High School Superlatives For Each Of The Zodiac Signs

What makes them stand out?

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When you’re in high school, it’s easy to categorize people by the cliques they’re in or the activities they do. But that puts limits on people, and they’re always more than the biggest flirt or class clown.

But just like high school cliques, there are similarities between people who are born under the same Zodiac sign. As silly as you might think astrology is or if you’re a complete non-believer, there are some things that seem to generally be true about each of the zodiac signs. And just like school, the zodiac sign superlatives give everyone a better understanding of who you are.


When we use superlatives when describing a group, it’s often a compliment — a somewhat exaggerated and hyperbolic way of saying something nice but still an expression of praise. But a label someone assigns you doesn’t have to limit you, and it doesn’t even need to stick. If someone thinks you’re the best dressed, embrace it if you feel like it or don’t if you think it’s a little foolish. 


ARIES: Most Adventurous

Aries love to take risks, challenge themselves, and do the things other people are too scared to do. They are courageous and have a lot of energy. They want to travel to places that tourists may miss entirely because they're not easy to get to.

Aries are optimistic and confident, and if they set a goal for themselves, they're going to do whatever it takes to reach it.

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TAURUS: Most Supportive

There's nothing better than having a Taurus on your side because they will always be there when you need them. Taurus are dependable, loyal, and true-blue.

A Taurus would never throw you under the bus, and if they say they're going to do something, they always follow through and do it. You can trust them with your deepest secrets, and if you need to vent, they will be there ready to listen.


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GEMINI: Most Enthusiastic

Geminis are excited about life. They're the friend that will always be up for doing anything, and they're the opposite of a downer. They make everything fun and you can trust them to make a party the happening event.

Geminis are flexible, and if something doesn't go according to plan, that's okay with them; they'll still know how to have a great time and make sure everyone around them is too.

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CANCER: Most Connected to the Earth

Cancers are intuitive, sensitive, and feel most at home in nature. Cancers can live in urban areas as long as they go out into nature from time to time. They need to breathe fresh air, walk in the fields, hike in the mountains, or sit on the beach to recharge.


When they can't get out in nature, they may work in their gardens or have flowers and plants in their house. At the end of a busy day, if Cancer can look up and see the stars, everything will be okay.

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LEO: Most Popular

Leos may be strong-willed and they may push their own agenda, but it's almost impossible not to like them. They're generous, lively, and are good people.

Of all the zodiac signs, Leos are the ones who grab our attention and won't let it go. They're dazzling, funny, and whip-smart. Like Geminis, they're extremely social and can make an event fun just by being there. 


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VIRGO: Most Talented

Is there anything Virgo can't do? Wait, Virgos aren't good at failing. They know the answers, the solution, and can fix everything. But that's just the start of their abilities.

They tend to be great at any artistic thing they chose, from photography to acting. If Virgo is cast in a play, you can bet they're going to help with the sets, the costumes, and even the box office.

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LIBRA: Most Romantic

There's nothing as wonderful to a Libra as the start of a romantic relationship. They love that feeling they get when their future beloved responds to a text or asks them out.


Libras adore love and everything that is romantic from flowers to seeing an elderly couple still holding hands and gazing into each other's eyes. They don't love the more complicated and challenging parts of love, however.

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SCORPIO: Most Mysterious

You could call Scorpio guarded or say they keep a lot to themselves. It's not that they're unfriendly or aloof, it's just that they don't like to reveal too much about themselves.

There has to be a huge amount of trust for Scorpio to open up, and since it's hard for them to achieve that level of trust, they stay secretive. The flip side is that Scorpios aren't likely to reveal anybody else's secrets either.


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SAGITTARIUS: Most Optimistic

Sagittarius are extremely positive and tend to look on the bright side. They have moods just like everybody else, but they also have at their core a belief that things will always be better tomorrow, even if today was already fantastic.

They can sometimes be a bit naive but things tend to happen in their best interest. If they're not watching their money closely, "manna from heaven" will appear. 

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CAPRICORN: Most Likely to Succeed

We should all have the focus and will to succeed that Capricorn has, and all their talents and abilities too. Capricorns are focused, determined, ambitious, careful, disciplined, and wise. They see the path they need to take, figure out the steps, and then stay on until they achieve their goal.


When one goal is accomplished, it's onto the next. Do Capricorns work too hard? Yes, but it pays off for them big time.

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AQUARIUS: Most Innovative

Aquarius are the most original thinkers, and they seem to conceptualize things nobody else does. They have the uncanny ability to bring their ideas to life. They visualize it in their head and then instinctively know the steps to take to bring it to fruition.


No one thinks like an Aquarius because no one is like an Aquarius. They're a truly unique and authentic kind of person.

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PISCES: Most Artistic

Many people who are artists tend to be Pisces. They're your painters, writers, actors, and performers. While not all Pisces work as artists, their creativity still comes out. Maybe it's the way they wrap presents or how they decorate their homes.

Pisces prefer the fantasy world they have in their head where everything is magical and colorful. Sometimes reality is just a little too dull and drab for Pisces. One thing for sure is that they have an artistic soul.


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