Astrological Calendar For Planet Pluto For All Zodiac Signs

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Zodiac Dates For Planet Pluto, Each Astrology Sign
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Pluto is a powerful planet and it transits a zodiac sign from 14 - 30 years and was discovered in 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh. One day to Pluto is equivalent to 6.5 days on planet Earth.

In astrology, Pluto stands for your zodiac sign's growth or renewal and where you will experience most, according to your natal chart or daily horoscope.

What is Pluto, per astrology?

Pluto rules the zodiac sign, Scorpio, and it was named after the Greek God Hades. The planet Pluto is associated with the underworld and subconscious forces.

Depending on the house or zodiac sign placement, Pluto’s position can indicate power, death, or some type of transformation. Someone who has Pluto transiting their eighth or sixth house can feel an urge to change physically and emotionally.

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The good aspects to Pluto in your chart or house could mean that you have good control over yourself. Good control means that you have a sense of resilience and power over your life and your surroundings.

Even though Pluto means transformation it can also indicate how you are diligent or self-disciplined.

The bad aspects of having Pluto in your house could indicate you having some type of power struggle within yourself and others. Sometimes this can be shown in the person being manipulative towards others to get what they want.

What happens when Pluto is retrograde?

When Pluto is in retrograde there might be some inward hidden issues of power. Meaning that there is a sign of sneakiness and scheming against either you or somebody else.

What does it mean when Pluto is intercepted?

Pluto intercepted can indicate that the person will isolate themselves from manipulative people and distance themselves from that energy. It shows aspects of something not working and this person can make changes but no making a major change.

This relates to death (or an end) as well in relation to Pluto’s associated with renewal.

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Why is Pluto so powerful?

There’s an aspect of growth and renewal in everything we do. Whether we’re going through a breakup or cutting off old friends, we’re humans and we are constantly changing. It's difficult going through transitions but it’s a part of life and Pluto has a way of impacting every sign in its own way

Here's the history and what was discovered during Pluto in each zodiac sign.

Pluto in Aries (1823 - 1852)

Pluto will return to Aries in the year 2068

Aries rules leadership. When Pluto was in the zodiac sign of Aries it was left undiscovered.

In Aries, Pluto exudes leadership traits. Aries Pluto shows initiative and takes control in a good way.

History of Pluto in Aries

The New World was discovered.

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Pluto in Taurus (1852 - 1883)

Pluto will return to Taurus in the year 2098

Taurus rules agriculture. Taurus are usually set in their ways showing consistency and stubbornness toward change, so Pluto here may be fixed in its ways.

History of Pluto in Taurus

Marxism began.

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Pluto in Gemini (1913 - 1930)

Pluto will transit Gemini 2132 to 2159

Pluto was in Gemini between the years of 1884 to 1912, then due to retrograde re-entered Gemini after leaving late 1912 and continued to be in this sign until 1913.

Gemini rules transportation and communication. Geminis are open too transformations and are greatly influenced by the things around them.

History of Pluto in Gemini

When Pluto was in Gemini, the car was invented and the world made an auto assembly. The airplane was also invented. We had our first experience with the invention of electricity. Radio started and signals across the globe took place.

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Pluto in Cancer (1930 - 1937)

Cancer rules the home and it is the zodiac sign of the United States of America. Cancers are usually very helpful and motherly. They also love to be around people who influence them into their transformation.

History of Pluto in Cancer

The Stock market crashed. The New Deal was established. WW2 happened and women entered the workforce and the Great Depression struck America.

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Pluto in Leo (1938 - 1957)

Leos are confident in themselves and aware of their potential which helps them achieve great things.

History of Pluto in Leo

The atomic bomb was created and women's fashion started to take off in a new way all over the world. Women's rights started began.

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Pluto in Virgo (1956 - 1972)

Virgos are very strict and rule-abiding. If there is a destruction to Pluto, they might self-blame.

When Pluto was in Virgo in 1956 to August 1957 and again in October 1971 to April, then July 1972.

History of Pluto in Virgo

The sexual revolution began. When Pluto was in Virgo, medical procedures involving organ transplants began.

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Pluto in Libra (1971 - 1984)

Libras have a good sense of balance so Pluto's position can make them feel unbalanced or unsure of what to expect.

Pluto was in Libra starting from October 1971 up to November 1983, then again from May up to August 1984.

History of Pluto in Libra

When Pluto was in Libra, the Vietnam War ended, fighting global famine began.

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Pluto in Scorpio (1883 - 1995)

Scorpios are intrigued by mystery and curiosity around this time. They use this to find their transformations.

History of Pluto in Scorpio

AIDS was discovered when Pluto was in Scorpio.

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Pluto in Sagittarius (1995 - 2009)

Sagittarius is naturally understanding so the transformation is the easiest for this sign.

History of Pluto in Sagittarius

The internet was born.

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Pluto in Capricorn (1762 and 1777) (2010 - Present day)

Capricorns are also able to make these transformations as well due to the fact that most things around them are changing as well.

History of Pluto in Capricorn

The American Revolution. Brexit.

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Pluto in Aquarius (1777 and 1799) & (2023 - 2043)

Aquarius is very fond of these transformations because the change can give them a sense of freedom and independence

History of Pluto in Aquarius

American and the French Revolutions took place.

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Pluto in Pisces (2043 and 2067)

Because of their creativity and imagination, Pisces are similar to the Scorpios. Pluto gives them both the feeling of being able to achieve something bigger than them.

History of Pluto in Pisces

Poetry took root with writers such as Byron and Keats and music composers such as Beethoven were born.

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