Best Virgo Colors And Their Meanings For The Zodiac Sign

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virgo symbol and ruling planet mercury

Virgos are known to be one of the most careful signs of the zodiac, so it's no surprise that many would love colors that are brilliant but also sensible.

Born between August 23 to September 22, they are ruled by the planet Mercury and are historically represented by Demeter, the goddess of wheat and agriculture.

In astrology, the signs are categorized by element. The four elements of the zodiac are water signs, fire signs, air signs, and earth signs.

Virgos, along with Tauruses and Capricorns are earth signs.

Virgos are known to be mutable earth signs. To be mutable means that they are flexible and adaptable.

Virgos thrive off of change, handling it with ease and reshaping themselves so that the change fits perfectly into their lives.

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They help people through seasons of transitions and change, much like soil aids plants through their circle of life. Because of the way they adapt to change, they are good people to have around during a crisis.

They are comfortable in the midst of chaos and evolve quickly.

Their ability to deal with change gracefully also makes them good people to travel with. Because they are earth signs, Virgos are always grounded and centered.

They prefer not to take big risks and are good at turning plans into action to get what they want.

Many of them are very in tune with nature and have a deep connection with the earth, giving them the ability to grow almost any plant, fruit, or vegetable.

Virgos are loyal, very critical of themselves along with others, and sometimes come off as reserved.

What are the best colors for Virgo?

Brown is the best color for Virgos because it taps into their earthy side and allows them to tap into who they are on the inside.  

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Because of their attachment to the earth, their grounded nature, and their reservedness, brown is a perfect color for Virgos.

Brown is a good color for Virgos because it is known as the “color of the earth.”

All things grown on earth come from the soil and it is the nutrients provided by the soil that allow these things to flourish.

This not only goes hand in hand with Virgo’s ability to help loved ones through transitions, but it also goes along with their free-flowing relationship with mother nature.

Virgos are sensitive to all energy around them. They can soak up the moods of people around them and know how to improve their moods.

They feel what others feel and it is almost like they also know what others are thinking.

Virgos are healers with an eye for detail, so even if you do not tell them what is wrong, they will know and they will know how to fix it.

Virgos deeply care for the ones that they love but are quick to turn away once they feel they have been betrayed.

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Brown would be a good color for Virgos to use for their artistic work because of the fact that it brings warmth, comfort, and can reduce the anxiety that they are experiencing.

Elegance is associated with the color brown.

Virgos are often reserved, well-put-together people who place importance on the way that they are perceived by others.

Although some may call it a dull color, Virgos may find that the color brown perfectly matches their sleek, classy aim for the way that they dress or designs for their personal space.

Virgos may add brown accents to any of their outfits such as brown boots, brown cardigans, and brown tank tops to give them a natural fall look.

They can also use brown eyeshadow to enhance their beautiful eyes and bring out their features.

Behind the scenes, Virgos may be satisfied using the color brown for home or office decor.

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Additional Virgo colors

Different shades of brown mixed together or mixed with green, orange, or yellow will give their space the earthy, natural, outside feel that Virgos enjoy.

When mixed with the color green, brown represents concepts of recycling and fertility — which makes sense because Virgo is also an Earth sign.

When Virgos and their green thumbs pair up with earth’s rich soil, they have the ability to grow any type of plant at any time.

Plants with finely divided leaves and small flowers are considered to be lucky for Virgos, whether they are growing them or taking care of some that are already mature.

Virgos care about saving the earth because of their connection with it.

They understand all of the things that the earth does for humans and place their all into making sure it is taken care of.

The color brown also represents stability and dependability. Virgos’ loyalty allows them to be people that their loved ones, coworkers, or anyone who comes in contact with them can depend on.

They are there when you need them the most, whether you asked them to be or not and they expect others to do the same for them.

You can always depend on a Virgo to do whatever you need them to, simply because it is in their character.

They are quick to give advice because they are good at it. Their strong intuitions tell them all that they need to know and their advice stems from these gut feelings.

Because Virgos are aware of the power of their intuition, they tend to forget that not everybody wants advice or handles it well.

It is important for them to remember that they are not always right and sometimes it is just best for them to keep their gut feelings to themselves.

Virgos tend to overthink often. They tend to think themselves into anxious feelings and nobody is able to center them except themselves.

In order to release those emotions, Virgos have to get creative.

This allows them to express themselves without having to use words or speak to anyone about how they feel.

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