5 Magnificent Traits That Make Virgos The Most Beautiful Of All Zodiac Signs

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 Virgo Traits That Make Them The Most Beautiful Women Among Zodiac Signs, Per Astrology Summary
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Have you ever wondered which women among the zodiac signs are the most beautiful and why?

If you know much about astrology, you might naturally look to Venus to see if women born under the star signs of Libra or Taurus fit the bill. But then you'd be leaving out legendary beauties like Selma Hayek, Beyonce Knowles, Cameron Diaz and Jada Pinkett Smith — all of whom are Virgo women, symbolized by the virgin and born between the dates of August 23 and September 22.

What is it about Virgo horoscopes and personality traits that makes them such a beautiful zodiac sign?

Each woman has beautiful characteristics in her birth chart; where they tend to show themselves through physical looks or in deeds.

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Who can deny the inner beauty of Mother Teresa and her dedication to the poor? She was also a Virgo zodiac sign with amazing inner and outer loveliness. In fact, many famous men and women were born with Virgo Sun signs or with Venus in Virgo in birth charts.

Most of us who read about astrology have some preconceived notions about Virgos.

Virgos are known to be uptight, meticulous, judgmental, overworked and very responsible. They are cautious and careful and a little nervous.

But the main thing you should know about Virgos is that they are radiant and beautiful.

Because Virgo is the zodiac sign of service, these star signs are always put together. Virgo rules wellness, so you'll often find Virgo Sun, Moon or Rising horoscopes with freshly pressed clothes, a smart wardrobe, and matching accessories. Ruled by Mercury, Virgo is aspirational the way they take so much pride in everything they do.

Virgos do have a tendency to be judgemental. They are highly critical of those around them, but I think they are most critical of themselves. Their attempts at perfection stem from feelings of inadequacy and the idea that perhaps they do not belong.

Negative personality traits like this one aside, you'll never have a better friend than a Virgo. They are kind and giving, supportive and loyal, and mostly understanding and kind.

They want to see you succeed and will do their best to help you get there, even if that means being something of a know-it-all. Kindheartedness and friendship can make anyone look even more beautiful.

Here are five more reasons why women born under Virgo are the most beautiful among the zodiac signs in astrology.

1. Virgo women are perfectionists.

They are always going to be put together. Virgos aren’t the type to leave the house with a baggy sweatshirt, messy bun and mismatched socks.

Virgos won’t leave the house until they are ready to take on the day. This will include, but not be limited to, a freshly washed face, perfectly pressed outfit and not a wisp of hair out of place.

2. Virgos are meticulous and clean.

Everything about Virgos is about routine and practice. They will apply the best face creams to prevent wrinkles and keep their skin oil-free and moist, and they will do it on a strict schedule so it has lasting effects.

They will also regularly apply face masks, hair masks and lip masks (it’s a thing I swear) so that everything about them is performing to its fullest potential.

They will have the finest soaps, sponges, loofahs and perfumes. Virgos are living proof that while beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it is also in the nose. And trust me, you want to get some Virgos in your nose.

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3. Virgos watch their diet and health, so their outer beauty comes from within.

Virgos try to excel at everything they do, and yes, that includes eating. I'm not talking about competitive eating — I’m talking about a healthy diet ... a super healthy diet ... the healthiest diet any nutritionist could design.

Virgos love a healthy eating plan built around superfoods that give you a natural glow, fruits that make your hair shiny and healthy fats that don’t clog your pores.

4. Virgos love to exercise.

You know that glow you get when you go to the gym and have a really great work out? That’s how Virgos feel all the time.

Virgos love to exercise and so they are constantly working out. They stay in shape and always have that healthy, just-came-from-the-gym glow.

5. Virgo zodiac signs are kind and caring.

The most important characteristic of Virgos that makes them so beautiful is their hearts.

Virgos are very loyal and giving. They are always supporting their friends and showing up for the people in their lives.

They are thoughtful and generous with their time and make the people around them better.

After all, kindness keeps us beautiful.

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