What Mercury Moving Into Pisces Means For Your Zodiac Sign's Love Horoscope & Relationships Until April 11th, 2020

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What Mercury Moving Into Pisces Means For Your Zodiac Sign's Love Horoscope & Relationships Until April 11th, 2020
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We get another chance to speak from the heart as Mercury moves into Pisces once again on March 16th, ushering in a tie of second chances and redos.

In astrology, Mercury is known as the trickster planet precisely for this reason. He has been skipping in between Aquarius and Pisces since January as he moved through his first retrograde of the year only to wind up here, back where he started, but knowing more now than he did then.

This phase of Mercury will last until April 11th when he moves into Aries, bringing an entirely new chapter with it, especially to our relationships and love horsocopes.

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While Mercury likes to play games with what we think will happen in life, he’s also the ruler of our thoughts and communication, which means that depending upon which zodiac sign he's currently transiting through, we will feel those areas of our lives affected.

Back in February, Mercury moved through the sign of Pisces but was already in pre-shadow phase once he entered this sign, so a lot of what was occurring when we last experienced this transit was going over old ground. The energy likely brought us back to the past, whether to a person or just a feeling, and we were coming to terms with what that means for us, not only in this present moment but also in our future.

But then was not the moment to act — not just because Mercury was in retrograde motion, but because we were still trying to figure out which direction we were supposed to take.

So, we got to experience the past six weeks or so, and the journey not just through Pisces in retrograde motion but through Aquarius as well. We replayed the choices we’ve made, the decisions and the paths taken — not to torture or elicit feelings of guilt, but so we could gain a better understanding of whether or not we’re happy with how things are.

Mercury is the planet of communication, but it's also our internal thoughts and dialogue we have with ourselves. Mercury is self-talk; it's that inner voice and how we speak to ourselves.

Depending upon our level of happiness and satisfaction, that internal voice will differ and change. If we’re feeling positive about those decisions and paths, feeling confident about our future, we’ll be more likely to take chances and trust ourselves to be honest and open when speaking our truth to others.

Yet if we’re unhappy, living in fear or hopeless, that inner dialogue inside our minds becomes detrimental to how we communicate with others and live our lives. We can’t have successful communication with those in our lives if we can’t do it with ourselves first.

So, we’ve taken the past few weeks through this retrograde wormhole to hopefully help us get to the root of what we want and feel. Are we happy with the choices we’ve made? Do we want a redo? Do we need a second chance at maybe choosing a different path?

Mercury in Pisces isn’t comfortable for anyone, except maybe if you have your Mercury or Sun in Pisces. It’s not a mindset most are accustomed to, though.

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Mercury in Pisces doesn’t think logically first; they think emotionally, which isn’t necessarily the same as simply following their heart. But they value each equally. Mercury in Pisces doesn’t stop us from feeling what we want, it doesn’t stuff down our truth so deep we can barely breathe. It expresses it, it says the hard things, it says what it means, and maybe it turns the world upside in the process, but as least we knew either way.

That seems to be something we often lose sight of, even if Pisces doesn’t, and the idea that while we do get to choose, we don’t get to choose the results of that choice. We can be logical, sensible and do the right thing, but we don’t get to decide if that means we’ll be happy, or if we’ll wake up to the love of our life every morning.

All we are responsible for is ourselves and the choices we make, which means that, really, it’s only our opinion, our internal barometer for peace that gets to decide whether a choice or decision was the one that aligned with our soul.

See, there is no true right or wrong choices in this life. There are those that align with our soul and those that provide the lessons, but that is it. Yet it’s true that we can’t miss out permanently on something that is meant for us, even if it feels like we lost a path or person as an option forever.

Things do come back, people come back, paths open up, but we have to decide to take them. We have to look at all we’ve been through and all we’ve learned, and not only choose to take that second chance, but to take it as the self that we’ve since grown into.

There’s something in this time frame for all of us from March 16th to April 11th. There’s a truth that needs to be spoken, a feeling divulged, and possibly a second chance. But it’s our path to walk.

And while the specifics will differ for us all, we do have to recognize that this moment is upon us. The natural world makes no mistakes and neither does Spirit.

As we move into this period of auspicious aspects and energy with Mercury now direct in Pisces, the Sun-Jupiter sextile and the Full Supermoon in Virgo just having occurred, there’s no mistaking that we’re right where we’re meant to be.

And while we can’t rewrite our past, we do get to decide what comes next knowing that, ultimately, we have free will to choose what the next step will be, and if we will take that second chance or only pray it will come around again if we don’t.

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