Why Are Virgos So Nice?

Talk about nice!

Why Are Virgos So Nice? Popcorner/Shutterstock.com

Virgos are so nice. Everything about this zodiac sign points to the highest level of sweetness a person can get.

Why are Virgos so nice?

Kind and charitable are a few words to describe the gentle-nature of Virgo, the nicest zodiac sign in astrology.

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Why are Virgos so nice? Born between August 23 to Sept. 22, Virgos have everything under control and they put helping others at the top of their to-do list.

Virgo, the conservative, practical earth sign, always looks out for other people. Ruled by Mercury, they show kindness and compassion through words and good deeds. There's no limit to the love that they express toward others. >

Virgo zodiac signs have clear boundaries, and will not hesitate to let people know what they are and aren’t comfortable with, but that never stops them from striving to be nice about their wants and needs.

And yet, these realistic, hardworking perfectionists might be some of the kindest people you will ever meet.


It might not seem so at first, because Virgo's niceness isn't spoken about. They tend to prefer the background. This might make them seem a little closed off, aloof — add in the intense, bossy and domineering personality when it comes to their work, Virgos seem impenetrable.

How can Virgos be so nice when people think they are domineering, self-indulgent, and a little spacey?

Sensitive, but to a fault, Virgos exist in their own world, but that doesn’t mean they will not give everything they have to the people they care about.

The Virgos charitable and giving personality can be seen everywhere: you, as a Virgo yourself, might find it in your nature to be a kind person.


But celebrity Virgos like Chris Pine, Melissa McCarthy, and Jack Black are not only funny, down to earth, but are also incredibly nice people as well. This can be seen in their many hilarious interviews, their movies, and more importantly, their actions.

Virgos are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.

Why are Virgos nice and yet a complicated sign? They are competitive at work, reserved and observant in social situations, hard to get to know.

But all of these contradictions sometimes mask the fact that Virgos are the nicest people you will ever meet.

Here are some of the reasons why Virgos are so nice, per astrology:

Virgos are never uncertain, and this helps support their ability to be nice.

They are a very “go hard or go home” sign. This means that if you are one of the lucky people they end up caring about, they will do everything they can to make sure you are provided for.


While their help might seem a little too analytical (a little too many pros and cons lists than you are comfortable with) it doesn’t mean that they aren’t dedicating the entirety of their empathy towards bettering your life.

They will stand by you no matter what. So when you need someone in your corner, the Virgo is the first to throw down the gauntlet for you.

That is why Virgos make some of the best friends a person can have.

They will be there when the going gets tough and will help you with the really tough, complicated stuff normal people wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole with such a surprising amount of ease, you will wonder where they’ve been your entire life.


Take Melissa McCarthy and Maya Rudolph for example — iconic comedic duo, but also the truest friendship two people can have.

Rudolph always shows up for the projects McCarthy pens, because she knows it is a vice versa situation.

After knowing each other for over 20 years, they are completely and totally comfortable in front of each other.

Virgos are so nice and observant.

This can apply very well to projects, but this is especially true for people. While the Virgo is competitive and bossy at work, they fade to the background a little during social situations.

This is not so much because they are shy, but because they prefer to take this time to observe.


Sometimes observant people like to take traits they notice in people and exploit them.

It can be very easy to take the little things people don’t normally notice and use them to take them down.

But Virgos will never use what they observe to hurt other people.

For example, you might think no one noticed you crying in the bathroom earlier, but Virgos will immediately pick up on your slumped shoulders, your slightly puffy eyes, and your face you thought you washed clean of any vulnerability in the bathroom sink.

What is especially great about Virgos is that they know how not to make a scene. Their kindness is never for show, so they will never use your pain to make themselves look good.


Virgos, as practical, realistic, and more importantly the more empathetic zodiac sign will use what they observe to find the quickest solution for your problems.

Virgos show you do not have to go through everything alone.

While you go back to your work desk, a Virgo might be the one who would slide that tissue box over without much fuss, or surprise you tomorrow with a really sweet and well-thought-out gift.

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They see everything as a problem that needs to be solved

On one hand, there are times where this is a fault of the Virgo. They see everything as a problem they can and should solve.


With an unstoppably powerful analytical mind, your problems become their problems, and they will use their entire intellectual power to ensure everyone around them lives better lives.

This can be a little debilitating for normal people, but Virgos have an ungodly amount of empathy, time, and dedication.

They remember everything, from important dates to small numbers, to tiny pet peeves. They will take this knowledge and use subtle ways to make sure these inconveniences are blasted from your sight.


This trait also shows itself when it comes to humanitarian causes. Virgos are often the leaders when it comes to philanthropic work, and will be the first to organize, donate, and protest for what deserves to be fought for.

The nicest people are Virgos.

The most obvious example is inspirational Mother Teresa. But this can also be seen in many modern-day celebrities we know and love today.

Beyonce founded the Survivor Foundation with fellow Destiny Child’s Kelly Rowland, to help victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Zendaya has done a large amount of charity work in her time, but most notably she is an ambassador for Convoy of Hope, and she raised over $50,000 for Convoy’s Women Empowerment Initiative.


Virgos see a problem in the world, and they will immediately dedicate every bit of their willpower to solve it.

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