How The Pluto-Chiron Quintile Will Affect Your Love Horoscope & Healing Until 2024, According To Astrology

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How The Pluto-Chiron Quintile Will Affect Your Love Horoscope & Healing Until 2024, According To Astrology

We get a special and unique chance to delve deeper into healing of old wounds as Pluto in Capricorn forms a quintile with Chiron in Aries on April 22nd.

What is Chiron? In astrology, Chiron is one of the more well-known comets which, even though he has a somewhat unpredictable nature, often stays in signs for seven to eight years before retrograding and then moving into the next zodiac sign. This proves to be the defining figure of healing for many of us.

Any transit involving Chiron is a chance for healing; however, because of the transformative nature of Pluto, this is only emphasized around this time.

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A quintile in astrology is among some of the lesser-known aspects, with squares and sextiles being more common; however, a quintile serves a purpose just like the others, perhaps even more so. In this aspect, two planets are within 72 degrees of one another, which is the energy of creation or even transformation.

This is a time for us to not only touch upon and increase awareness about what hurts about our past wounds, but also to look at it with new eyes. Eyes that are not only ready to see what’s truly there, but ready to address it so that instead of merely covering an old pain with a band-aid, we’re able to bring healing to ourselves.

Chiron is known as the wounded healer; this is in regard to the centaur in Greek mythology who, while a healer, could not actually heal himself. Yet, the irony is that in our human existence, it is only us who can heal ourselves.

Even if we employ the help of professionals or the love and empathy of those closest to us, it is only us that can take those opportunities and choose to walk towards healing; to leave behind the woundedness and the pain, and instead choose to elevate beyond our victimhood.

While Chiron is known as the healer who couldn’t heal himself, it’s also the representation of modern-day codependency in which we focus on the needs or care for others in an unconscious way to escape having to deal with ourselves.

Choosing to address ourselves, to look at our wounds and the areas of our lives we hope to grow within, are the most difficult to accept. It’s always easier to look at another and tell them what they need to do to become better, but it's quite a different thing to look at ourselves and do the same.

Since 2019, Chiron has been in Aries, which has been pushing all of us to see that it’s those wounds we have that are connected to our greatest gifts. Chiron in Aries has more determination and willpower to work through the pain and be more self-centered than self-sacrificing, which doesn’t only lead to greater awareness, but also deeper healing, because it’s about ending the cycles of codependency or the victim mentality.

Chiron in Aries is about taking more personal control of our feelings, our fears, our wounds and triggers, and making something out of them.

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Chiron will stay in the Aries zodiac sign until 2027, though for a few months during his retrograde he will transition into Taurus during part of 2026. We’re only at the beginning of this next cycle, so while we have our awareness brought to what hurts, we also have to understand that this is just the start of it. True healing isn’t only about looking at the wound once and trying to make peace with it; it's learning how to live life with this new perspective.

So many times, we say we have healed a wound — whether it’s abandonment, rejection or even worthiness. Yet because we haven’t given ourselves the time to learn how to live differently now that we have healed, we end up stuck in the same patterns and cycles.

True healing comes not just from feeling loved and worthy, but from living life with those beliefs. It comes through choices that are filled with patience and gratitude. It comes from not allowing anyone to love us less than we love ourselves. It comes from not allowing another to treat you any less.

Healing isn’t a frame of mind, but the choice of action both towards ourselves and others. When we’re on that journey of feeling healed, it comes through in every facet of our lives.

But Chiron isn’t acting alone in this quintile, so the other planet we have to contend with is Pluto in Capricorn.

Pluto is known as the lord of the underworld, the planet that loves nothing more than to dive beneath the surface and bring to light whatever it is we’ve been living in denial of. Pluto isn’t just the planet of transformation, but the true alchemy where we’re able to take the worst of us and make it our best, which is in perfect alignment with the wounded healer, having to learn that if we don’t heal ourselves first, we can’t heal others.

Pluto is currently in Capricorn until 2024 so we’re able to have a more grounded approach to looking at the darkness that exists within all of us. During this time, we’re being given that gift of the earth element to balance the fear we have of the unknown, which asks us to trust that anything that does come up does so — not only for our healing, but for the greater good of all those involved.

This is the meeting of divine timing with the readiness to evolve and change. And even if we know we’re still afraid or we can’t predict what comes next, at least we know that we can’t stay where we are.

But rather than looking at the outside first, directing others on where their healing needs to take place, we’re drawn within by Pluto and the transformative quintile.

Take that time to approach the entire idea of healing differently, and realize that it does have to begin with us. It has to begin with truth, and we don’t ever actually need to prove our healing, because it will always be evident by the choices we make.  

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