How Mercury Entering Gemini On May 11th Affects Your Love Life & Relationships This Month

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How Mercury Entering Gemini On May 11th Affects Your Love Life & Relationships This Month

It's all possible with this energy.

The astrological energy amplifies as we approach Mercury entering Gemini on May 11th and remaining there until May 28th. While this is a shorter transit given Mercury’s fast nature, it will be incredibly intense as we will experience several planetary retrogrades around this time, including Venus retrograde in Gemini.

In astrology, Mercury is the planet that governs our communications and thought processes which, depending upon the zodiac sign he's transiting through, can affect us in different ways. It’s not just how we think, but what we are focused on that changes.

What can we expect with Mercury in Gemini?

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As we wrap up Mercury in Taurus, we’ve had time to consider the real, the practical and the foundations we want to build as we move forward this year. It was a time we needed to help us focus on the areas of our lives that centered around our romantic relationships, life path decisions, and any changes we felt called to make.

But now that we have, we need to expand our thinking. We need to act and bring in the possibility of movement.

Nothing in life that truly matters remains closed during this time, so while we are all moving through different degrees of healing, we are still living. We’re still exploring love, we’re still leaving relationships, getting divorced and taking chances on new love.

This means that even though many of us are feeling like life still hasn't returned to a normal pace, that doesn’t mean we’re actually in a pause at all, because life is still happening.

Mercury in Gemini is all about activity and expansion. This is the time to get ideas, although they may be fleeting and quickly changing. It’s a time of possibilities and not letting the current reality distract you from what may manifest in the future.

Gemini is an air sign, and is so much more active and innovative than Taurus, an earth sign. Represented by the sign of the twins, Gemini signifies the different options and choices we have in life, even during those times when it seems like we don’t.

Lately, the energy we’ve been under is one of constriction, which is opposite the expansiveness of Gemini. Too often while planets dance through this sign, we try to make sense of the possibilities instead of simply entertaining them for what they are: options, choices and moments.

Just because we have an idea doesn’t mean we have to act on it in the moment; just because an option presents itself doesn’t mean we have to seize it.

Come the end of May, Mercury will move into Cancer and we’ll have plenty of opportunities to think about how it all feels, what it all means, and how it will affect us.

But now is the time to just stand as a witness for our own thoughts.

Too often in life, we judge our thoughts before we even give them time to show us what they are meant to. We become afraid or hesitant to entertain thoughts that deviate from life plans or seem as if they’d be too difficult, essentially blocking ourselves from entertaining the possibilities that life will reveal to us when we least expect it.

The reality is that if this pandemic has proven anything, it’s that we can’t predict what will happen in life.

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We can’t really plan for every moment or every challenge, and sometimes it’s those moments we can’t plan for that truly end up changing our entire lives. This is why even though we’re going through such a challenging time collectively, we’re really on the brink of change.

During this Mercury transit, planets Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all retrograde, encouraging us to not only consider the possibilities, but also understand that it’s not yet time to move forward.

The Venus retrograde, especially since it’s in Gemini, will be a powerful influence during this transit. Because while our hearts will be exploring options, life paths and different romantic possibilities, our minds will as well.

In many ways, this is a chance to have our head and our heart on the same page. It's a time when maybe we will be able to finally figure out what it all means, or maybe even just where to go from here.

As long as we can entertain thoughts without judging them and without necessarily acting just yet, we’ll be more apt to make the most of this transit.

What we do have to consider, however, is that with this many planets in retrograde right now, everything is shifting.

This means our love lives, our sense of future and abundance, the foundations and structures of our lives are all going to evolve as we move through the next few months, while Pluto wakes us up to the truth instead of the illusions we’ve been living under.

The reality is that no matter how brilliant or spot-on an idea seems in this moment, none of us will have the full story just yet. There are still pieces of the puzzle that need to come together, and there are still steps to be taken until we have a better understanding of what we need to get to where we want to be.

And while it doesn’t mean that we won’t take or seize opportunities as they come, testing the waters of both divine timing and fate, we don't need to rush anything.

Anything that is meant for you is coming, and while we’re in a time that is ripe with possibility, the best thing we can do is observe our thoughts and observe the actions of others, knowing that while we’re certain our entire lives are about to change, it doesn’t mean it needs to happen within this moment.

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