The Best Black Friday Deal For Each Zodiac Sign

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The Best Black Friday Deals For Each Zodiac Sign

Everybody loves getting a bargain and saving money. There’s a thrill in getting something for way less than its advertised price. And with Black Friday deals, the intensity levels are raised.

People wait in long lines that start days before Black Friday, do research to see who is offering the better price, and participate in Cyber Monday. With all these deals, it can be overwhelming. You want to be smart with your purchases, but you don’t want to miss out on a really good bargain.

Any advice is helpful, and this is where astrology comes in. Because there's a Black Friday deal for each zodiac sign.

The kind of deal you want has a lot to do with the kind of shopper you are. If you’re an impulse buyer, it’s better to know exactly what you’re going to buy, go to that department directly, pay for it and leave, without giving yourself an opportunity to buy a lot of other items you don’t need.

ARIES: Powerbeats Pro Totally Wireless Earphones

These earphones are exactly what physical and active Aries needs. They're high performance, adjustable, and sweat- and water-resistant. Since Aries keep going and going, they need earphones that can keep up with them, and these can go 9 hours without a charge.

Whether it's listening to music while they work out at the gym or a podcast when they're taking a hike, these earphones are perfect for Aries.

(Purchase it here)

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TAURUS: KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer

There's so much about this mixer that would appeal to a Taurus. It's a mixer with status, has a sleek aesthetically pleasing look, and it's built to last.

Taurus will love how it does more than just mix — it blends, it whips, and it creates. Like a paintbrush to a painter, this mixer is the essential tool that every cook and foodie needs. 

(Purchase it here)

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Geminis love to talk, and they need their devices to be the newest and the brightest. Sam's Club has incentives for buying a new iPhone or Samsung, which includes getting up to $650 in gift cards with purchase and activation on installment of any iPhone.

(Purchase it here)

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CANCER: Orca Coolers

For a sign who loves nature and doing things with their family, a top of the line cooler is something they need to have. Orca Cooler is a must-have for any family cook-out, camping trip, or beach day. They're colorful, tough, and can be customized.

Orca Coolers will be mixing things up on Black Friday and Cyber Monday by having a different deal each hour (for 12 hours).

(Purchase it here)

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LEO: ban.do Planner

Leos always have a lot on their plate, and sometimes calendars and reminder apps aren't enough. Planners from ban.do have year, month, and week views, cool artwork, stickers, and other fun things like coloring pages.

And since Leos love gifts, ban.do has a lot of fun items such as puzzles, candles, and ornaments. And from November 25-December 2, you get 30 percent off site-wide.

(Purchase it here)

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VIRGO: iPad Pro

Virgos never want second best or something that's past its prime, so the latest model iPad Pro is perfect for them. They love to gather information, research, and work on creative projects, so an iPad is more than something to watch movies on.

This iPad Pro has Wi-Fi, is faster than many PC laptops, easily runs pro apps, and has an all-day battery, which is great for when Virgo gets interested in a new topic.

(Purchase it here)

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LIBRA: Kushi Makeup Bag

Libras appreciate beauty and design, and these Kushi makeup bags have both. The company was started by women who travel, making products for other women who travel.

These spectacular makeup bags have been carefully designed so everything you need has its own place. This is the only time during the year that Kushi has a sale, offering 15 percent off site-wide from November 28-December 3.

(Purchase it here)

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Scorpios tend to have the eye of an artist, and are curious about the world and its inhabitants. A good way for Scorpio to do both is to take pictures with a camera. It may seem old school, but Scorpio would appreciate the quality of the photos and physically handle this item.

For Black Friday, Amazon has many deals on Nikon products. A camera is not only a good way for Scorpio to express themselves, but might be the beginning of a whole new career.

(Purchase it here)

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Sagittarians love to travel and discover their new favorite places. On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there are all kinds of travel deals. They're usually not announced beforehand, but the alert shopper can find fantastic travel deals like discounted tickets, bargains on vacation packages, hotels, cruises, and resorts, or can earn bonus miles.

In previous years, JetBlue offered $150 off vacation packages, Alaska Airlines offered one-way economy fair for $39, and AeroMexico had inexpensive flights from the U.S. to Mexico. Set your alerts now!

(Check travel prices here)

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Capricorns like to have all the information they can about where they came from, their genes, and their own health. A simple mouth swab is all that's needed for them to start getting the answers they seek.

At Living DNA, there are a variety of kits, including ancestry and wellbeing. Knowing where you come from can give you a strong foundation for where you are now, and that's something that's important for Capricorns, who can get $30 off the Living DNA Ancestry Kit, $40 off the Living DNA Wellbeing Kit, and $50 off the Combo Kit, from November 18-December 3.

(Purchase it here)

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AQUARIUS: Xbox One X, 1TB NBA 2K20 Bundle

Aquarians love their electronics and games, so what better way for them to relax than to do some gaming? Aquarians love the innovation and creativity of the games, and the skill that's needed to play them.

In addition, they always enjoy having to strategize. This bundle from Kohls is expected to be the top Black Friday deal on Xbox. Get it while you can before they all sell out!

(Purchase it here)

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PISCES: Pet Toys

Most Pisces love animals and usually have a pet or two. A good Black Friday deal for them would be a cat tree or scratcher.

If they don't have a pet themselves, Pisces would feel good about donating toys or food to a no-kill pet shelter or sanctuary. They are very giving, and anything they can do to make someone's life a little happier, they're going to do it.

(Purchase it here)

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