What The Sun-Neptune Sextile Means For Your Love Life And Relationships Until May 2020

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Why The Sun Neptune Sextile Will Help Us Clear Away Past Loves
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Suddenly, it will feel a lot easier to move on from the past when Sun sextile Neptune, with Sun in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces, on January 7th. This transit allows the zodiac signs to see the truth of any situations, specifically a romantic relationship or love horoscope.

A sextile is when two planets are within 60 degrees of one another, which creates a powerful and beneficial aspect and will help us see what has been right in front of us. This is a transit that usually occurs twice a year, with the last one in May 2019 and the next one not happening until May 2020.

These sextiles in astrology can be seen as stand-alone events that give us energy to push past blinders we wear in matters of the heart. But deeper than that, they set the tone for our zodiac signs.

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With the Sun in Capricorn, this is a very internal energy for us as the Sun represents our soul or core. It’s the deepest part of who we are, sometimes even that self we’re not aware of until much later in life. Capricorn is an earth sign, which is beneficial around this time because we often start the new year with so many ideas that it’s hard to know which we should act upon.

But this sign grounds us and helps us focus. Capricorn isn’t just about groundedness and stability, but also about hard work. And while we’re in the thick of Capricorn season, this is also an energy we began to work with last month.

More so than other years, this has been a time for beginning those resolutions even sooner than before — not because we must rush in making anything happen, but instead, we know that most things come down to now or later. We might as well take care of what we need to before beginning a new year and decade.

There is no question that this next year is taking shape to be different than years past. And there’s no mistaking the different energy we saw begin to filter in back in the beginning of December when Jupiter moved into Capricorn for the next year. For many, we hoped that 2019 was going to be a more stable year because 2018 was rough, but it didn’t really turn out how we hoped.

The numerology vibration of 2020 is a 4, which is very different than the 12 or 3 vibration of 2019. This is about remembering our purpose, worthiness, practicality, loyalty, strong foundations and hard work — many of the same qualities as Capricorn, which is why we started to feel this energy shift almost as soon as December started.

Many don’t see Capricorn as very fun, but what we don’t always see is that in order to have the most fun, we also need to put in the work to achieve it. For us to have that amazing life, we need to stay loyal to ourselves and our beliefs. So this year is really about that reconnection to self.

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When we reconnect with ourselves, we’re not just finding out how we like our coffee now, but tune into who we are; that part of us that the Sun represents. In this time of reconnection, we can be honest with ourselves, and through that truth we’re able to not only make different decisions but see the greater meaning behind so many events and situations within our own lives.

Neptune is a beautiful planet, the one responsible for unconditional love, dreams, fantasy, spirituality and those rose-colored glasses we wear when looking at life.

But it’s also illusion, and the one thing many of us have learned the hard way is that we can’t fool ourselves about who someone really is, and that goes for ourselves as well. In Pisces, this planet is at home in the watery realm, so his energies are magnified, which can be positive. But only if we’re not being blinded by Neptune’s veil of illusion.

Coming together with Capricorn, an earth sign that likes to call it as it is and is concerned with solid foundations, it's a great asset to Neptune in Pisces because it’s going to help us see the truth in our life. This will be in terms of ourselves in areas we needed to grow or change: our career, life path and even relationships.

Many times, the weeks following New Years is a time for breakups, because rarely do we want to break up between the holidays. Once the new year is here, that means it’s also time to make changes.

Whether you’re the one ending things of your ex, it doesn’t mean that love or even the memory of love is easy to let go of. Sometimes, those feelings of how amazing it was haunts us, because even if things turned stagnant or unhealthy, rarely is any relationship all bad.

But in order to start anew and have that new beginning — not just of a new year but of being our best selves — we also must let go of what is no longer ours. We must find the balance between the memories and reality, the painful truth and the sweet fantasy.

Life unto itself is balance, and it’s easy at times to villainize an ex in order to push past the good memories. But true healing is when you can laugh and reminisce over the good ones, but still be grateful for the experience, even if they’re no longer by your side.

Together, Capricorn and Pisces will soften the blow of whatever reality we need to acknowledge. 

Seeing the truth is never painful, but living in denial is. So as we move further into 2020, it won’t be just about seeing the truth, but living it as well.

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