How The Pluto-Venus Square Will Affect Your Love Horoscope & Relationships Until November 2020, According To Astrology

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How The Pluto-Venus Square Will Affect Your Love Horoscope & Relationships Until November 2020, According To Astrology
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Maybe we don’t always to admit that sometimes what we think is love is actually an unhealthy or toxic relationship. But with the astrology transit of Pluto square Venus, with Pluto in Capricorn and Venus in Aries, on February 28th, we’re no longer going to be able to avoid the obvious.

Venus is the planet that rules love, beauty and finances; however, in this aspect she’s primarily focused on our romantic relationships. Coming together with Pluto, the lord of the underworld and the ruler of truth, means we’re in for some stark realities.

In astrology, a square is when two planets orbit within 90 degrees of one another, creating a sometimes stressful or challenging aspect. But it also means we have reached a point of action too. Nothing in life just happens to us, and instead we have the capability to not only make decisive choices but to be aware of our filter, which can change even the most complicated perspective into one filled with clarity.

Pluto square Venus occurs traditionally twice a year, giving us the insight and power to not only see the truth, but act upon it.

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Seeing a theme for the end of February? Good, because right now the stars are making it impossible to miss. The last time we experienced this aspect was October 2019, and we won’t see it happen again until November, which means that certain energies are being activated now that will be sticking with us for most of 2020.

There really isn’t anything better than love, is there? That bubbly excitement over just hearing their voice, the heart flips, and how it feels like someone can just make us lose our breath — it’s magic. But those feelings can also change over time, and while they are incredible to experience, it doesn’t always mean it’s love, and love doesn’t always mean healthy.

It’s cute how we all rang in the new year back in January, welcoming the changes this decade would bring, having no idea what that would actually mean. And how just because we open our eyes, our heart and our lives to change, it doesn’t mean we’re always prepared for what it takes to get there.

We are all ready to really get down to what’s most important this year. We’re ready to make the hard choices, to put ourselves first, and to walk away from relationships that solely represent patterns or our wounded self. but just because there’s a part of us that’s ready, it doesn’t mean we still won’t be kicking and screaming our way there.

This is where February comes in. This is where the Venus-Pluto square connects with us, and how sometimes we just need to be pushed, to have no choice but to jump or figure it out on along the way. While love is incredible, sometimes we come to realize we only accepted what we thought was love.

If we don’t truly love ourselves — if we don’t fully accept ourselves, trust ourselves or know how to validate ourselves — we will end up accepting control, manipulation, comfort and company. We might call it love. We might even say that we feel it, but if the underlying reasons we’re together are because we’re scared to be alone or we don’t know how to be, it’s not really love.

In those cases, it's fear keeping a relationship together, not love. This can be as hard to hear as it is to realize this is the truth, but this is the path we all take. This is how we learn to be better, to do better, and to fall in love with ourselves.

Yes, 2020 will be a year to remember, a brand new chapter in an entirely new book. But it’s also a year of transition, because we don’t need to be that old self anymore.

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We don’t need to stay in a relationship that feeds our wounded self or keeps us small. We have everything we need within us to make different choices and to make the choices our future self will thank us for — we just have to be willing to let go of our comfort zone in order to do so.

Luckily for us, this is Pluto’s specialty, but he doesn’t always do it gently. Currently in Capricorn, this planet’s energy is more subtle and grounded, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be any easier on us, especially those of us who need to make those big changes.

Pluto is the planet that rules the exposing of secrets and truths that lay dormant under the surface. Pluto brings to light what we’ve tried to ignore or even lied to about ourselves.

In Capricorn though, we can gather a bit of confidence because anything Pluto exposes or brings to our awareness is for our best interest. It’s ultimately going to lead to a better and more grounded life, we just must not be afraid of getting a little dirty.

The other positive about the timing of this transit and the energy it’s bringing in for the next eight months is that Venus is currently in Aries. Not traditionally a very lovey-dovey aspect, the benefit is that Venus in Aries is incredibly motivated and determined.

So, this is quite literally a little of that jolt we may just need to move past anything we’ve known for some time was holding us back. Pluto may wake us up to the truth, but Venus is the fire we need to make choices, act and move on.

When we think of moving on, it doesn’t mean we disappear into this other life, but that we’re only done learning the lessons we’ve already mastered. If we’ve learned about worthiness, self-love, independence and truth, we no longer need to stay in the situations in which these are the themes that play out.

This means we can take the best part of whatever relationship or situation we’re walking away from: the lessons of growth.

No love is a waste. Even if we find out it was only fear, the only waste that does happen is when we refuse to learn and move on out of that fear.

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