How The January 10th Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Cancer Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships For The Next 6 Months

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How The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Cancer Will Affect The Next Six Months
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While many of us have agendas and big plans this year, there are two major events happening on the same day: the Cancer full moon and the Cancer Lunar Eclipse.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer, occurring on January 10th, helps us relax, get in touch with our hearts from our love horoscope predictions, heal, and remember that there is never a need to force anything in life. If it’s meant to be, nothing we do or don’t do could ever mess it up, so it’s okay to breathe, smile, enjoy life, let go and let the current take you.

The last series of eclipses occurred last summer, so we may be seeing a completion of themes or events that began around that time, specifically with the Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 2nd. The next Lunar Eclipse we experience will be on June 5th, 2020.

While we will see our normal two Solar Eclipses this year, there will be 4 Lunar Eclipses in 2020, meaning this is a year to take notice because something big is on the horizon for the zodiac signs.

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Historically, eclipses are a time when ancient civilizations would gather and celebrate these new cycles that this lunation represents. While we may have gotten away from this practice as our cultures have developed, it’s a time of great importance.

Occurring within the first two weeks of the new year, this eclipse is about setting the tone for the next year because even though many are fearful of those astrology readings that are full of doom and gloom, this year is about healing. And there’s no better moon than this one to begin this next phase of our life.

Full moons represent a time of completion — and this one is no different.

Yet it’s also the part of the series of eclipses that began back on December 26th, which challenged us to really leave 2019 behind us. The two weeks between eclipses are often known to be unexpected and unpredictable; in this case, it was a wild card. Two weeks of "anything goes" and "anything is possible."

But what we must also understand is that sometimes, the greatest adventure we can take is the one into the heart of ourselves. It’s to reflect on our life, our purpose and meaning, and to heal any lingering wounds we might be carrying. This moon isn’t just one to show the fruits of our labor or manifestation of our dreams, but to also help us heal so the ending we experience is one of our hurt, rejection, fear and even loneliness.

It’s the time to say goodbye to who we identified as because of these wounds, and instead let us be healed. We must let the pieces come back together to feel whole once again.

Each planet or planetary body is governed and ruled by a specific zodiac sign. One reason this event is so important is because the moon’s ruling sign is Cancer, so this moon is at home. It’s at its best and it’s comfortable.

Traditionally, the moon represents women and the phases we go through biologically. Most women experience menstruation 13 times a year, the same number of full moons. A full moon is tied to the Mother role of the female architypes: the maiden, mother and crone. It’s fullness, richness, fertility, growth, abundance and love.

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While this energy can extend to those relationships we have within our lives, it’s also about embodying it for ourselves. It’s about feeling our fullness, both spiritually and emotionally, radiating that light to the world, not for others but for ourselves. The fullness of the moon and Cancer makes the healing more palpable.

This is the time that we may shed the tears of our childhood or ancestors as we move through the feelings we’ve been carrying for generations. Ready to release them, to let them fall to the earth, and water the new growth of peace, happiness, fulfillment and growth.

Synschronistically, this full moon in Cancer also occurs on January 11th for most of the world, which is a master number in astrology and numerology.

Master numbers in astrology (the only other being 22) are never reduced but are considered builder numbers. These are numbers that are associated with new beginnings, growth, divine timing and events, and an awakening to a life purpose. This 11 energy is going to influence this moon, giving us that opportunity for a new beginning, which was the purpose of the Solar Eclipse that began back in December, before we even welcome the start of the new year.

Lunar Eclipses represent emotional change. While Solar Eclipses tend to bring about external changes, Lunar Eclipses have to do with our emotional world. This is only adding to that energy from Cancer.

To say we’re going to be feeling everything is an understatement, but unlike so many times before when we pushed away uncomfortable feelings or were afraid to feel what was bubbling up from our soul, now is the time that is safe to feel it.

We are protected, we are safe. We can be vulnerable without fear. We can create entirely new futures that look nothing like our pasts. Just because we cry doesn’t mean we’re weak; just because we loved doesn’t mean we must neglect ourselves; just because we made mistakes doesn’t mean those mistakes have to be carried with us.

It’s okay to set down things that are heavy, like memories and the feelings. It’s okay to let yourself feel the pieces of your heart grow back together and admit you wish it had turned out differently. It’s okay to forgive, to forget and to move on, because we don’t need to punish ourselves for being human.

We will feel every emotion during the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer, so grounding ourselves is helpful.

Being outside, even for just a walk in colder climate, walking barefoot, or being in water — all these activities will help us feel more deeply connected to mother earth.

As we near this moon, let yourself feel what comes up, let your mind go where it needs to, and don’t worry about how to make the dream or goal happen. Don’t stress about what everyone needs you to do or be, or even that meeting next week.

Simply let yourself feel your love, let yourself delight in feeling your cup runneth over, and trust that whatever is meant to be, will be. All we must do is allow it.

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