What Mercury Turning Direct On July 12th (Bye, Retrograde!) Means For Your Family, Home & Love Life

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What Mercury Turning Direct Means For Your Family, Home & Love Horoscope, According To Astrology

As Mercury turns direct on July 12th, in the zodiac sign of Cancer, we will feel the call to speak more directly on matters of home, family and relationships that we’ve been struggling with the past two weeks.

In astrology, Cancer is the sign that governs motherhood, family, our home life, and even intimate romantic relationships.

When Mercury moved into Cancer on May 28th, we began to reflect on what these issues mean to us. Specifically, what defines a mother, what defines a home, and, more importantly, what defines that sense of family.

However, as this planet turned retrograde on June 18th, we began to rethink things, reflecting on what previously happened. While it was productive, it doesn’t mean it always led to conversations that said what really needed to be said.

Mercury retrograde is wonderful for us to gain new insights and bring up topics that had been previously discussed; however, it especially deals with new revelations that needed to wait for the greenlight.

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While still in its post-shadow phase, Mercury will move through Cancer from July 12th to August 4th, helping our focus stay on these important matters, and making it clear that, this time, we can’t escape speaking our truth, even if it hurts.

How will Mercury turning direct affect family?

This is the planet that rules our thoughts and communications, so when we’re looking at the family side of Cancer during a retrograde, it means we’re going to be asked to review what we’ve previously said and done.

Cancer really represents the most sensitive part of our lives, which means it’s also the area we try to avoid dealing with. Why? Because it can be really difficult and uncomfortable!

But Mercury retrogrades usually brings up exactly what we hoped it wouldn’t, and it ends up being for the better.


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In terms of family, it’s likely we’ve been feeling a review of what that means to us over the past few weeks. Who feels like family, as well what actually defines that feeling of togetherness and support?

At times, it feels like we’ve been in this crossroads of what it feels like to move from the traditional view of family being represented by those we share blood with, to those we choose to align with.

With the influence of Saturn in retrograde, and moving between Aquarius and Capricorn, the freedom to design our own lives, free from the structures of obligation, is one that has and will continue to be the fuel for the decisions we feel called to make.

While the idea of family and feeling free to choose our own way is a theme that has come up, it will surround the image of the mother or matriarchal roles.

Often times, the mother is considered the heart of the family; however, not all of us experienced that. So, we’ve been diving into inner child wounds, redefining what motherhood means for us, or simply becoming more aware of what that role signifies in our own lives.

Once Mercury turns direct, expect greater awareness and truth about the importance of family, including the mother figure.

While we may still be working through what to say and how to say it, there will be a point in each of us where we no longer are concerned about saying it wrong (whatever the it happens to be for us), but only that we express it at all.

How will Mercury turning direct affect romantic relationships?

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This is where it gets interesting.

While Cancer isn’t specifically designated as a relationship sign, because it rules the home and family life, we often see it affecting more serious relationships. This means it can affect those who are dating and living together, those who are thinking of taking that step to cohabitation, and, generally, those couples who have either been living as a family or planning on starting one.

Mercury affects how we think and communicate, and in Cancer it’s all about those personal needs and feelings. So, we’re more apt to talk about those questions that we normally would put off, or those topics that are uncomfortable.

But the downside is that, while in retrograde, we were only focusing on what had previously come up for review. While it was incredibly helpful for tackling some of those big issues we previously tried to avoid, it wasn’t great at tackling those big issues we need to address before moving forward.

But this is when all of that is about to change, too. With Mercury turning direct, it’s time to get really honest about how we’ve been feeling about things, in terms of these close romantic relationships.


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Adding to the intensity of this is the quarantine that many faced this year, pulling us home to focus on the energy and relationships there.

At this point, we are crystal clear on whether the relationships we began 2020 with are those that we want to end it with, in part to the crazy eclipses this year, in part to the quarantine, but a big part of that goes to the time Mercury has been transiting through Cancer, helping us face all that dirty, uncomfortable truth.

So, get ready for some big conversations, and being able say what you’re really feeling and what you really want.

How will Mercury turning direct affect home life?

This is bigger than just how we define motherhood or if our boyfriend is living up to what we thought cohabitation would be like.

This is looking at what home means to us and, in doing so, challenging us to define what home even means. What does it mean to come home at the end of the day? Is it merely a place to sleep? Is it a place to be at peace? Feel encouraged? Loved?

Mercury had us tackling some big issues with this retrograde, right in prime time with Cancer season, the Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse, and all of the feeling we have going right now.

It’s scary to look at the truth, and it’s hard to shed light on the parts of our life we were more comfortable keeping in the dark.

But as Mercury turns direct, it’s not going to be a matter of if we are strong enough to talk about things.


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Instead, it's about knowing that this time, it’s only a matter of time. Because now, it’s hurt more to say nothing than it does to finally say everything.

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