7 Ways To Truly Love A Virgo Woman

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Virgo women are the whole package: intelligence, kind-heartedness, and a natural ability to help everyone. I mean, seriously, what could be better than dating a Virgo? Maybe being one — but we can't have everything.

It isn't always easy to get a Virgo woman to open up, especially since she's always doing some kind of soul-searching, but when she does come out of her shell it's so worth the wait.

The Virgo woman is always challenging her significant other to think about things in a different way and she loves having someone around who can entertain her quirkiness.

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What do we love about Virgos the most? How they always have an open heart for their friends, family, and animals. Virgos teach us that love is still so underrated and they aren't afraid to show it.

What A Virgo Woman Needs In Love And Relationships

1. Always put in the effort for her.

A Virgo woman is always working hard on herself and she expects a man to work hard, too. If you aren't putting the right amount of effort into your relationship, you can't expect your Virgo girl to do the same.

Virgo women are also looking for men who take care of themselves. Guys who have a stable job and a good head on their shoulders are very attractive to Virgos.

2. Appreciate her intelligence.

Virgos are known for taking a methodical approach to life, which means they are always thinking about their next step. Your Virgo woman isn't afraid to spend a little more time on a decision if it means that she'll be satisfied with the result.

Show you love her by appreciating her intelligent nature. She knows her methods can be a little out there sometimes, but she knows the people she loves don't mind. Listen to her when she tries to work out an argument or plan a trip; you might learn something new from her!

3. Make time to unwind together.

A Virgo woman can get lost in her thoughts sometimes, making it feel like it's all work and no play when you're with her. Getting her out of her head often will remind her how important your relationship is.

Plan a day trip to the beach or stay in and cook dinner together. You'll get closer to her and it'll be a great way for her to unwind and calm her mind.

4. Don't mistake her introspective nature for shyness.

It is true that Virgo women can be shy individuals, but what's really going on inside her head is a lot of introspective thinking. Virgo women are very contemplative and will often spend hours at a time considering things that (honestly) probably doesn't matter that much.

If her quiet demeanor is different from your own personality, try to get her to talk out what she's thinking. It might be hard for her at first, but she will appreciate you taking the time to listen to her.

5. Help her even when she doesn't ask for help.

One of biggest things that annoys a Virgo woman is asking for help. With all of the thinking she does, she never wants to feel like she has to ask for someone else's opinion. She would rather struggle through an issue before asking you for help.

Instead of getting frustrated with your Virgo girl, lend a helping hand even if she doesn't ask for help. Deep down, she wants a man who will be there for her without her asking for it.

6. Your kindness will go a long way.

One of Virgo's greatest strengths is her ability to be kind in almost every situation; this is what makes her so accepted and loveable. Virgo women can't stand people who are rude for no reason, so if this is your idea of fun, count Virgo out.

Virgo wants a man who can be kind to people and animals. She is a big animal lover and if you can't give her and her pets the same amount of respect, you two won't last very long.

7. Don't overlook the small stuff.

Because of her methodical nature, the Virgo woman is all about the small details in life. She will always go out of her way to make sure you're taken care of, like folding your laundry or leaving a hand-written note for your on the bathroom mirror.

If you want to show a Virgo how much you love and care for her, return the favor. She will love that good morning text or some help bringing in the groceries. It's always the little things that count with a Virgo woman.

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