How Saturn & The North Node In Cancer Will Affect Your Love Horoscope & Life Purpose This Week

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How Saturn & The North Node In Cancer Will Affect Your Love Horoscope & Life Purpose This Week

On April 17th, our zodiac signs experience a rare alignment called a quincunx between Saturn in Aquarius and The North Node in Cancer, which will serve to identify the separation between our dreams and the reality we choose to live.

What is a quincunx? In astrology, a quincunx is when two planets are within 150 degrees of one another, and in opposing and differentiating signs, such as mutable versus fixed, or water versus air.

At first glance, it seems there is seldom any benefit to such a transit; however, we have to look deeper to discover the true power that the quincunx holds.

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Recently, we saw Saturn move into Aquarius at the end of March, which was the first time it happened since the nineties. Because of that, many of us are feeling like this is the first workable alignment between these two in our lifetime, as many of us were still too young to make much of the last transit.

Saturn is the lord of time and karma, and the ruler of boundaries, but there’s also a unique purpose to wherever this planet falls within our birth chart. Our birth chart represents the configuration of the planets and asteroids at the time and location of our birth. Often, our birth chart signifies qualities, lessons and even our fate that we are meant to encounter.

One important part of this is our Saturn placement, as this planet is known as the father of the zodiac. All of us will have to master our Saturnian lesson before being able to move into the fate that awaits us.

Interestingly enough, this transit is so important because, while we have to master this Saturnian lesson to move into our fate, that is what the True Node or North Node represents.

When we look at our birth chart, the North or True Node always dictates the fate that we were born into; however, because we are humans and have the use of free will, despite any soul contracts we might have made, we don’t always choose that fate or do the work.

When looking at birth charts, for example, the Saturnian lesson may be one in Taurus, which is about grounding, stability, and learning to appreciate what matters most. As the father of the zodiac, this means the lesson we’re being asked to learn has to deal with our own fathers or a significant male role model in our lives.

In this case, if we see a Saturn placement in Taurus, we didn’t feel that stability or groundedness with that male in our lives growing up. Or, we didn’t receive encouragement to focus on what really matters and to view happiness as a priority.

Our Saturnian lesson would then translate to us learning how to do that for ourselves now, while bringing peace to what we had previously experienced through processing our memories. Then, by healing this wound, by "mastering" the lessons of groundedness and stability, we’d then be open to move into whatever our fate represented.

At the time of this conjunction, Saturn will be in Aquarius. While this is a time for those who have this placement in their birth charts and is a significant time, it still represents a crucial phase for us all.

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Saturn in Aquarius is about breaking the rules, uprooting structures that have held us in place or felt confining, and gives us the chance to redefine how we live our lives. In many ways, this was happening in perfect harmony with social distancing we’ve been practicing, because more than likely some of these changes we’re seeing now will be far-reaching beyond this time of quarantine.

Saturn in Aquarius is often seen as dangerous because he refuses to operate under the status quo, and refuses to keep doing the same thing even if it’s bringing fulfillment or peace. But while likely to upend relationships, agreements and situations we’ve found ourselves in for some time, we’re also going to draw closer to what does light that fire inside of us. We’re going to be more determined to claim the fate of our North Node, or True Node.

What is the North Node? The True or North Node is not a planet at all; instead, it's a point on the astrological chart where the moon intersects the Sun’s projected path. As there is both a North and South Node, they are on an axis formula and will always oppose one another.

While the North Node represents the fate that awaits us in this lifetime, the South Node represents what we came into this life with: lessons and karma from previous lifetimes.

At the time of this transit, our North Node will be in Cancer, so while those who have this placement are especially affected, it will still hold a great significance for us all.

The North Node in Cancer is about the fate having to do with our family, our mothers, or significant female figures in our lives, including ourselves and our sovereignty. But Saturn is about innovation, and breaking down routines or patterns, which means that to claim our fate in those areas, we have to disengage from a pattern, cycle, situation or relationship that stifles our growth and prohibits us from stepping into this fate.

We all knew 2020 was going to be a year unlike any other, but for many of us, we’re been growing through the process of realizing just how different it truly is.

When something isn’t working or isn’t meant for us, there’s no about of work that can make it so. We can’t just commit to never giving up unless we want a life of feeling like we’re living upstream, constantly at war with ourselves.

Currently, each zodiac sign is going through a life restructuring and rebooting. But it's for a specific reason.

It's not to mess up our lives or destroy plans, but so we can be in the space to actively choose our fate, and then fully step into it as well.

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