How The Mercury-Saturn Sextile Will Affect Your Relationships & Love Horoscope Through 2020

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How The Mercury-Saturn Sextile Will Affect Your Relationships & Help You Overcome Mental Blocks, According To Astrology

Making plans and expressing ourselves suddenly become much easier as Mercury in Aries sextiles Saturn in Aquarius on April 11th, creating the perfect environment to see the truth clearly.

In astrology, Mercury is the planet that rules our communication and thoughts, while Saturn is the lord of time, karma and our personal boundaries. So when the two team up together, it means it becomes easier to express the most important aspects of our life and selves.

Occurring on the same day of Mercury sextile Saturn, Mercury makes his shift into the fire sign of Aries after spending the majority of his time in Pisces since early February. While this planet is definitively within the first few degrees of Aries today, it still is on the Pisces cusp, which means that our emotional and intuitive feelings may be more integral to conversations we have than at other times.

Mercury will be in this fire sign until April 27th, which means that while this specific sextile is exact on the 11th and 12th, over the next few weeks we will feel this sense of clarity.

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There’s no denying that we’ve been through so much both personally and as a collective over the past few weeks. Our lifestyles have been changed and what we’re feeling now is the beginning of a brand-new phase in our lives.

This is our new normal. This is our realization over what truly matters — in part to Mercury’s retrograde, Saturn’s shift into Aquarius, and also our own social distancing. We are clearer on what we need to be us, to be happy, and to feel fulfilled. We’re feeling more peaceful when we reflect back on our pasts and the path it took to get here because we see value around every corner.

But it’s also been about letting in the light of change. Just because we see things clearly doesn’t mean what we see is what we want. One of the things that many of us are settling into is that what we’re seeing in light of the current astrology and social factors is indicative of the life we want to live. We feel on the brink of something; we're on the edge of where we were and where it feels we’re called to, but there’s also this piece of the undefined.

So, maybe we’re feeling clearer on what doesn’t fit, on what we no longer want or no longer resonates with us, but we’re unsure what will take that space and what we will fill it with once we’ve removed what it is that doesn’t. This is part of the magic of this transit.

Working together with our Full Supermoon in Libra, and Mercury in Aries, we are now drawn to focus on feeling fulfilled and what aligns with who we are. This is where that clarity comes in because neither planet is retrograde, so it’s not about revisiting the past but in making our way in a brand-new future.

Mercury in Aries is very determined and passionate, which means that when we suddenly feel that clarity and truth come in, we may decide to act upon it. So much so that we have to be mindful of acting with empathy and authenticity.

The lesson of Mercury in Aries is that we can only control whether or not we speak our truth, not in how it’s received by others. In many ways, this is extremely beneficial energy, because while we don’t want to hurt anyone, we also can’t live our lives based on the feelings of others either.

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With Saturn in Aquarius, we’re going to be trending towards the new, the unexpected and the independent. Saturn is the father of the zodiac and the ruler maker, but when he moves into a rebellious sign like Aquarius, we can expect to break up with anything that’s traditional, outdated or energetically draining.

This is literally the inability to pretend any longer. We no longer can ignore our truth or our feelings. We no longer can walk the aisles of stores picking out items for a life that feels like one we’ve outgrown. We literally can no longer adult, and while potentially scary it’s also so incredible because it means we get to live life on our terms.

Saturn in Aquarius is going to be responsible for many big changes we see in our lives and collectively over the course of the rest of 2020 and even beyond into March 2023. Aquarius is the rebel with the cause and the sign of innovation, which means that we’re going to see our lives rearranged and restructured in ways we could never have imagined.

But this is for the best, as Jupiter in Capricorn tells us, because anything that happens over the course of this year, even if seemingly chaotic or different, will ultimately enable us to experience greater grounding and stability.

While many of us may still feel that we are in a state of transition at this time, others are ready to move forward and know which direction they want to head into, which means that conversations and communication are going to be key in making that happen. What we have to trust around this time is ourselves, because we have been through so much as of late; if we are feeling called in a particular direction, it’s because that is our truth.

This is the most important lesson of Saturn and Mercury: even if we can’t predict when or how our truth arrives, the one thing we can guarantee is that it will.

Maybe that’s part of all of this too — we can search and search for our truth, for clarity, and never find it. But sometimes, all it takes is just standing still long enough for it to find us, which is exactly what all this social distancing has allowed.

Now, the only thing left for us to do is speak on it.

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