What Venus Turning Direct In Gemini Means For Your Relationships & Love Life Until August 2020

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When Does Venus Turn Direct? What The End Of Venus Retrograde Means For Your Love Horoscope

We’re about to enter into the land of truth when everything we’ve been learning about our relationships will be put to proper use. Venus turns direct in Gemini on June 25th.

Since the end of May, Venus — the planet of love, relationships and all sorts of material and physical pleasures — has been retrograding in Gemini, highlighting themes of choice, decisions, as well as communication and that mental connection we feel so intensely with partners.

Why does Venus go into retrograde and then turn direct?

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Venus goes into retrograde about once every two years for a span of 40 days, during which we’re asked to see the truth in our relationships, to deal with the darkness, and to face what maybe we normally would prefer not to.

But often as we go into this shadow phase of love, it can become difficult to discern what is truth, or merely our own shadow side coming out. Many times being in the actual retrograde can make us feel more confused than we did previously.

So, while Venus retrograde is a time to observe and show up, once the planet has turned direct and then left it’s one shadow, we’re able to make wise decisions.

June 25th to July 28th is the most important time for our relationships, including the conversations we have and the choices we contemplate. The reason for this magical date of July 28th is because that’s the day that Venus traverses the same degree of Gemini that she first turned on, making it clear that whatever we were supposed to take in during her regression was completed.

While many planets will turn into the next Sun sign as soon as their retrograde is over, because Venus turned very early into Gemini (five degrees), she will then remain in this zodiac sign until August 7th, making sure we don’t take the path we always have.

What's also interesting is that while Venus is very firmly in Gemini because she's at such early degrees, we could see a big burst of Taurean energy seep into our consideration. This only emphasizes those feelings of wealth, pleasure and love, but in a more grounded way.

Together, the energy of these two signs (Gemini and Taurus), along with Cancer (as many planets are or will be moving into this water sign), is all about us seeing the truth at the heart of the decisions we make. This means the focus is on big, life-altering truths: Are we satisfied in our marriage or relationship? Does our home or family unit truly support us and our dreams? Do we feel connected to our family/tribe and our partner?

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These are just some of the really important themes we’re now asked to face.

The universe always has our back, even when we’re scared and not sure what to do. In this case, we’re going to be in Cancer season, which means we will be supported by the Sun and other planets, like Mercury, helping us be in tune with our emotions and express what matters, rather than playing it safe and only saying so much.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Venus turns direct right in the middle of a very intense eclipse season.

We saw a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius at the beginning of June, a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer just a few days ago, and next will be a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 5th (with more occurring in November and December).

With so many eclipses occurring, we’re being fully supported in making some big changes in our lives.

While Lunar Eclipses mean internal change and Solar Eclipses mean external change, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing so much activity with both around the time that this planet turns direct. But we have to remember that it’s okay to feel uncertain or to second-guess ourselves.

But what we can’t do, is doubt our own heart.

We all know the truth of how we feel, and if we don’t, we owe it to ourselves to tune into how we feel around those we’re in relationship with. Because while our minds often lie to us, our bodies never do.

When we think of honoring or speaking our truth, a big part of that is how we feel; in this case, it’s how we feel with our partner, specifically. While Venus can govern all types of love, it mainly ends up testing and affecting our primary romantic relationships the most.

Another important influence is that right about the time that we’re seeing Venus turn direct, we’re seeing Neptune turn retrograde, which will actually help us become more in touch with the illusions we've been living with and the lies we’ve been ignoring.

This is about seeing that we have a choice. We always have a choice.

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We have a choice to remain blind, or to see the truth. We have a choice to do something about our feelings, or not. We have a choice as to whether or not we want to keep feeling like we do, or if we want to choose a different path.

Ultimately, all of this energy is about us becoming more comfortable with our own authenticity and needs.

Because when we have welcomed in the truth about ourselves and what we desire from life, then it's not a matter of trying to make something fit if it’s not meant to; instead, it's recognizing that not everything is in alignment — and that’s okay too!

The person we end up hurting the most by avoiding the big decisions, the big questions, is ourselves. We say we want the truth, then struggle under the weight of what to do with it. But the thing is: it never goes away.

Once we have sent that vibration out to the universe, our only choice is to be open to it, recognizing that maybe we don’t need to have all the answers, and that, right now, it’s about accepting the truth for what it is. Worry about what to do with it later.

As we head deeper into July approaching the 28th, that's when this clarity will come. That's when we will have more pieces to put together, and when we will see the answers we’ve been searching for.

Until that time, try to surrender to the process and be open to whatever comes to light, trusting that everything that’s happening in this moment is to help you move to the next level and phase of life.

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