What Mercury Moving Into Scorpio Means For Your Love Life And Relationships Until December 2019

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Mercury Moves into Scorpio And Changes The Playing Field In Our Relationships
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There’s no reason to fear the truth.

Our relationships take a different path once Mercury moves into Scorpio on October 3rd, causing our zodiac signs to tackle matters we may have previously swept under the proverbial rug. In astrology, Mercury is the planet that rules out outward communication such as emails and even our conversations; however, he also directs our internal thoughts we have.

As he moves through the various zodiac signs, we are affected differently based on the sign he is currently in. This phase in Scorpio will be in effect until December 9th, which includes his last retrograde of the year.  

Mercury is just coming off of his stint in Libra, which, while brief, helped us have important conversations with partners and find common ground so we could work together or even figure out how to stay together. If we’re currently single, it’s likely that Mercury in Libra was a time when we were just feeling a general understanding with others and when we were putting a higher value on peace than we were on being right.  

That phase was needed, especially after the intense Virgo energy from the previous month. But while Mercury in Libra is great for moving past issues, it doesn’t always like to get down and dirty in what’s really going on. That's not the case for Scorpio.

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Scorpio is a water sign that prefers the deep dark realms of the sea rather than to simply float in the waves. If the water signs were aquatic animals, Pisces would be the mermaid stuck between worlds, and Cancer would be the hermit crab content at times in his shell at the bottom of the ocean.

But Scorpio would be the lanternfish, an animal that exists in total darkness but makes its own light. This is Scorpio energy at its finest because it thrives in the depths and has adapted to the darkness that most of humanity has tried to hide from or ignore.

This intense water sign brings with it not only the desire to go deep but to also explore what scares or intimidates us. This means that when we have Mercury in Scorpio, we’re going to see that show up in our lives, specifically our romantic lives and love horoscopes. 

Astrology can affect any area of our lives and we do see it show up more in our careers when we go through intense periods of growth. But the reason that astrology affects our relationships or how we relate to another so profoundly is because it's the area where we are able to witness our own perception and growth, and it helps us work from where we are to where we hope to be.

Relationships are the mirror for how we feel about ourselves and how we live our lives, so when we see or even look for the effect that certain transits will have on our romantic lives, it’s because this is where so much of what we need to work on shows up. We can’t hide from ourselves if we’re constantly seeing a mirror to what we’re trying to ignore, and it’s this area that Mercury in Scorpio is going to hit especially hard.  

Mercury in Scorpio is considered Peregrine, which means it’s neither his favorite placement (Virgo) or his worst (Pisces or Sagittarius). It’s simply neutral, so because of that feeling, we’re able to use the energy for how we see fit.

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While Mercury is more cerebral and likes to overthink, as with any water sign Scorpio is more concerned about how he feels. Scorpio doesn’t just want the facts but he wants the low-down about why things happened the way they did and where to go from here. Scorpio wants to know your darkest secrets and your deepest feelings because it’s viewed way more valuable than simple logic.

Making this particular zodiac phase more interesting, Mercury will enter his pre-shadow zone, the phase of his slowing down prior to turning retrograde on October 11th. This means the majority of this season, we will work through Mercury in Scorpio issues as the official turn of retrograde is the 31st or 1st, depending upon location, and the post-shadow phase ends on December 7th.

While this is going to be a time of sharing our deepest, darkest fears, desires, dreams and even hopes, it’s also a time where we’re likely to see an issue resurface from our past, including an old flame. Mercury retrogrades tend to bring people from our past back into our lives because there’s something for us to review and maybe even rekindle.

Sometimes it feels like it complicates things, but like any situation there is always a purpose. There is a reason that someone comes back into our lives, even if it’s for greater healing or the understanding that we have learned a lesson. 

In this case, because it’s happening during Scorpio season, we will be asked to review something we thought had been settled but had been buried because we couldn’t deal with it. This doesn’t mean we’re all going to get back with our exes anytime soon, but it does mean we have to participate in heavy heart-to-heart conversations so we can get the closure we need.

We never know what we’re going to find once we go into the depths and open ourselves to the truth, and whatever reality goes along with that. Sometimes relationships end simply because their time in our lives is over, but other times, it’s because we weren’t yet ready to come together.

The next few months is a gift for us to feel more comfortable talking about matters we had previously been too scared of. It’s a time for us to detach from any outcome and simply speak our truth, whatever that may be.  

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