How Saturn Retrograde Entering Capricorn Affects Your Love Life & Goals For The Rest Of 2020

It’s up to us if we let our past make us bitter, or better.

How Saturn Retrograde Entering Capricorn Affects Your Love Life & Goals For The Rest of 2020 getty

It’s been quite a year so far, and to think we’re only halfway through is incredible.

And just as we may be wondering, “What’s next?” we’ll see Saturn slide back into Capricorn as part of his retrograde journey on July 1st, challenging us in new ways. 

But before we learn about Saturn retrograde in Capricorn and how it affects our personal lives, what does Saturn mean in astrology?

This planet is one that really covers everything from why we stay in dead relationships, to the divine timing of feeling that we’re finally where we are supposed to be in life. Known as the Father of the Zodiac, or the Lord of Time and Karma, Saturn has a hand in just about everything we can think of in our life. 


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While this planet personally can impact the boundaries we set with others — knowing our worth, learning the important lessons we’re meant to, and generally helping us realize the right time for anything in life — collectively, it’s responsible for a lot. 


Much of what we’re going through this year has been thanks to Saturn, and even though you’re not necessarily ready to be grateful for all the changes, there is no doubt that they will end up being so.

This is because, on a bigger scale, this planet affects our entire way of life. Think: social structures, societal norms, and the foundations we have built our history and lives upon. 

For the past two-and-a-half years, Saturn has been transiting through stodgy, grounded, "by the books" Capricorn.

While it’s been helpful in some ways, in others it’s been more of the energy of "we keep doing the same thing because we can’t figure out how to do it differently, even if what we’ve been doing hasn’t been working."


And we’re tired — personally, collectively, globally.

Earlier this year, Saturn moved into Aquarius. Cue a global pandemic that has us learning we can telecommute, shop locally and wage our own social justice movement. The energy changed and, in some ways, almost overnight.

Aquarius energy is very different from Capricorn. It was like suddenly realizing all the truths we’ve believed have been lies, and that we actually are free to create our own path.



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Aquarius is the rebel with the cause, and for Saturn it’s helped us take a stand for what we believe in, what matters most to us, and what needs to change greatly.


But shortly after entering this dynamic sign, Saturn turns retrograde. This means that now is the time to clean up the mess we’ve made before we go any further. 

For many of us, we’re already ready to ring in 2021 with the hopes that maybe we can get through six months without killer bees or a global pandemic.

But Saturn, in many ways, does act like our dad, reminding us that we have to clean up one mess before we make another. We have to figure things out and handle them so we can move into our future, and so we don’t avoid the responsibility we have to actually do better.

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Honestly, as beneficial as this slip back into Capricorn will be — lasting through when Saturn turns direct on September 29th until he officially re-enters Aquarius for this brand-new life phase on December 17th, coinciding with the last eclipse of the year, promising that there is no coincidence in divine timing — it doesn’t mean that it would be challenging or downright annoying.

From July 1st to December 17th, this is our time to learn, plan and do better.

This means that anything from our ongoing social justice campaign, to those divine partnerships (Saturn in Aquarius especially favors these), will be brought to the front burner.

But it’s not about sweeping things under the rug or running away this time; this is about actually incorporating all the lessons we’ve learned so now we can have a hand in creating and choosing our own divine path. 


These next few months will look messy, so think about what happens when we clean. We always make a bigger mess before it gets better, right? This is what’s happening now.

We need to clean all (and boy, do we mean all!) the dust bunnies out from under the beds, bringing everything to light so we can finally face it, deal with it, make a better plan, and then move on from these lessons that likely have taken years to come to fruition. (And, yes, a celebration will definitely be in order!)

So, what can we expect from Saturn retrograde in Capricorn when it comes to our relationships, love lives, and personal growth?



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Practically speaking, we can expect that this pandemic will forever change our lives globally. Not necessarily in all the negative ways we’re thinking, though. But we needed a restart.

We needed to realize that more of us could work remotely, emphasizing that digital nomad lifestyle that’s been becoming increasingly popular. Not everything will go back to the way that it was before, but that will actually be a positive thing. So, expect changes and plans to come down the line regarding more of this type of working and learning. 

This also means that, collectively, not just in the United States, we will keep seeing racial issues be a long-standing place of reform in which we can expect everything from the faces we have on our currency, to what children are taught in schools, changing.

Not necessarily in just these few months, but this is when those seeds are being planted; this is when we’re in that cleaning phase of getting everything out so it can be dealt with. 


But this also means that if you’re hanging on to something or someone in your own life that isn’t part of your authentic truth or purpose, you should be prepared to either truly let go soon, or face the struggle from not doing so.



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In many ways, because of the strength and force of Saturn, we may not even necessarily have that choice and, in all likelihood, we’ve had that before. But if we’re feeling the heat now, it’s because we didn’t chose to do it the easy way, so now we’re asked to do it the hard way.

This has the potential to affect those marriages and relationships who are together primarily for monetary, safety or structural reasons. Because as Capricorn will shift, so too will our need to define ourselves by these strict parameters. 


As we head into the second half of 2020, this is truly about finally dealing with everything. So, when we head into next year, we will know that this time, our pasts won’t be coming back to haunt us.

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