6 Science Facts, Astrology Details And Zodiac Myths About Mars Retrograde

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6 Astrology Facts, Details And Zodiac Myths About Mars Retrograde

So everyone knows all too well about Mercury retrograde. However, there are other planets that go retrograde as well. The planets that go retrograde are Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto and of course, Mars.

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While each retrograde affects us differently, because each planet governs different aspects of our lives, there is one overarching theme in all retrogrades. All retrogrades encourage us to slow down and re-evaluate and Mars retrograde is no exception.

Mars is the planet of energy, vitality and forward motion and sexuality. When Mars is retrograde you will definitely know it. Trust me on this. Mars was retrograde this past summer and I felt every minute of it.


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Professionally speaking I couldn't get anything off the ground. Let's just say it was a terrible time to try to contact Oprah. During Mars retrograde we also tend to feel extremely impatient, couple with a multitude of false starts, this can be very frustrating.

The feeling that you can’t move forward during Mars retrograde should serve as a reminder to go back. All retrogrades encourage us to turn our attention to the past. 

It is ill-advised to start something new during a retrograde but that doesn’t mean you can’t work on projects and ideas that are already in the works. Retrogrades are the perfect time to re-evaluate, revise and revisit.

Contrary to popular belief, retrogrades are not meant to ruin your zodiac sign's life and disable you so that all you can do is watch it burn.

Taking a moment and using a retrograde for what it was meant for can actually help you further down the line. Everyone needs some time to reflect, life cannot just move forward at warp speed all the time. Use retrogrades to your advantage. 

Here are a few scientific facts about retrograde planets, including how astrology works when using them for horoscope interpretation, and zodiac myths that address concerns associated to Mars retrograde season. 

1. Not all planets move backward.

Fact: Scientifically speaking not all planets move backward, just Pluto and Venus. A planet appears to move backward because of our perspective from Earth. 

2. Mars goes retrograde approximately every 2 years.

Fact: It takes Mars two years to make a complete revolution around the sun. Thus retrogrades occur every two years. 

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3. During retrograde season, nothing seems to go your zodiac sign's way.

Detail: Mars is the planet of energy, and forward motion. When Mars is retrograde it can feel like life is nothing but a series of roadblocks and detours.


4. Anything your zodiac sign starts will never get off the ground.

Detail: During retrograde periods it is ill-advised to start anything new. Retrogrades encourage us to return to old projects and ideas. 

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5. Mars retrograde encourages all zodiac signs to slow down.


Detail: Retrogrades, Mars included, encourage us to slow down and take a moment to re-evaluate and re-assess. Doing so can lay a better foundation for when it goes direct. 

6. It will ruin your life.

Myth: Mars retrograde will not ruin your life. The key is to accept it, don't fight it. When Mars goes retrograde it can bring some good things back from our past, old friends, old lovers. It's all in the way you choose to look at it. Keep an open mind you could be pleasantly surprised. 

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