What Happens When Two Leos Fall In Love

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What Happens When Two Leos Fall In Love

What happens when two Leo zodiac signs fall in love?

Did you know that lions are the most sociable member of the cat family? This quality sounds mighty familiar when it relates to the zodiac sign Leo.

Leos are very sociable, friendly, and love to be the life of the party. Leos are known to be aggressive much like the lion.

What happens when a Leo dates another Leo, per astrology?

Leos are extremely loyal and stable when it comes to any relationship that they are in, and more so when dating or in love with another Leo.

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They are dedicated to their family and friends and especially to their partners.

They put their heart into everything and they strive to make their loved ones feel as if they're put on this earth with a purpose.

Just like that, Leos are a sign that will be there for a person until the end.

Leos love to be accepted for who they are and admired for their attributes.

They don’t like competing for love and attention and will go looking for it if their partners don’t give it to them.

A positive light to be around is something we all strive for and without trying, Leos are known for this.

They wear optimism on their sleeves which keeps others around them inspired.

They have a light that lights up the dark days around them which is contagious and makes others around them want to get a glimpse.

They are protective and kind but in all signs, they have flaws that can hurt their love life.

Here are 6 things that can happen when a Leo dates another Leo, according to astrology:

1. A Leo couple will fight over respect.

Leos are dominating and control freaks.

They desire to be the leader and they refuse to back down.

Two very strong personalities can lead to a devastating fight over power and respect.

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2. Leo partners know the importance of trust.

Leos are not great at lying and they can be very sneaky when they want to be.

When a Leo gets into that mode of doing what they want and not letting someone stop them, they could easily fall into someone else’s arms if their trust is broken so with two Leos dating they must remember to keep the trust between them sacred.

3. Leo zodiac signs control their emotions.

This fire sign can be ruled with so many emotions that it can take over a Leo’s entire day depending on how bad it is.

Leos are passionate about their feelings and will not hesitate to express them. Two Leos with emotions on fire can spread into something wild.

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4. Expect communication break downs.

Leos can express themselves very well when they want.

But if they are mad they will shut down and expect others to know what they did wrong to piss them off.

This can cause a lack of communication that can eventually cause problems between the two.

5. Crazy Chemistry happens between two Leos.

The chemistry between two Leos can be intense.

Leos are already known to have a steamy and strong sexual desire but two Leos at the same time dating, that fire between them can only be put out if they allow it.

Leos are always down to give and receive affection so this Leo duo would be great at expressing their love for each other.

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6. They'll be each other's party partner in crime.

Leos are the life of any party that they are at and they will always make sure the people around them are enjoying themselves.

They enjoy having a good time and they will make sure as long as they have the opportunity to entertain themselves and the people around them, it will be a time you will never forget.

7. They give each other independence

Leos are independent and if they feel like their independence is compromised then they will become selfish and find any way to get it.

They will distance themselves from whoever stands in their way of having independence which can cause a huge problem in a relationship. Once a Leo's independence is in jeopardy then all hell will break loose.

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8. The jealousy can be overwhelming.

Leos are jealous territory seeking control freaks.

They are possessive when it comes to their mates and refuse to share their lovers with others.

They do not believe in the more the merrier within their relationships and they won’t hold back their feelings about it.

9. They will enjoy each other's genuine hearts.

Leo’s are known as warm-hearted and genuine-hearted when it comes to loving their family and friends.

They try their best to not pass judgment on others and they treat others with respect because they want the respect of others as well.

They are not motivated by material things but by the authenticity of people in their inner circle.

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