The Fall Beauty Trend Each Zodiac Sign Is Obsessed With

They can't get enough.

The Fall Beauty Trend Each Zodiac Sign Is Obsessed With. getty

Beauty products, methods, and fashion are like any other kind of trend: there will be some you love, some you loathe, and some you really couldn’t care less about. But when you find the look or product you enjoy, you can get so into it that it becomes super important to you.

Not every beauty trend is going to resonate with you; in fact, some might confuse you or turn you off entirely. It’s hard to predict what’s going to land with you. But since the zodiac signs are influenced by astrology, it’s not hard to believe the stars may have something to do with what beauty trends we're into.


We all have beauty regimens we follow. They may be as simple as washing your face, brushing your teeth, and applying moisturizer, or they can be much more complicated with skin scrubs, hair treatments, and regular trips to get facials, mani/pedis, and blow-outs. Sometimes we just need a trendy accessory to give us a little kick and make our look more on point.

ARIES: Lash lift

Having a lash lift is a semi-permanent way to curl your eyelashes. An Aries woman already doesn't have enough time in the day to do everything she wants to do. She wants to look good, so if she can save a little time on curling her lashes, why wouldn't she?


It takes less than an hour to get them done, curls your lashes while giving them a nice shape, and you can get them customized to your specifications. 

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TAURUS: Tortoiseshell manicure

Tortoiseshell is both a 90s throwback and an animal print. It's eye-catching and trendy without being too much, just like Taurus. Taureans are dependable and down-to-earth without being boring or passive.

These nails are appropriate for the office and the clubs. Tortoiseshell is subtler than leopard but still makes a statement. Taurus is obsessed with all beautiful things, especially those things inspired by animals. 


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GEMINI: Upside down eyeliner

Who better to take a tried and true beauty trend and flip it than Gemini? Eye contact is extremely important for them, and with upside-down eyeliner, it would be difficult for anyone not to lock eyes with Gemini.

Reverse eyeliner is a sure way for this zodiac sign to stand out from the crowd and is also fun, innovative, and inventive. Gemini is obsessed with anything that makes her stand-out and has a bit of humor to it.

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CANCER: Lavender sprigs

The lavender plant is both pretty and useful. The fragrance of lavender is used in everything from body creams to scented candles. The Cancer woman loves the outdoors, so what better way to keep her connected with nature and still be on point than lavender?


As a bonus, the scent of lavender is very calming, which is good if you're as in touch with your feelings as Cancer is. They can be a little earth-motherly sometimes, so it makes sense she'd be obsessed with the simple beauty of lavender in her hair.

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LEO: Statement headband

Statement headbands are good for whatever Leo is feeling. If they just want something to disguise their dirty hair, a statement headband can do it; if they want to feel like a queen or a princess, an ornate statement headband will work.

The funny thing is these headbands really do make you feel special and a little magical. Leos love to dazzle and be noticed, and a voluminous headband is something that can dress an outfit up or down according to her mood.


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VIRGO: Smokey eyes

The smokey eye is back, though if you watch Project Runway, you may think that they never left. However, the change is that smokey eyes are now a daytime look.

Virgos are all about classic looks with a twist. Smokey eyes are practical (you don't have to buy anything outrageously expensive) but still hot and mysterious. You don't have to change your makeup to go from day to night either. 

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LIBRA: Neon bun

Rainbow-colored hair is so last year, but neon-colored hair in a messy bun takes easy to a new and trendy level. Libras love a pop of color where it's least expected.


A neon bun will make them happy when they look at it, and match their cheerful and positive attitude. Neon colors can't help but make you feel a little daring and silly, so they'll bring out the kid in Libra.

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SCORPIO: Red lips

Like the smokey eye, the classic red lip is back. Not only does the classic red lip make a woman feel sexy, but it also projects to the world that she's passionate, intense, and powerful — all the traits the Scorpio woman has.

The woman wearing red lipstick owns her sexuality and knows how to get what she wants. Not all makeup makes this kind of statement to the world, but the red lip is guaranteed to get your message across.


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The newest K-beauty trend is doing less, meaning fewer steps in your skincare routine, focusing on what your skin really needs, and using products that multi-task — for exmaple, a toner that soothes and hydrates the skin.

The Sagittarius woman is often traveling and working remotely. She needs products that can double up without taking too much space in her luggage, and she wants to not have to spend extra time on her beauty routine.

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CAPRICORN: Hair combs

Hair combs are trending again. These combs, either plain or adorned with pearls, are being seen on all the runways. The Capricorn woman loves the classic quality the hair combs bring, plus the new sparkle they add.


They're practical, easy to use, but still unusual, pretty, and eye-catching. Capricorn is obsessed by them enough to buy a few different hair combs so she has something to go with whatever look she's feeling.

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AQUARIUS: Co-washing

Co-washing (just using conditioner instead of using both conditioner and shampoo) takes a certain kind of person. Most women are used to using both a shampoo and a conditioner, and just trust that a conditioner will clean the hair without making it a greasy mess. It takes guts.


Aquarians love to try new things, and they're obsessed with how soft and non-frizzy their hair is by co-washing. 

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PISCES: Glitter lids

It takes someone with an artistic eye to be able to work with glitter, especially on the eyes. But glitter eyeshadow is perfect for Pisces as it's colorful, flirty, and says the person wearing it is creative, fun, and uninhibited.

Pisces tend to look at their faces as if it's a canvas for them to create their art, and glitter eyeshadow allows them to do so.

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