What The Mercury-Neptune Square Means For Your Love Life And Relationships Until May 2020

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The Important Message That Sagittarius And Pisces Has For All Signs This Week
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A different current of energy infects the zodiac signs' conscious minds as we get a dose of fire and water energy from Pisces and Sagittarius. On December 20th, we will experience Mercury square Neptune, with Mercury in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces.

This transit in astrology will ask us to not only be more discerning about whether our thoughts or dreams are realistic, but also encourage us to make plans for what is. This is a consistent transit occurring twice, which enables us to reflect upon what we’re focusing on and rededicated ourself to make our lives a reflection of our deepest desires.

The last time we experienced this energy was in May, and we won’t see this again until next May, which means this is our chance before a new eclipse season begins on December 26th, and with it an entire new life cycle.

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Fire and water aren’t often thought of as being compatible, with too much water putting fire out and too much fire drying up any water that existed. But as with anything in life, not only are these elements essential for life, but they are quite valuable once they’re within balance of one another.

Mercury in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces is an aspect that signifies that both planets are within 90 degrees of one another, creating a moment of opportunity or change. While many might consider this a hard or challenging aspect, it can be viewed as the point of no return, the moment in which we no longer have the choice to ignore, or dismiss an issue that we’ve needed to deal with.

Essentially, a square is the climax of our story when, whether right or left, we’re going to have to decide from that point that nothing will be the same, not even us.

Mercury has been in the hot seat lately as he’s been at the front and center of many astrological influences and even events within our own lives. Since the beginning of October, the planet that rules communication, conversations, emails and thoughts has been transiting through Scorpio, helping us to face all sorts of issues, situations and feelings we’ve otherwise happily swept under the rug.

As we saw this planet retrograde and then move into Sagittarius at the beginning of the month, we felt clearer than we had all year. While we weren’t aware of it at the time, this extended time in Scorpio (almost two months!) was clearing a lot of cob webs from our hearts and minds.

Not traditionally thought of as a romantic sign, depending upon which sign he’s in, like Scorpio, Mercury will take on those traits and themes. So, this time was all about truth but also passion.

In Sagittarius, we’ve been more focused on the future, feeling like the past is finally behind us. But perhaps we’ve been weary of dreaming again, of believing that dreams can come true.

Because while we had cleared a great deal of wounding and heaviness during the past two months, we still weren’t convinced that it was safe to trust, safe to believe, or that there was even anything left to believe in.

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While we do have to be weary of being deceived or too gullible, this is also a transit when we’re going to be asked to believe in a dream we had long since given up believing in. The difference between the two is whether or not we’ve learned what we were meant to since last May and, more importantly, if we can take those lessons and implement them into changed behavior, and the beginning of new patterns in this Mercury-Neptune cycle.

Neptune is the planet that rules the dream world; it's that luscious place where we fantasize, feel all sweet and gushy and generally see everything through those rose-tinted glasses. Neptune has been transiting through Pisces sine 2012 and will continue to do so until 2025.

An outer planet, his transits take longer and will take up to 165 years to traverse all twelve signs of the zodiac! Pisces, though, is this planet’s home, so he’s exalted there, meaning it’s his best possible placement. That means we get the best of Neptune.

Deception is always possible, but if we don’t take that risk of believing in something wonderful, in believing in love and in life being more beautiful, we end up losing. Life is contingent upon risk, on taking chances and on not letting the past define the future. If we don’t want to be held to the mistakes or words of yesterday, we can’t hold another to theirs, nor can we judge another simply because of what we experienced in the past.

Instead, this transit is asking us to be mindful, to be smart, to not just take someone at their first word, to not let ourselves be led astray from truth, and to also to be willing to take the risk our hearts are set on.

Mercury and Neptune are about bringing the magic, the love, the dreams and the possibilities not just into the lives of all signs but also our future. Beginning on the 26th, we will be within our eclipse window of 2020 that is starting a bit earlier, so now is the time to believe that anything can happen and to let ourselves be as romantic, farfetched and hopeful as we’d like.

Life is a balance — fire and water are a balance — and so is deception and chance, and love and risk. We can’t stay skeptical and still expect to have that amazing life we dream of; we can’t refuse to risk it all for the chance it could be different this time yet still say we’re open.

Instead, we have to reflect on all we’ve experienced, take responsibility for our part, absorb the lessons so they are a part of our very core, and then make a wish on a shooting star, catch snowflakes on our tongue, and dance in the moonlight, trusting that while so much as happened, it’s never too late for love.

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