because inefficiency ticks them off so much.

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2. You’ve been told you command respect or have even been called a diva.

Natural born leaders can’t lead without innate confidence. ENTJs ooze it out of every pore, often to the point that others will call them “diva-like” or even aggressive in the way they deal with things.

3. People regularly get intimidated by you.

It’s an every day occurrence for ENTJ personality types. The truth is that your extroversion, your take-no-prisoners attitude, and your confidence would make many people who have insecurity issues shake in their boots.

4. You end up in leadership roles, even when you don’t expect to be.

Natural-born leaders, hello? There’s a reason why ENTJ personalities are known as “Commanders.”

5. You’re a party animal and an extrovert.

Unlike most people, who get tired by too much interaction, you thrive on it. The more you get to talk, do, and go out places, the more alive you are. Sound familiar? You might be an ENTJ.

6. When it comes to charisma, no one can beat you.

ENTJs are able to use their awesome presence and charisma to get people to follow them into any situation. If you regularly hear people tell you that you have an inspirational and motivational personality, you’re probably an ENTJ.

7. At times, though, you may be stubborn.

With all the strong will that ENTJs are known for, it’s not surprising that this body type is known for being stubborn from time to time.

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8. You often act like it’s your way or no way at all.

ENTJs are known for seeing their way as the right way, even when facts and pleading may suggest otherwise. That being said, ENTJs are often right most of the time.

9. With friends, family, and lovers, you’re often the ringleader.

You are the one who decides where to eat, what to do, and even who to hang out with. ENTJs are known for enjoying their leadership roles, regardless of what situation they’re in.

10. Though you have social skills, you also are no-nonsense.

You’re not unintentionally blunt, but you can be blunt when you need to be. Socially, you know how to get things moving with ease. In fact, it’s basically second nature.

So, how does this affect you in your love life?

The good news is that ENTJs are incredibly attractive personalities with outgoing, friendly spirits that people always love. You guys are great partners for those who want to be part of a power couple, and may even become a mentor of your love interest. Many people will naturally be attracted to you, and finding new places to prowl or showing off a nice career to a potential date is never hard for you.

However, finding a partner who can keep up with you will be hard. Many may find you intimidating and will just either run away or try to tear you down. You will have to keep your guard up and reel your own advances in, since your aggressive tendencies may scare off good partners.

When it comes to your life as a partner, you tend to see yourself as personally responsible for your relationship’s success. So, you’ll spend a lot of time to ensure your partner is happy. However, your stubbornness may actually drive your love away. So, if you can, try to meet halfway and remember that relationships are partnerships. 

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