The Comprehensive Personality Traits Of The Leo Zodiac Sign — And What Every Aspect Of Their Life Is Like

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Eminent personality traits: Leo

Leo is a Lion for a reason.

Represented by the Lion and ruled by the Sun, Leo is the vibrant, charismatic superstar of astrology. The Leo personality is described as magnetic, bringing the sun to any rainy day.

Leo is loyal, dedicated to both people and causes. They rarely deviate from what they believe in, which is also why they make for such great actors and performers. This fire sign is the good-natured show-off as well as the egotistical attention hog. They love the spotlight, optimism and fearlessness.

Born between July 23 and August 22, the Leo zodiac sign has quite a few positive personality traits. However, Leo traits can also be a bit negative:

  • Courageous, daring, brave
  • Fearless, expressive, reckless
  • Egomaniacal, hubristic, arrogant
  • Loyal, stable, reliable
  • Fearless, reckless, hubristic
  • Proud, conceited, inaccessible
  • Romantic, obsessive, friendly
  • Territorial, snobbish, exclusive
  • Indulgent, forgetful, ignorant
  • Self-centered, final, know-it-all
  • Kind, honest, faithful
  • Domineering, overbearing, pushy
  • Trustworthy, open, warm

While we know Leo is loyal and fearless, they are also pompous and bossy. But if you're curious about the other aspects of their life, this guide is perfect for learning about Leo compatibility, careers, relationships, and more. 

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What is Leo like in love?

Leo is an extremely enthusiastic lover. They want their partners to be just as excited as they are over the prospects of love and a future, so they go out of their way to make sure their partners are pleased in all departments. Leos take their lovin' seriously, and put their hearts on the line. If you break Leo's heart, you break the person, totally.

They are loyal and wish for the same, and anything less than this kind of dedication does not cut it for Leo; they want the royal treatment and are completely interested in doing the same for you. Leo is your faithful lover, and they will remain so as long as you want them.

What is the ideal business/career/work for the Leo zodiac sign?

Leo is a bit lazy, and so getting the kind of work commitment one needs is not always easy. Leo is good at certain things and not that good at other things, so they tend to only want to be involved in the things they're good at — things that don't always pay, like the arts, theatre, film work.

Leo's brand of talent has them all fantasizing superstardom in the world of acting, yet that takes a lot of work, and work is not Leo's strong suit. Think of them as King of the Jungle: the great Lion, who sits in the sun and occasionally flicks a bug off his fur. That's the work load for Leo: they want the big stuff, or nothing at all. They commit only to the work they can do, and that work has to be a labor of love, or it's not worth doing.

How does Leo raise a family?

Back to the image of the Lion sprawled out on the plains, surrounded by cubs. Leo adores family and wishes for large gatherings of loved ones. Family is number one, and for Leo, that kind of loyalty comes naturally. Leo wants only the best for his or her family, and they will do anything and everything to protect that sacred bond.

With the motto of "family first" always in the forefront of their mind, they are drawn towards doing the "right thing" which means providing, protecting, encouraging, engaging, and flourishing in the love they create.

What ailments and health issues plague Leo?

Leo can handle any illness because it's in their nature to stand firm and tall in the face of any kind of adversity, even health issues. Often times, Leo doesn't want to admit that anything's wrong; once again, their pride acts as a barrier between them and good health.

They tend to manifest illness through fevers and heart problems, though they are also fiercely dedicated to fitness routines to maintain their lovely bodies, also a point of pride. Leo see perfect health as their birth rite, and they rarely admit to being ill, though they do love being helped if the situation calls for it.

How creative is a Leo personality?

Well, creatively Leo is the cream of the crop; they excel in the arts, theatre most especially. Leo craves the spotlight, the stardom, the attention, and if anyone is good at balancing that kind of crazy life, it's Leo.

They take on projects for the purpose of completing them, and while they are known for their laziness, when they put their efforts into something creative, they never stop until they reach the top. Leo's pushy ways may be obnoxious at times, but they will never be boring. Leo is the most interesting person in the world!

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What kind of lover is the Leo zodiac sign?

Well, everyone wants to be known as the best sexual partner, and Leo is no exception. Unfortunately for them, though, they're not the best. What they are is the most interesting. Leo is alluring, enticing; they know how to seduce and they love being seduced. Sexual attention makes Leo happy, whether sex is the end result of that attention or not.

A healthy sex life is somewhat important to Leo for the purpose of appearance. They don't want to be thought of as anything less than a shimmering god of sex, but the actual act of sex is less important to them. They're all wham-bam, but very little thank you ma'am.

How does Leo handle their finances?

Leo love living large and affording it, or at least coming off as if they can afford it. They never hold back when it comes to spending... on themselves as well as others.

Never selfish, always giving, Leo is the person who will throw your birthday bash and alert the media while they're there. They want top shelf everything, and there is no such thing as second best when it comes to purchases. Yes, they will work their Leo ways to raise whatever money it takes to fulfill some odd dream of theirs.

They always get what they want, and they're not shy when it comes to hand outs either. What lion would throw out a steak if it was hanging in front of its face?

And what about Leo spirituality?

Leo has the ability to throw themselves headlong into spirituality, as long as there's something in it for them. They're not followers and religion may not be their game, unless, of course, they are the grand guru and everyone flocks to them for wisdom and spiritual tools.

Leo simply doesn't give up their ego too fast, and it's rough on them to take the point of view of follower, but they are also pressed to evolve and progress, so if the spiritual fad of the day promises some new wondrous method of greatness, Leo is on top of that. They find their spirituality in nature — in the sun, the wind, and sounds of birds that do more for Leo than any place of worship.

What is the Leo personality like in day to day life?

Self-confidence comes in abundance with Leo, and that makes every day a happy challenge. They are unafraid; all endeavors are perceived as opportunities for happiness. Leos are naturally joyful and optimistic; they rarely bring the party down and are often the friend you turn to when you want to cheer up.

Leo never lets anyone feel excluded, and to be loved by a Leo is to feel special and honored. Leo may be rude at times, and even aggressive and hurtful, and while that isn't a good thing, it stems from an inability to deal with their own hurt feelings.

Leo goes through life assuming everything is going to go their way, so if it doesn't, they lash out and act like bullies. Leo only wants a perfect world, one in which they are the beloved ruler.

What kind of conflicts does Leo get involved in?

The truth is, Leo makes for a very bad, very annoying enemy. Should you get into an argument with a Leo, expect an unfair below-the-belt kind of disrespect. Leo forgets how to be kind when they are offended, and they are utterly unconcerned with consequences.

Leo will drive a car off a bridge just to prove a point, then regret their decision while falling in mid air. Impulsivity makes Leo a terrible person to oppose; they do not take well to criticism, disagreement or opinion. It really is their way or the highway, no questions asked.

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